FREE Shipping. . . "ItemThumbnailImage": "//", . . . . . 1.This equipment requires a 120 Vac, 60 Hz, 15A circuit with a grounding receptacle. The injury may look like just a cut, but it is a serious injury. . . De airless spuittoestellen van de Graco Ultra® Max platinum reeks zijn de meest begeerde elektrische airless verfspuittoestellen voor professionals! . . 7.To prime hose, lower pressure to reduce splashing. . "280559": "PL_9168559", . . . 308644, GRACO INC. P.O. . . . . The New Graco Ultra Max II 695 Standard Series, is designed for the painting professional, who paints daily with the need for higher output and spray a wide variety of materials or who likes to / needs to use larger tips. . . . . . . }], Click OK to extend your time for an additional 30 minutes. Fluid splashed in the eyes or on the skin can also cause serious injury. "partNumber": "100443985", . hoses, containers and objects being sprayed. . Shutdown and Care . 5.0 out of 5 stars 17 ratings. . Do not use the equipment until you identify and correct the problem. . The Ultra Max II 695 Standard Series Lo-Boy electric airless sprayer provides dependable performance with features that include a 2.0 hp brushless DC motor, industry-proven Chromex pump with 2X life, SmartControl 4.0, BlueLink Job & Sprayer Management System, the Contractor PC gun and much more. 695 ULTRA MAX lI Model QuikReel Hi-Boy Lo-Boy ... 15K374 Ultra 695 15D068 Ultra 795 824995 Ultimate 695 824998 Ultimate 795 72 LABEL 1 15K381 Ultra 695 15D069 Ultra 795 824996 Ultimate 695 824999 Ultimate 795 76 248214 TUBE, intake; includes 109 1 77 278204 CLIP, spring 1 83 240523 HOUSING, bearing; includes 55, 162 1 PaintPerks® Terms & Conditions, generated on: Fri Dec 25 20:28:40 CST 2020. loosen packing nut and remove throat nut spacer (228). . . Packing repair kit for several current & older model Gracos. "name": "Frame Mount", . We stock High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) products such as HVLP Spray Guns and other HVLP Equipment, plus we stock Airless Sprayers, Airspray Guns and Air Compressors. "identifier": "ATT_frame_mount", . . . Airless Paint Sprayer. . 10. . . 2. Refer to Fig. Refer to the Technical Data on page 31 for the maximum working pressure of this equipment. . . . "Frame Mount_Hi-Boy": 23 . The tip is in the spraying position when the tip handle points forward. . . . . . DDo not use 1,1,1–trichloroethane, methylene chloride, other halogenated hydrocarbon solvents or fluids containing such solvents in pressurized aluminum equipment. . . . Motor . DDo not put your hand or fingers over the spray tip. Engage safety latch. Engage safety latch. . . . . . . Selling a Graco Ultra Max 695 Paint Sprayer, In good working condition. . . . . . . "value": "Hi-Boy", . "storeDisplay": false, De Graco Ultra Max II 695 standaard is een elektrische airless die geschikt is voor het verspuiten van bijna alle verven, coatings en hoog viskeuze materialen. . . 225 bar. . See manual 308644 for how to install tip. . . See Fig. . . Such use could result in a chemical reaction, with the possibility of explosion. . When leakage occurs again, repack pump. . "identifier": "Lo-Boy", See Fig. . GDHXW 248209 Airless Spraying Machine Inner Cylinder Sleeve for Graco 695 795 Ultra Max II GMAX 3900 Brand: GDHXW. See page 12. leave suction hose in paint, relieve pressure, and clean spray tip. If you supply your own hoses and spray gun, be sure the hoses are electrically conductive, that the gun has a tip guard, and that each part is rated for at least 3000 psi (210 bar, 21 MPa) Working Pressure. When engaged, the gun safety latch prevents the gun from accidental triggering. . 225 Bar. . Setup . Dispose of hazardous fluid according to all local, state and national guidelines. 6.Flush sprayer at end of each work day and fill it with mineral spirits to help prevent pump corrosion and freezing. The Ultra Max II 695 ProContractor Series provides reliability and performance with a 2.0 hp brushless DC motor, Endurance Vortex MaxLife Pump and BlueLink Job & Sprayer Management System plus timesaving features like the ProConnect 2 Pump Replacement System and … "sequence": ".00000", ing of gun by always setting safety latch when not spraying. check or service any of the system equipment. 1 Do not install any shutoff device here. To adjust direction of spray pattern, engage gun safety latch and loosen retaining nut (B). Before servicing the equipment, follow the, 3000 psi (210 bar, 21 MPa) Working Pressure. Holding gun against pail, trigger gun and slowly increase pressure until pump starts. . . . "identifier": "ATT_frame_mount", The injury may look like just a cut, but it is a serious injury. Tighten packing nut just snug. Always wear protective eyewear, gloves, clothing and respirator as recommended by the fluid and solvent manufacturer. . Improper installation or alteration of the grounding plug will result in a risk of electric shock, fire or explosion that could cause serious injury or death. . 8.Coil hose when storing it, even for overnight, to help protect hose from kinking, abrasion, coupling damage, etc. . Pièces de rechange de la Graco Ultra Max 695 Standard (Mod. . Phone Number . . Refer to manual 307614. Genuine OEM part 248212 Graco Pump Packing Kit fits several models including: Graco Ultra Max II and Ultimate MX II 695 & 795, GMax 3900, GMax II 3900 and Line Lazer 3900, Ultra Max & Ultimate MX 795 & 1095. . . Hold tip guard in place while tightening retaining nut. . . See Fig. If tip is still clogged, engage safety latch, shut off and unplug sprayer, and open pressure drain valve to relieve pressure. . Do not expose Graco hoses to temperatures above 82_C (180_F) or below. . Do not allow material to freeze in sprayer. . See page 12. . . . . . Tighten packing nut just snug. 7. "storeDisplay": false, THIS KIT DOES NOT INCLUDE. Your Cart . . To właśnie dla CIEBIE, doświadczonego specjalisty, Graco stale ulepsza technologię sprzętu natryskowego ponieważ wiemy, że szukasz najnowszych rozwiązań, które pozwolą na szybsze, lżejsze i spokojniejsze ukończenie pracy. To avoid damaging the pressure control, which may result in poor equipment performance and component damage, follow these precautions: DDo not allow material to freeze in sprayer. . confined areas can result in fire or explosion. "562519": "100443985" . Product Name: Graco Ultra Max Cordless Product Description: Graco has released handheld, cart, and standing types of sprayers, but their new Ultra Max Cordless has professionals and DIYers excited at the prospect of a highly-portable cordless option. To reduce the risk of damage to the displacement pump packings, never run the pump without fluid in it for more than 30 seconds. . . Max. . . DThis equipment is for professional use only. . . . . . . Use only genuine Graco parts. . . NOTE: If this is a first–time startup, flush the sprayer. . . . . . . DDo not point the gun at anyone or at any part of the body. . See Fig. Rotate RAC IV tip handle 180_. pump outlet. Provide fresh air ventilation to avoid the buildup of flammable fumes from solvents or the fluid being sprayed. . "partNumber": "101797256", ID, grounded, nylon hose used between 50 ft hose and spray gun, Relieves fluid outlet pressure when open; diverts fluid to drain line, Controls motor speed to maintain fluid outlet pressure at displacement. . . . Graco Ultra Max 695 Typ 2 Standard. Repack your pump in minutes with modular pre-oiled cartridge packings that are designed to install correctly every time. . . . . To reduce the risk of serious injury, when instructed to relieve pressure, follow the preceding Pressure Relief Procedure. . . NOTE: MANUAL 309277 INCORRECT. . . "displayable": true, Remove front cover. Graco Ultra Max II 695 Manuals & User Guides. "name": "Frame Mount", . . Open pressure drain valve (A). Rotate tip handle to spraying position. . }], { 3. . 4.Clean gun’s fluid filter often and whenever gun is stored. . Do not “blow back” fluid; this is not an air spray system. . Drive Housing, Connecting Rod, Crankshaft . The 695 cart is made of welded steel and is chrome plated for … "comparable": true, . . . Keep packing nut full of TSL at all times to help prevent fluid buildup on piston rod and premature wear of packings. . . . Rotate RAC IV tip handle 180. The system pressure must be manually relieved to prevent the system from starting or spraying accidentally. . . . Freezing can seriously damage the sprayer or result in a loss of pressure or stalling. . 6.Open any fluid drain valves in system. . Fluid injected into the skin is a serious injury. . . . . . . ULTRA MAX 695 paint sprayer pdf manual download. . . 81. . Only 1 left in stock - order soon. . . Trigger gun into a pail or onto ground to remove clog. . . . . Deze airless beschikt over een ProConnect endurance pomp voor maximale duurzaamheid en minimale stilstand. . See Fig. . . . DDo not install shutoff device between sprayer and gun. "values": [{ . . . . . Ready to use. . . . . $3,344.81 $ 3,344. See Fig. . . . . . . "ItemImage": "//", . . . . . "unitOfMeasure": "", . "usage": "Defining", Pressure Transducer Seal . . . . . . "attributes": [{ . . }, [{ . General Repair Information . Graco Ultra Max II 695, ProContractor, BlueLink, 110V from, supplying the painter and decorator with paint spray equipment from leading maufacturers such as DeVilBiss, Graco, Anest Iwata, Atlas Copco and many more. DUse the equipment only for its intended purpose. }, . "583005": "PL_9168559", . . }, View More ({{docTableCtrl.curHearsRows}} of {{docTableCtrl.skuArr.length}} records loaded). . DBefore servicing the equipment, follow the Pressure Relief Procedure on page 8 to prevent the equipment from starting unexpectedly. Accessories . . . . . . . . . Hold tip guard in place while tightening retaining nut. . . . body. . See Fig. Do not expose Graco hoses to temperatures above 82_C (180_F) or below –40_C (–40_F). Lock the gun trigger safety when you stop spraying. To prevent pump corrosion, and to reduce the chance of fluid freezing in the pump in cold weather, never leave water or any type of paint in the sprayer when it is not in use. DUse only with a grounded outlet that matches the grounded plug of this equipment. . . . This is to reduce the risk of serious injury caused by static sparking, fluid injection or over– pressurization and rupture of the hose or gun. . . . . . . . Don’t use thread sealant, and don’t install spray tip yet! Check the gun diffuser operation weekly. Suction Hose . . . DCheck the gun diffuser operation weekly. . This is an important step toward trouble-free paint spraying. . La liste et la description des pièces de rechange se trouvent dans le tableau situé sous la vue éclatée. . . Repair or replace worn or damaged parts immediately. . . 9. . "usage": "Defining", . . . Check the hoses, tubes, and couplings daily. . . . Use this procedure each time you start the sprayer to help ensure the sprayer is ready to operate and that you start it safely. . . . . . DKeep clear of all moving parts when starting or operating the pump. Be sure ON/OFF switch (E) is OFF. Position tip guard horizontally for a horizontal pattern or vertically for a vertical pattern. . Please check your inbox, and if you can’t find it, check your spam folder to make sure it didn't end up there. . . Use a round punch or brass rod and light hammer to adjust nut. . Refer to the gun manual. . . When fluid comes from pressure drain valve, close valve. 307614, Spray Tip . . . . . . "isBuyable": "true", On/Off Switch . . . . . . . . . . . . Use outdoors or in extremely well ventilated areas. . . . . . 9. . . De Graco Ultra® Max staat voor sterke prestaties en een grote betrouwbaarheid. View and Download Graco ULTRA MAX 695 instructions-parts list manual online. . . b.If more coverage is needed, use a larger tip rather than increasing pressure. Be sure the gun trigger safety operates before spraying. . . Engage safety latch. . Ultra Max 695 1st Series (1995 to 1997) 695 Part Numbers (232130,232131, 232132, 232133) Ultra Max 695 2nd Series (1998 to 2000) 695 Part Numbers (232910,232911, 232912, 232913). . . . . (0 items) Extinguish all open flames or pilot lights in the spray area. . . DUse nylon spray hose at least 50 ft (15 m) long. . . Subtotal: $0.00, [ . . "displayable": true, . . Get immediate medical attention. 1. Electrically disconnect all equipment in the spray area. Leave drain valve open until you are ready to dispense again. . To reduce the risk of serious injury, when instructed to relieve pressure, follow the. . . Trigger gun into a pail or onto ground to remove clog. . . If more coverage is needed, use a larger tip rather than increasing pressure. Technical Data . 7.Release gun trigger. . DFluid hoses must have spring guards on both ends, to help protect them from rupture caused by kinks or bends near the couplings. . DDo not operate a gasoline engine in the spray area. . . . . . . . . . Put suction hose or tube (C) into paint. The Graco UltraMax II 695 ProContractor is a professional quality, entry level, electric airless paint sprayer, for commercial and domestic work. . DExtinguish all open flames or pilot lights in the spray area. 8.Check all fluid connections for leaks. . . . Safety Warning. . . . Know the specific hazards of the fluid you are using. Fill packing nut full with Graco Throat Seal Liquid (TSL) (64) supplied. Refer also to the Troubleshooting Guide, page 14. . delivery rate: 3.1 L/min at Max.