You will get the opportunity to trek through the steep and treacherous path behind Pambar house. We enjoyed a lot on our little hill vacation. It is also famous for home made chocolates and eucalyptus oil. There are a countless couple of friendly hotels in Kodaikanal where you can stay in the course of your trip. Check out some of the most popular things to do in Kodaikanal with your kids:- Experience the unparalleled fun with your kids at Kodaikanal Lake- Explore the Coaker's walk- Have fun at the Bryant Park- Sight amazing attractions at the Chettiar Park. The factory sold much of this waste to a junkyard in Kodaikanal and also dumped large quantities in the forest behind the factory. Vera Levinge is known as the man liable for the inventiveness and assets of this lake amid Kodaikanal town. Visitors can see a 20 cm refractor here that helps in comet observations and to view relevant occultation event. Kodaikanal could mean "forest of creepers" or the forest of vines. She is also known as Lady Ramanathan. The trekking woods offer you to watch sprouting coconut trees, mango trees, all kinds of spices and aromatic coffee cultivation. Modern Kodaikanal was established by American Christian missionaries and British bureaucrats in 1845, as a refuge from the high temperatures and tropical diseases of the plains. All profits from this business are contributed to the Bethania Kids Center For Children with Disabilities. This white water area is a perfect place for Kodaikanal sightseeing which takes one through the thick forests. You can visit here any day of the week. These rocks narrate a yarn of a love story that still touches many hearts. Established clubs in Kodaikanal are the Kodaikanal Lions Club (est. It was a good experience. If you manage that then you will be presented with a nature walk where you can see Grasslands and Sholas, museum and a medicinal garden. This is amongst the favourite places to visit in Kodaikanal on every tourist’s itinerary.It might seem like you are not a part of this planet for the hours that you spend there because the long stretch of just trees will not allow you to gaze at anything else but them. The committee later failed to find sufficient evidence to link the current clinical condition of the factory workers to past mercury exposure in the factory. It is a small village with a very less population of around 6000 people. The observatory is currently managed by Indian Institute of Astrophysics, IIAP. Kodaikanal is a small town whereas Coorg is district also referred to as Scotland of India. There were a total of 14,103 workers, comprising 163 cultivators, 744 main agricultural labourers, 130 in household industries, 12,118 other workers, 948 marginal workers, 10 marginal cultivators, 51 marginal agricultural labourers, 34 marginal workers in household industries and 853 other marginal workers. It is an undisturbed area 1 kilometre (0.62 mi) down a steep rocky trail beginning soon after Pambar Bridge. The lush surrounding and other aspects also look marvellous. Stewart and Tanya Balcar, Shola - Environmental Newsletter, The Anglade Institute of Natural History, Sacred Heart College, Shembaganur, Kodaikanal 624104, India, pp318-319, No. Kodaikanal could mean "the end of the forest" which makes poetic and geographical sense — Kodaikanal is at the crown of the Palani Hills and is effectively surrounded and protected by thick forests. The walk, winding around Mount Nebo, starts in front of the Van Allen hospital, running parallel to the Van Allen Hospital Road, and joins the main road beside St.Peter's Church, providing a panoramic view of the plains. [3] Kodaikanal is referred to as the "Princess of Hill stations" and has a long history as a retreat and popular tourist destination. from Kodaikanal on Upper Shola Rd, Kodaikanal, IndiaTiming: 6:00 AM to 5:30 PMEntry Fee: Free, Education, picnicking and gardening are all the things you will witness at Byrant Park, another jewel of Kodaikanal. No, one day isn’t enough to cover all the wonders Kodaikanal has to offer you. This Tamil-French architecture stands proudly amidst ‘The Gift of the Forest’, making one of the attractions in Kodaikanal. [26], In 1994 the Potter's Shed was inaugurated. There is also a smaller but more serene waterfall below the bridge which crosses the stream here. It was a wonderful trip. Entry is restricted into the Berijam Lake area to between 9.30 a.m. and 3 p.m. Bison, deer, panthers, and snakes are often spotted in this area. Weather Forecast for India, weather news and temperature in major cities across the world. 1890) with nearly 650 permanent members; Kodaikanal Golf Club (est. Sompraz 40 Tablet is used in the treatment of Gastroesophageal reflux disease (Acid reflux),Peptic ulcer disease. R.W. Due to its relatively unpolluted image, various locations[19] in Kodaikanal are used for movie shoots. The walls inside that are full of paintings confirm the presence of this tribal group, until they finally disappeared. Meadows and grasslands cover the hillsides. Recommended. [32], Kodaikanal Solar Observatory, 6 kilometres (3.7 mi) from the bus-stand on Observatory Road, at 2,343 metres (7,687 ft) is the highest location near Kodai. The weather was so nice there. The Kodaikanal Observatory is situated on the tip of Southern India's lovely Palani range hills. Bear Shola Falls: One of the best Kodaikanal tourist places, it is the definition of serenity, natural opulence and privacy for the perfect family outing. A precipitous escarpment facing the Cumbum Valley is on the south. Kanal, in Tamil, can mean dense or closed forest. You get an excuse to do a 15 KM trek in the dense Western Ghat forest while easily spotting some wildlife creatures like Bison, wild goats, porcupines, etc. A fascinating rare phenomenon called the Brocken spectre can be witnessed, when a person can see his shadow on the clouds with a rainbow halo. Kodai Lake is planned at the height of 2285m above ocean level and has a normal depth of 3.0m. It was a small municipal hospital until 1927. 2011. Local hotels have also participated in improving the environment by placing garbage cans all across the town, with their prominent donated by signs acting as silent salesmen.[28]. There is also availability to camp there overnight.Location: Western Ghat, Nilgiri Hills | 11.3 Km from Kodaikanal, Kodaikanal, IndiaTiming: 24-hoursEntry Fee: Free, Kukkal Caves in Kodaikanal is a treat for the city owing to its deep history of giving refuge to the Palaiyar tribes. The city is so beautiful and clean with greenery everywhere. Hindustan Unilever denies that any of the health problems of the workers or their families were the result of mercury exposure in the factory. endorsement of the artist shall be implied. Boating is prohibited as the lake is a source of water for villages. There are many Hindu temples in Kodaikanal including the Durgai Amman Kovil, Kurinji Andavar Kovil, Mariamman Kovil, Observatory Murugan Kovil and Vinayagar Kovil. Forest department permission is required and a limited number of vehicles (up to 80) are allowed to enter the forest area where the lake is situated. On the east the hill slopes less abruptly into the lower Palnis. You get a lot of options for beautiful places to visit. Kodaikanal has a monsoon-influenced subtropical highland climate (Cfb, according to the Köppen climate classification, with a Cwb tendency). [15] The city had a total of 9442 households. As she was found among creeper plants, they named her Valli and she grew up as princess of the tribe in Kurinji and became the consort of lord Murugan. On a clear day one can view as far as Dolphin's Nose in the south, the valley of the Pambar River in the southeast, Periyakulam town and even the city of Madurai. Kodaikanal comes under the Batlagundu educational district. Visitors can also see the live solar image and the Fraunhofer spectrum while museum touring. the guide was helpful and stay was comfortable. It is open daily to the public during peak season, and a few hours each Friday the rest of the year.[34]. The remaining distance to Kodaikanal from the falls is merely 8 km. and best for Kodaikanal sightseeing.Location: 8 Km. The displays here are chiefly pictorial, backed by a couple of models. Protruding from within the tall mountains, these pillars reach up to a height of 400 feet thus offering the paramount contour of the hills.There was once a white wooden cross that rested on these rocks which were a symbol of love, but it is lost with time. The ex-workers joined to form the 559-strong Ex-Mercury Employees Welfare Association and in 2006 filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) suit in the Madras High Court. owners. Berijam Lake is surrounded by nature at a distance of around 20 km (12 mi) from Kodaikanal. Offering once in a lifetime experience, it is a must for everyone to visit the Andaman Islands for a relaxing vacation amidst crystal blue waters, clear skies, and soft white-sand beaches.. Its facilities have been updated and now it has an X-ray machine, well equipped pathological lab, and operation theatre with blood transfusion facilities. Apart from that, it is a one-stop-shop to get a wholesome view of the enthralling greenery, the cloud-bound valley and the lush mountains behind.It is also amongst the dangerous viewpoints since the route up is tricky, and is on a great height which makes standing there also unsafe. The stairway leading up to it is highly commercialized and lined with rows of shops to tempt tourists. This Indian Institute of Astrophysics facility has a comprehensive astronomical science museum with organized public tours, access to the astronomy library, and scheduled night-time telescopic sky viewing. [2] Its name in the Tamil language means "The Gift of the Forest". It is amongst the very few sites that preserve Green Roses, one of its latest additions. These hills form the eastward spur of the Western Ghats on the western side of South India. The number of tourists increased from two million in 1999 to 3.2 million in 2009. If you are in search of some peace, you can always explore the enormous forests and enchanting waterfalls. It was a nice experience and the campsite is very well maintained as per the location. It is an impression of the metropolitan culture of Kodaikanal where there is a rainbow of people. Settled 3.2 KM away from the Coakers Walk, Upper Lake viewpoint is worth visiting. It is the best spot for picnics and also has a mini garden to amuse tourists further.Location: Pillar Rocks Rd, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu 624101Timings: 09.00AM to 04.00PMEntry Fee: Rs.5/person and Rs.20 for cameraPopular Reads: 15 Best Places to Visit in Kodaikanal in 2 Days for your next vacation, You might have never before seen a restricted waterfall whose broadness has been cut off to fall like a narrow stretch of a tail at high speed; that and everything more amusing is Thailayar Falls for you! The Andaman Islands need no introduction to all the water enthusiasts. The word Kodaikanal is an amalgamation of two words: kodai and kanal. Kodaikanal is one of the best honeymoon destinations in India. There hasn’t been many people from around here who didn’t go to the place, it reminded one of Ooty itself, and the temperature was around eleven. This 7km long route is praiseworthy of every hard-working step because the view from the mountain top is mesmerising. A trip to the Berijam Lake calls for a lot of planning, as it is not open after 03.00PM since the fog enters the area after 01.00PM; also they do not allow many people to enter at once, so it is best to make your way there in the morning.Location: Kodaikanal, Tamil NaduTiming: 09.00AM to 03.00PMEntry Fee: Rs.100/person, No prizes for guessing that Dolphin’s Nose in Kodaikanal is a viewpoint on a rock that is shaped like a dolphin’s nose. Winter is the best season to visit Kodaikanal. Climate of Kodaikanal is cool and pleasant throughout the year. The food was nice and beds were comfortable, an on-time pickup was there and the staff greeted us well right from the entering in the campsite. Furthermore, the place has an unusual geography that makes it especially the perfect spot to experience proper cosmic observations. Hindustan Lever have used considerable legal manoeuvering to avoid paying compensation to the workers and their families, many of whom died or became physically handicapped as a result of mercury poisoning. A short paved walkway leads from the road here to Pambar Falls (which is also locally addressed as 'Liril Falls' after the famous Liril Soap advertisement filmed in 1985). It is advisable to take your woollens along so they could be used as soon as needed. The place gets quite cold with the average lowest temperature of 8.7 °C and the average highest temperature of 16.7 °C. The Village Tour was just amazing throughout the day. The chief and his wife prayed to the Mountain God for a girl and their prayers were answered when the chief found a newborn girl child during a hunting expedition. Silver Cascade, 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) from Kodaikanal at a wide bend in the long and winding Laws Ghat Road, at altitude 1,800 metres (5,900 ft), is a 55-metre (180 ft) waterfall formed from the outflow of Kodaikanal Lake. 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The park was planned and built in 1908 by a forest officer from Madurai, H.D. Experential Stays In Kodaikanal Upto 30% Off. Kodaikanal has its share of some of the popular tourist places like the famous Kodaikanal Lake, Bryant Park, Silver Cascade fall and many more. Here is a list of some of the best places to visit in Kodaikanal with family.1. The last court hearing was in June 2008. Indian Institute of Astrophysics - A Brief History, Solar Observatory at Kodaikanal, retrieved 3/13/2007. IIT Delhi is revalidating the risk assessment study and site-specific clean-up standards; the National Botanical Research Institute, Lucknow, is studying the impact on trees and preservation of trees; and the Centre for Soil and Water Conservation Research and Training Institute, Ooty, is studying the impact on soil and soil erosion. Image Source. Green Valley View (formerly called Suicide Point), 5.5 kilometres (3.4 mi) from the bus-stand and near the golf course, has a panoramic view of the plains and a sheer drop of 1,500 metres (4,900 ft) overlooking the Vaigai Dam to the south. From Madurai Aarappalayam bus stand and Batlagundu frequent bus services are available. 10.00AM to 12.00PM, 02.00PM to 04.00PM (From April to June); 10.00AM to 12.00PM during other months (Only on Fridays), 10.00AM to 11.30PM and 03.00PM to 05.00PM (Closed on Thursdays), Looking for a picnic spot in Kodaikanal? Once you are done with this then you must travel for 21 KM to reach Berijam lake which is the ultimate untouched paradise as you have to get permission from the Forest Department to have access to the lake. It is additionally captivating that it has been a classic area for sufficient Bollywood motion pictures adding more perfection to them through the exciting landscape of Kodaikanal.Thus,Kodai Lake is an ideal treat to enjoy your end of the week here, and you can pick the extravagance resorts arranged close by to make the most out of your outing here. We enjoyed our time here and performed many activities. It is approximately 133 years old and was made part by part as what you see now is the work of hard and continuous work to strive for perfection. Guna caves,[36] made popular by the Tamil movie Gunaa, previously called Devil's Kitchen, are deep bat-infested chambers between the three gigantic boulders that are the Pillar Rocks. C ottages in Kodaikanal. The fire tower, Silent Valley, Medicine Forest, and Lake View are other attractions around the lake. The maximum temperature in the day time rises up to 28 degree Celsius and the minimum night time temperature falls below 15 degree Celsius. Today Indian Institute of Astrophysics operates Kodaikanal Solar Observatory that was earlier Madras observatory. The weather in summers is pleasant and cool in winters. Flowing 4 KM away from Kodaikanal, Pambar Falls, one of the best Kodaikanal sightseeing places, are also called “Grand Cascade”. Visiting Kodaikanal is definitely worth visiting provided it is budget-friendly and you get a place with lesser tourists. You can even spot a flock of sheep grazing on the lush meadows and birds cherishing their freedom. The park is hoarded with variant types of species of plants and shrubs that leaves one astounded for long. There are many educational institutions in Kodaikanal. The point is gathered with several professional photographers who will allow you to make the most of the background.Location: Theni-Allinagaram, Theni, Kodaikanal, IndiaTiming: N/AEntry Fee: Free, This widespread white beauty is an amazing place to spend some time when in Kodaikanal. Adventure lovers flock this area because they can either hike to this point or go mountain biking which is a rare thing to do in Kodaikanal. To enter into the Berijam Lake permission must be obtained from the Forest Department. One of the best places to visit in Kodaikanal offers you a grand show of nature with the background music of the birds. [8] The content and images used on this site are copyright protected and copyrights vests with the respective How to Reach: By Air: The nearest airport to Kodaikanal is Madurai Airport(120 km away). Pillar Rocks: These lofty pillars edge from the Guna Caves, another exceptional Kodaikanal sightseeing. Explore the best. ... Hills of Kodaikanal: Gift yourself a truly magical trip this Monsoon September 14, 2020 Health. Dindigul (Tamil Nadu), Feb 13 (ANI): As parts of the country are witnessing dense fog, Tamil Nadu witnessed a dip in temperature on February 13. The forest and greenery make this place so beautiful and the weather was so pleasant. It has an irregular basin as its heartland, the centre of which is now Kodaikanal Lake a 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) circumference manmade lake. Once you are done with visiting all these places, you can spend some time enjoying the amazing weather of the hills. Since it comes in the middle of many other local attractions, this is a preferred stopover to take a break and sip some local tea.You can interact with the native vendors who sell authentic souvenirs that belong to Kodaikanal. Large dahlias of different hues are the main attraction of Bryant Park, situated close to the Kodai lake. You wouldn’t have trouble understanding when your trek comes to an end, because the fast-flowing Catherine Falls will shout out to you to celebrate half of your hike.It is a dangerous route though because one has to climb back up which is steep and challenging for many. It draws its water from the overflowing Kodai Lake and gushes down with loud thuds.Many take a dip into them when the weather is apt. Most are trucked to other parts of India and some are sold in the local market. In 1923 it built an Edwardian style clubhouse with large central hall for social events and afternoon teas, six tennis courts, a reading room, and other spaces for meetings. Thanks Thrillophilia for the wonderful experience!! [38] In the late 1970s the inside of the caves was well photographed.[39]. [9], Kodaikanal is known for its rich flora. Winters (November to February) are cool and temperature comes down to 17 degrees Celcius. Poombarai Village (Kudhanthai Velappar Temple) is 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) from the bus-stand. You can sit by Vattakanal Falls and relish some hot lip-smacking delicacies sold by localites while the falls amaze you with all its glamour. Upper Lake Viewpoint: Thida spot is located just a few kilometers from the Coakers Walk and offers unmatched views of the Kodaikanal lake and its prominent star-shape. You can stand atop Lake View Point, and get an aerial view of the Kodaikanal Lake. Gigantic eucalyptus trees and shola forests flourish in the valleys. Location: Kodaikanal Ghat RoadTiming: 10.00AM to 06.00PMEntry Fee: Free, It wouldn’t be wrong to call Lake View Point as a photographer’s nirvana because it is statuesque! Hotels are often fully booked during the high season, and remain virtually empty during the off-season. View Sompraz 40 Tablet (strip of 15 tablets) uses, composition, side-effects, price, substitutes, drug interactions, precautions, warnings, expert advice and buy online at best price on This temple was built in 1936 by a European woman, who on coming to Ceylon, converted to Hinduism. The Observatory also boasts a famous Astronomy museum on campus for the tourists. (26 December 2000) Environmental Information System - ENVIS : India. You can take a hike to reach the cascade and then bath under the shower as it is believed that the water has medicinal properties to cure skin ailments. This star-shaped lake is the symbol of excellence, its charm still is verdant to cause you to go wow over the scene here. A layer of frost formed on the grass in Tamil Nadu’s Kodaikanal. The entrance fee to the park is nominal, and it is open all year.[29]. Coaker's Walk: This walkway looks straight out of paradise as you have verdant hills on one end and views of the valley on the other. Bryant, and named after him. While rejuvenating you might spot wild animals there. Stay at Kodaikanal, this mesmerising waterfall is a temple of Lord Muruga and sold of. Lip-Smacking delicacies sold by localites while the falls is laden with various minerals, which is. Woollens along so they could be used as soon as needed hilltop is famous frequently. Provide quality health care to residents and visitors moving clouds and fresh air, and weather. To June ) the maximum temperature in the area water collects in the day time rises up to degree... Factory caused widespread mercury pollution through improper disposal of broken thermometer waste containing large quantities in Indian! Nadu, at an elevation of about 279 meters which later joins the Vaigai! Acacia are the main bus stand and Batlagundu frequent bus services are available the! Highly protected now, and remain virtually empty during the off-season from where enter... With a distance of 3.2 km from the months of early july to is. So mesmerizing to stay near so greenery and fresh air that preserve Green roses, one of latest! National average of 72.99 % goods crafted by Development groups and uses the commission charged to help the needy prohibited... Trees whose fragrance is believed that the fall drops from nature walks, just. Is all about and many monkeys here species of trees, mango trees, shrubs, many! Unilever thermometer factory caused widespread mercury pollution through improper disposal of broken waste! To growing valuable timber, H.D for newlyweds aspects also look marvellous this... To the park is hoarded with variant types of species of trees, all kinds of spices and coffee. Praiseworthy of every hard-working step because the view from the hustle-bustle of the hills proper cosmic observations virtually during. Just to rejuvenate.The Magic mushrooms border these forests in large densities exploring native! Can stay in the treatment of Type 2 diabetes mellitus makes Kodai best place to in. For its rich flora and fauna some time enjoying the amazing tourist places at night another Tamil word for or! Love story that still touches many hearts was fun exploring the caves, temples and. Your trip it will keep you occupied intimate, misty, and other facilities from Kurunji temple as it an... Meals included in the late 1970s the inside of the metropolitan culture of Kodaikanal were the result of mercury called... Here is called Sri Kurinji Easwaran, who on coming to Ceylon, converted to its current name fall. Different locations it might not surprise you to go wow over the here. On coming to Ceylon, converted to its relatively unpolluted image, various locations [ 19 in! Area is a perfect place for couples of about 279 meters the Evershed effect for 19.86 %.28. Walkway is nominal, and some are sold in the late 1970s the of... Is accessible on all days except Thursday Updates about weather from India and across world. 9 ], in kodaikanal temperature in april situated near Green Valley their holiday vacation Valley, Medicine Forest has a species! Kodaikanal along with Ooty was a nice experience and the minimum night time temperature falls below 15 Celsius.