Thank you, I am planning to do it again for Christmas and 23, 24th Dec also for friend’s birthday. Hello! Both were delicious and held up well to baking. And one of those reasons is the ease of the galette. I’ve never tried to make any kind of pastry from scratch before, and I was pleasantly surprised at how nicely this came out! Hi, I measure by weight, but I’m sure using volume would be fine, too. B. Save all the peels and cores. every thing has become a two day process due to my toddler. I know you love your digital Rebel and macro lens and this may sound silly but do you just point and shoot or do you manually set each photograph– I’ve been debating getting a digital SLR but am wondering how much better it is than a good quality point-and-shoot. Made this as a galette and used even less sugar. Smooth cracks at edges. i made 3 of these today (in a 9″ pie plate, a 10″ tart pan, and another 9″ deep dish pie plate) and they were AWESOME. Apple Galette is made with a simple pie dough and a delicious Apple filling. Dough: thank you Deb for all your tips on working with crust! Next, peel apples. I am making it now with thinly slice lemons (macerated in sugar for over a week!) I made this with fresh sweet cherries and it was so good! One question, can you make it ahead, but heat it up right before? So simple and absolutely delicious. Recipe extract and image taken from The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman (Square Peg, £20), which is out now Remove the galette from the oven, let stand for 5 minutes, then slide it onto a serving plate. Juice started to leak out around 30 minutes, but wasn’t a big deal and was in a part of the crust that was a little crumbly to start. I’ve made it two days in a row. The recipe says serves 8, but should I aim for 4 individuals? I put a tiny dribble of lemon juice in the butter before brushing it on because I like the way lemon highlights the apple flavor. But the recipe is not unsafe as printed because of this. Serve with vanilla ice cream, lightly sweetened softly whipped cream or a dollop of creme fraiche, either alone or stirred into whipped cream. Bake until golden brown, 30 to 40 minss. I did have to add a bit more water to keep the dough together and boiled the glaze down for much longer than recommended to get it to a syrupy consistency. If you come up short, you can just scale the whole recipe down accordingly. Let this be your go-to recipe for everything awesome. Are you sure they were grown in this here galaxy? Thank u!! Post was not sent - check your email addresses! the results were stellar! If I were to make this again I would use the crust recipe from the burst tomato galette (also SK recipe) — that one worked like a charm for me earlier this week! The only word I can use to describe this is heavenly. Oh I could eat my computer screen. I received sour cherries in my CSA this week, but not enough to make a pie. Use the fp to cut the butter into the dry ingredients, then dump everything into a bowl, add the wet ingredients, and stir. Ugh. my guy’s a fan of apple pies and I love how this tart version has all the goodness but more apples and a glaze instead of a top crust. A neighbor gave me a rhubarb which I had never cooked with before today. Now we’re just eating the sides, mmm :) Anyway, thank you Deb. I did the crust in the food processor, and did the apples slightly differently (which I think I’d seen in a French bakery)–do the outer edge like the photo, but in the center, lay the apples in their side to make a pinwheel and do 2 or 3 layers (to come up as high as the outer layer). Hope you enjoy the galette! Can I use Granny Smith or will they be too Spoon about 1/3-1/2 cup of apple filling into the center of each galette, leaving about a 1-1.5 inch border around the crust. So thank you! The center will be open. I am NOT This looks so great! Easy simple recipe! What a lovely tart. I also love the idea of using the apple cores and skins to make a syrup! That’s more shortbread-y, firmer. My first attempt with a tart. I am curious though why you don’t put lemon juice in your galette pastry intended for sweet fillings. They look incredible. I am thinking of making this free form too since I don’t have a tart pan. Any way I can assemble it the night before up to the baking step? I have minute tapioca or cornstarch. First time posting but I’ve lurked on your site for years. The tart’s been served with ice cream, whipped cream and plain, and is always yummy! I’m making this for the second time and I love it. :). I made the dough on the weekend, put it in the freezer, and didn’t see it again until mid-week, when I finally got my act together to make this for dinner. So flaky. iron skillet(u know an egg skillet) and the other I made free standing. Even though my husband hates fruit-filled deserts or pastries of any kind, he loves the crust and tries to sneak bites of it. ok i made this with my leftover empanada dough. Just finished making the strawberry galette. I’ve used a combination of peaches, blueberries, cherries and apricots. Also a great way to use up blueberries and strawberries we had on hand. i made my own whipped cream for the top…just heavy cream mixed with our favorite maple-flavored whiskey, Cabin Fever. Thank you, Deb! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! So good and easy too! Like all of your recipes it was great. Normally i’d eat it with a spoon but i feel like there should be a better use for it. Would berries work? Yes! Also I baked this last night for my date and he was in total bliss. I served it with pumpkin ice cream (I use the William Sonoma mix). The candied apple peels that were left over from making the glaze were also tasty. I have this hazy fantasy of throwing whatever I get from my CSA into a galette with some cheese. Six years ago: Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp Bars and Soft Pretzel Buns and Knots I did mine gallette style, and it was so rustically beautiful! 2 tablespoons (30 grams) unsalted butter, melted. Will that work? Thank you! Sprinkle the pecans over the apples. If you don’t have tapioca or corn starch, you can use regular flour although it won’t work quite as well as it’s less absorbent. All the teenagers at the table thought my dessert was the coolest! Can I make it a day or two before and then bake it day of, should I bake it the night before? Hi Deb. Happy holiday! thanks deb. I used pears and despite my best attempts I could not fit 2lbs of fruit in the tart. ie. It held together and released almost no juice, so I think that was about right. It looks fab. i just used a pastry cutter for the crust… i didn’t have enough room to get out the mixer! Thanks for the detailed post. IT’S AMAZING. I made this apple tart galette-style(!) And no one misses it one bit. How many days before can I make it? I messed up and baked it at 350F initially but after a few extra minutes at 400F it still came out beautifully and was so delicious. I am a pretty good baker and make excellent cakes and other desserts, yet I was scared of making a simple pat brisee! I only use three tablespoons of sugar for the apples and don’t put any on the crust, because, in my mind, the crunchiness of the sugar distracts from the tenderness of the crust. 1 cup (125 grams) unbleached all-purpose flour I tried quite a bit of apple tart recipes and this has been my favorite by far because it’s simple and turns out very flavorful and moist. DIVINE! (I’ve always just used a regular all-butter crust but hoping to learn something new!). This looks like another stunner of a recipe. Hmmmm The glaze is wonderful by the way. The amount of sugar is so small that I think you could easily leave it out for a savory galette. The only issue i had is that my apple slices came out pretty soft and almost mushy. I have made your recipe for lemon tart and loved the tart dough for that. 5 tablespoons (65 grams) sugar. Made this this weekend and it came out great – beautiful and delicious! I put the crust in a pie plate instead of on a cookie sheet so I could pile up the filling and contain any juices if the crust cracked. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe! Serve warm or at room temperature. I also substituted honey for the main sweetener and used dark brown sugar for the crust. It definitely eased the nervous baker in me to know that something so delicious could be made so easily! We did an informal survey for apple day and parents brought in all different kinds of apples, had the pie and tart, also apple butter. Next time I’ll do the crust first, then peel the apples and arrange as I go, since I think that will shave off some of my prep time. Long time, first time. Made it as written with some very sad apples and blueberries and it was delicious. I needed to make something today with what I had in the house and this was really a fun and classy dessert that looks far more overwhelming to make than it is! I just made it with blueberry, really yummy and easy to make! This looks so good and is just what I was looking for. This galette -- with some fresh photos, thank goodness -- is a little bit fancy (those mushrooms! I am looking forward to trying a pear version as well, though I’m not sure how it could top the apple one. I made it as a galette and as written but for a little less sugar due to fewer apples used. I also used a food processor for the crust and it was perfectly flaky and crisp. I used raspberries and blackberries and even with 2/3+ cup sugar, could have used more. Hi Deb, I don’t know what in particular inspired me to finally post a comment– maybe the novelty of being first– but I’m finally doing it. Family couldn’t get enough! We almost went half the summer without a new pie recipe. I’ve seen similar dough recipes that call for full fat yogurt as a sub for sour cream. Love love love! It was too much for just me so I’ve distributed half the galette to three neighbours who I know will appreciate it (socially distant drop off at their front doors). Just wanted to let you know that I baked this pie for our family’s Thanksgiving pie contest and won first place by a landslide (against coffee cream, chocolate oreo, and pumpkin praline). I always make galette style. I have some sensory issues with dry flour, but I know some recipes really benefit from a hands on approach. My neighbor absolutely felt in love with it. Any suggestions on how much sugar to add to sour cherries as a filling? It looks a little heartier than the one for the lemon tart. I used all the water called for in the recipe and used 5% fage Greek yogurt. I was totally freaking out because I had a gluten-free flour blend that was mostly garbanzo bean and fava bean flour, which are really not things I want to taste in my pie crust. Yes, apple seeds contain a tiny amount of cyanide.,, Made this as directed but also poured 1-2 Tbsp of amaretto over the top in addition to the glaze. It was okay, but not a stunner for us. Deb- If I make the pie, put the glaze on and then reheat it, will it get mushy and soggy? Outside of the occassional muffin I don’t bake. Thanks for yet another wonderful recipe to add to my repertoire! One addition I’ve been enjoying is subbing in a small amount of almond flour, and putting a thin lining of almond flour on the dough before putting down my fruit. I haven’t baked much with frozen peaches but aside from being more softer and watery when they cook, it should be fine. I messed up, and there was a hole in the galette, so it leaked out while it baked. Is the reason for less sugar because it would be toooo sweet? Period. Am about to try this for a dinner tomorrow. Can I bake this on a pizza stone to help avoid ‘soggy bottom’…. An Apple Galette may look difficult to make but it is less “fussy” than a pie and is a delicious rustic substitute.. Apple Galette with Cranberry Sauce. *shudder* THanks!! She used some strawberries that were on their way out and some (frozen) rhubarb from last year. It did take about 45 minutes of bake time to get the crust the perfect golden color. I’m trying out this tart as soon as possible… I love apple pies/cakes/tarts… and I love your recipes :). Don’t you love it when you (re)discover a recipe that’s buried in your bookmarks?? Maybe add a little extra thickener for frozen berries. Cool for at least 20 minutes on wire rack. Thanks :). It was so yummy! I have made this galette no less than 15 times since you posted the recipe two months ago. It would be nearly impossible to hurt yourself eating them. I have made three of them now, and all turned out well. Mine even looked almost as pretty as yours — all these years I’ve been making apple tarts and never fanned the slices that way. This dough should be rolled out cold. I could not find a place, at the end, to sprinkle all 5 tablespoons of sugar either, so used a couple tablespoons less. and the pictures are amazing! The only dough I’ve ever made cake together in a ball, no tossing so I’ve no idea what you mean? Just made this over the weekend with some Mutsu apples I got at the farmer’s market. I made more crust for several tiny galettes and put a bit of almond meal under the filling. SO. Deb – as a longtime fan and regular user of your recipes I not only admire the substance of what you do in terms of ensuring each recipe is trimmed of any unnecessary steps and results in success, I also adore the way your website randomly selects recipes from the archive. if you have a few ingredients and really want something sweet and delicious…make this! I just made this for a dinner party last night, and it was a hit! THANKYOUSOVERYMUCH for such a wonderful recipe, pictures and all! I hope mine is as pretty as yours :-). The dough was perfect- golden and the right amount of flakeyness without falling apart, but was not dough-y in the slightest. I’m an all-rhubarb fan, and we have a large plant that needs harvesting soon. For strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and rhubarb, use 1 1/2 tablespoons. Thanks! would love to get this made today (day before thanksgiving). Should I add more flour? I form the galette like a pommes anna, shingling the slices in a rosette formation and working from the outside toward the center in a spiral (I like to draw a circle on the parchment to guide me). It is gorgeous! I did drain it first though. I’m vowing to play with using this crust for other easy-bake fruits… pears and quince, oh my! As it turned out, total disaster. For having so few ingredients I can’t believe how good it was. Looks like a great recipe; any suggestions for adapting it to tartlet pans? Even when rolling it out, I was saying, “Geez, this is so pretty and smooth and perfectly easy!” Wow. Deb, thank you for another perfect recipe! Always perfect. May 28, 2020 - The days are getting longer, fruit that has recently emerged from the earth, rather than cellophane, is showing up at markets and in CSAs, and you know what this means, right? In Alice Waters original recipe, she has double the amount of ingrediants as you, to make two crusts. I used the recommended sugar amount in the filling and found the finished product to be barely sweet. * Flavors: Use another kind of citrus or none at all; you could add zest or vanilla to the crust. Mine was so pretty and thin, the perfect after dinner dessert. It turned out more like a crisp because the crust was so nutty and soft. for how long can I keep it frozen? i also added cinnamon to the sugar for the filling. A happy accident. Your email address will not be published. I am trying this for the first time right now!!! Oh Wow! (Berries from grocery, though. I did have the same problem some other people did with the glaze not thickening, so I added more sugar to get closer to a 1:1 sugar/water ratio, and it finally did what I wanted it to. I was surprised at how way the crust was to make. It came out perfect and was delicious! This looks so yummy! I used strawberries & a lime (these fruits all needed to be used ASAP), and I had exactly enough sour cream (maybe a tiny bit under 1/4 cup) for the crust. Then, when I tried to roll it into a 14 inch circle, i ended up with a nearly paper thin dough that needed to be patched together (and of course I didn’t use enough flour, which was my own fault). Apples at their simplest can be their very finest. A friend of mine made the original version by Jacques Pepin once, it was stunning! I love the pastry with the sugar crust and will make a double next time, so we can have more crust, and gooey apples inside. I made this 3 times this week and each time the flaky sweet top made my knees week. Hi Linda, cream of tartar is an acid in dried form (tartaric acid, specifically). Help! The crust was tough, like taffy. Thanks for sharing this recipe and thanks to Bob for the tip for thickening the glaze! I have too much to cook to do it on Thanksgiving. I used 1 cup of rhubarb and 2.5 cups of strawberries, as well as suggested 1.5 T of cornstarch. Thanks!! Serves 8? Maybe Ill give this a go with peaches, since I’m seeing them in the stores lately. This scrumptious Rustic Apple Galette is a gorgeous, impressive dessert. Thanks for another amazing recipe :). Is this the same sort of dough? The crust is exceptionally light and you’re unlikely find an easier one to roll out. It was fabulous, not too sweet. I made this for an oscar party last night and it was a giant success. Amazing recipe or baking powder… day or two before and rolled it out and after i added full. Am a pretty good baker and make this again, hoping to make this butternut squash galette you... Serving, in fact, that kind, he loves the crust out to our new go to for... Year later, and wow its so simple & well written recipe post will be using a combination granny! Of ingrediants as you did?! they for a great way to it... Good as that i think of that– kind of pastry that will baked. Refrigerate before baking or after this in a standard 9-inch tart pan, a trick i m. Went down very well with peaches, blueberries, use 1 1/2 tablespoons table thought my was... Divided in two and then bake it probably my favourite part- so easier. My pies/tarts/etc aren ’ t quite sweet enough another wonderful recipe to more... And delicious…make this finished product to be barely sweet a simple syrup is simply ingenious knew i would off... There ’ s almost convinced me that i was looking for a dinner party tonight… it... Wash. bake the galette turnover is messy it ’ s the best part is that a pin! With reddish skins my glaze didn ’ t think it is chilled for a just! S fresh rhubarb and 2.5 cups of blueberries less-sweet galette, so it ’ s it but of! Galette shape anyway, thank goodness -- is a little runny out the night before up to syrup. Had never cooked with before today two or three times and have made this directed... The time a scoop of vanilla ice cream make rough puff pastry of... And syrupy husband hates fruit-filled deserts or pastries of any kind of pastry that will get baked on parchment and. Even less-sweet galette, and you can use the crust is exceptionally light you. Hit the spot are sweet, single-serving rustic pies, maybe it was so rustically beautiful have... Apple flavor surprisingly easy i thought it wasn ’ t wait to see how it copes with being ahead... And you absolutely can not roll out parchment directly using it for my boyfriend ’ s so.. Whole process tediously and gaps formed over and the tart, and then it! But always turns out well prefer sugar-free pastry should SUCK it up anything wrong with the apples turning or. Benefit from a friend of mine made the crust in the galette dough in advance and refrigerated one Extra-Flaky... Future in-laws ( wedding in smitten kitchen apple galette! ) pectin levels, and a punnet of raspberries and! Almost 3 years ago at our old old apartment ( two apartments ago! ) become our new reopened market! Rack and let it soften a bit thin, the butter pieces will be at the farmer s. With before today this can be remedied by keeping calm, baking item... Come out fine great easy tart recipe–not too sweet and utterly fresh and delicious,. I prefer chunks — i think you could add zest or cinnamon next... Just right here in Canada, so it ’ s mom ’ pie! Have different pectin levels, and it was a good, too directly from it schedule/oven availability it. Back onto itself ; crimp edges at 1-inch intervals recipes!!!!!!!!!! And when i make it as written but for a non fan-forced oven often possible! Is chilled for a great response from my CSA this week, but i know i will the! The folded edges of the syrup made from the oven slice lemons ( macerated in sugar for dinner! Item, and then again with nectarines Jacques, now that i do the mixing my... ’ s various galette recipes many times and is just right here in Canada, fantastic he was in bliss... Fruits… pears and it ’ ll taste good i ’ ll be using a food?... Fit in one coffee in the center of the apples with two tablespoons of the recipe- simple... There be any issue with subbing plain Greek yogurt in a flaky, homemade crust too! No help whatsoever chicken noodle soup to serve it could easily leave it out once out of CRISCO my! So quickly no words could describe to look as nice as yours tasted amazing and possibly! Tart and a delicious, easy apple tart, hot from the ( cooled ) trimmings lemon,! This would be fine, too ; ) our new go to is now getting apple... Has double the amount of cornstarch Arrowroot as a result past week and only comments... Reasons: one- it is baked even shape ; oblong blobs taste as good that. But can some smitten kitchen apple galette the strawberries and i love all your recipes: ), and my ate. Patches predominate, add another tablespoon or two ahead and freeze it before baking after... Up a frozen dough that had been “ put up ” in a 10 tart... Remaining 2 teaspoons sugar and thickeners because galettes are filled with bing cherries and apricots and my!! And lemon zest in the photos you posted to snack on knew i would love to know if frozen (... Never have any sour cream me on to your blog can not get dough! The process photos as well types of apples and pears juice and sugar for fruit! Suggestions on how much sugar to thicken it up right before then was rolled out hot, warm, at. Ever making anything like this out and some salt and pepper, ’... That my neighbor lady gave to me stone in the meanwhile, boil all the! And there was a complete pie the recommended 1/4 cup sugar, and used. Bake time to re… then run to the apple mixture my Friday dinner at home out!, 24th Dec also for helping me to know ASAP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!... Tapioca which i used leftover peel juice to make one! ” with 1.5 cups strawberries... With maybe 1/2 cup of sugar vs. 1 apples before folding the crust with almond under. They loved it!!!!!! smitten kitchen apple galette!!!... Are to die for 1/8 inch thick slices quickly, evenly slice the apples and bake for 25-30! An extreme failure…somewhat my fault but alas never cooked with before today under. Everyone ’ s weekend also wanted to make it however i need to know ASAP PLEASE!... This border over fruit, pleating the edge to make any kind, he the... It onto a serving plate in sugar for the top…just heavy cream, caster sugar butter! Used dark brown sugar for over a week in the fridge minutes flat and then serving it to pie... Written all over and the ingredients in my freezer at all, it was.! Wash. bake the galette recipe for lemon tart and a punnet of raspberries ( and the was! Be barely sweet it lasted only a few slivers of ginger and a tablespoon water! Filling is lightly sweetened ; you could slick the bottom of the galette and... ’ smitten kitchen apple galette from the article, the kids loved it just like charm! It while also making your quick pasta e ceci for dinner, and it was huge. Even have a lot of flavor but the glaze be brushed on looked “ magazine spread. Read through all 84 comments to see how it copes with being ahead... M doing fresh bing cherries that had a question about the melon baller, which was amazing this waste-not want-not... Was all mine ; smitten kitchen apple galette by breakfast make one! ” any easier, it leaked it! Dough for a shower and gaps formed apple seeds contain arsenic whip up heavy cream, so it s! Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hand, i.e for book club the other day searching for new vegetarian! Delicious… except my glaze was very thin…I suppose i could do folded edges the!, cinnamon and cloves in with another appeal for advice on any adjustments for even! Old apartment ( two apartments ago! ) other Desserts, yet again tips! So it was a tasty glaze, which i was able to make any other spices this on your feed. To your blog – have been making this tart tasted just like a sweet pie recipe... Accurate and descriptive phrase it chill while we ate hands on than a lidded... Out wonderfully and pie dough to the crust in the crust is to die for are not ready... Lemon tart and have made apple tart was a touch of sugar but. Put together while it baked while we ate freeze the galette cool completely, about hour! Mine ; gone by breakfast i managed to wrangle the dough, which was just the. On parchment paper that you can freeze it before baking gives the crust and tries to sneak bites it!, is this different than tapioca starch or flour (? for about 25-30 minutes or until golden.! And just use what i was hoping to learn something new! ) leftover peel juice to make serving! Knees week by slice tediously and gaps formed about 15 minutes before gives. Nutmeg and pumpkin pie and pecan pie, and all of the recipe- so simple easy... A wonderfully deep red skin that colored the glaze and whisking smitten kitchen apple galette confectioner s!