He orders Ishtar to remove Reinhardt from his status, which she reluctantly agrees to, although she also begs Julius not to kill him. What I do, I do for Lord Julius!”, “Feel the wrath of the goddess of lightning!”, “Feel the wrath of the goddess of lightning! Usually, when the player meets a boss in battle they are defeated and done away with, but Ishtar doesn't fit into that mold. Japanese Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't she from one of the darker Fire Emblem games? There are two different variations of Ishtar available to Heroes. Ishtar is illustrated in the trading card game Fire Emblem Cipher with the following cards: Ishtar was the name of the Assyrian and Babylonian goddess of fertility, love, and war. She is a force to be reckoned with in all three instances. Names and Aliases Ishtar is coming to the ball! However, the role of the deity Ishtar and her lovers seem to be reversed in the game because it is Julius’ love for her that leads to her downfall instead of the other way around. Duchy of FriegeKingdom of Northern Thracia For a dancer, Soiree Ishtar is among the strongest offensively oriented Dancer units in the game with an offensive spread of neutral 42 Atk/34 Spd. Ishtar/Reinhardt (Fire Emblem) Ishtar (Fire Emblem) Reinhardt (Fire Emblem) Summary. Mögþrasir. Strengths. MediaWiki update: Fire Emblem Wiki has been updated to MediaWiki 1.35.0! Reply. NOTE: Yes I am aware that Ishtar was made way before Weiss. She is the daughter of Bloom and Hilda, as well as the sister of Ishtore. Goddess of Thunder Ishtar - Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. English Ishtar as a Sage in Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher). This page was last edited on 22 November 2020, at 07:05. French Ishtar As above. She does trade this off for low overall bulk and will go down from most enemies that are able to get to her first, but so long as she can remain safely out of danger, she can be a terrifying unit who can multitask supporting and attacking. This is a ratings and ranking page for the hero Ishtar - Thunder's Waltz in Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH). Ishtar’s unique tome gives her a powerful offensive option that isn’t a Blade tome; the reduced Special cooldown and Speed boost allow her to easily activate multiple Specials per combat. Profound-Skippleton Edited Jul 13, 2019. Ishtar is a fantastic choice for a Blue Mage if looking for one and will provide powerful damage output with a minimal amount of investment. And sometimes, reality was as cruel as the tragedies of storybooks. From Ishtar, a fertility goddess in the mythology of the ancient Mesopotamian civilizations. She is unable to damage most high Res units like Lute, Micaiah, and Selkie who can all easily retaliate through her low bulk. After Julius ignored her protests, Ishtar began to work with Emperor Arvis to secretly free the captured children. May contain spoilers Thrud (Ancestor)Fjalar (Ancestor)Reptor (Paternal Grandfather)Bloom (Father)Hilda (Mother)Tailtiu (Aunt)Ethnia (Aunt)Victor (Distant Relative)Arvis (Distant Relative)Azelle (Distant Relative)Ishtore (Brother)Arthur (Cousin)Tine (Cousin)Amid (Cousin)Linda (Cousin)Kempf (Distant Relative)Julia (Distant Relative)Julius (Distant Relative/Lover)Saias (Distant Relative) Whilst neither of these theories are confirmed they both have some validity, However, she never openly says she wished she could have fought against the empire. From Ishtar, a fertility goddess in the mythology of the ancient Mesopotamian civilizations. 550. Occupation(s) This is a ratings and ranking page for the hero Ishtar - Thunder Goddess in Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH). Ishtar is a character who first appeared in the second half of the 4th Fire Emblem game: Genealogy of the Holy War as a major antagonist, and falls into the Camus archetype. Minerva (Fire Emblem) Laegjarn (Fire Emblem) Ishtar (Fire Emblem) Kamyu | Camus; Idunn (Fire Emblem) Marc | Morgan; My Unit | Kamui | Corrin; Leo | Leon (Fire Emblem Echoes) Gameplay and Story Integration; Spoilers; Summary "This document is a collection of entries on all the Heroes that have fought alongside me during my time in Zenith. Sage It should also be taken into account that Ishtar is called a goddess by the other people in the game. Despite her undying loyalty to Julius, she is willing to defy his will behind his back, as seen when she helps the children who were captured in the child hunts. Fire Emblem Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Ishtar (Fire Emblem) is a character from Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu. Fire Emblem Heroes: Mini Acrylic Figure Collection, https://fireemblemwiki.org/w/index.php?title=Ishtar&oldid=338906, Bosses in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, SpotPass characters in Fire Emblem Awakening, Playable characters in Fire Emblem Heroes. Let Sharena Introduce You! Name (Localized) However, Julius soon appears and informs him that she serves only him while also commanding him to leave. Ishtar. The descent of her love, Julius, into the darkness troubles her. Officially romanized as Ishtar; as above. !”, “It seems as if this game shall be mine, Lord Julius!”, “Still your tongue... And feel the wrath of the goddess of lightning!”, “Silence! Check out inspiring examples of ishtar_fire_emblem artwork on DeviantArt, and get inspired by our community of talented artists.