When Merlin questions why Arthur has come back, Arthur admits that it was because Merlin is his best friend, and he couldn't bear to lose him. Arthur is adept at hiding his true feelings, having been accustomed to carrying out orders that he disagreed with for his father. On the journey back to Camelot, Arthur notices that Gwen and Lancelot have feelings for each other and becomes jealous. (Arthur's Bane: Part Two), On the anniversary of Uther's death, Arthur misses his father more then ever. According to the prophecies of Kilgharrah, Arthur was destined to unite the land of Albion. When Merlin asks the keeper of the unicorns, Anhora, to give Arthur a second chance he finds himself a part of the test. Mordred appears in front of Arthur during the battle. Riding to the castle where an enemy king, Cenred was waiting, Arthur publicly told her that she wouldn't have to worry about being scared as she has him, which made her smile. (Lancelot and Guinevere). (The Secret Sharer) Later, Arthur revealed that some time ago, he led a raid on a Druid village, inadvertently causing a boy's death which meant that his spirit possessed Elyan. When they arrived, they saw Ragnor and his men again. As a result of her death, Uther despised magic and had its practitioners executed but kept the true nature of her death secret from Arthur. Arthur and Gwen later told each other that their relationship must be postponed until Arthur becomes king. As a result, open expressions of adoration were uncharacteristic and usually signs of enchantment. Arthur was grateful that Lancelot saved them and he finally made Lancelot a Knight of Camelot. When Merlin gives Arthur water from the Cup of Life, he recovers, soon finding the energy to flirt with Gwen, teasing her about what she said to him whilst he was unconscious. Arthur's superior swordsmanship prevents Elyan from carrying out the murder, and Elyan flees as the guards arrive. The Gaius I know would never look forward to seeing Merlin hang no matter what he'd done. Please, my father is dying. And after Arthur died, Merlin didn’t even get to walk away. Though he leaves her with Gaius to prepare for treating the wounded, he openly admits their relationship, saying he doesn't care who sees in case he never comes back. Merlin refutes this, stating that they merely sought his power. Morgana diverted Merlin because she knew that he always thwarted her plans. Gwen also acknowledges the pain she causes him with Lancelot. Arthurias defeated and about to be killed by Helios, but Isolde stabs him from behind to protect Arthur. (Beauty and the Beast), When the Witchfinder, Aredian, came to Camelot, Arthur did not take a liking to him but under his father's orders he was put at the Witchfinder's services. The more he became infatuated with Gwen, the more his relationship with Morgana shifted towards that of brother and sister, while when Uther married Catrina, the two were horrified to discover their new stepmother was a troll. He then carries an "injured" Morgana to the horses where Gwen and Elyan wait. When Arthur awoke he was quick to reblow the horn and Uther was summoned back to the spirit world before the late king was able to expose Merlin's long kept secret. (Lamia), Prompted by the incident with the Lamia, Arthur decides it is time to propose to Gwen. (The Castle of Fyrien) It was not until Morgause's army overtook Camelot and Morgana crowned herself queen that Arthur learned of her treachery and her true paternity. (The Sins of the Father), When a Druid girl called Freya escaped from a bounty hunter named Halig, Halig warns Uther of what damage that the girl can do, so Uther helps Halig find Freya. Since he met Merlin, Arthur has had the distinction of fighting against many creatures of magic, both alone and aided by his knights or by Merlin. On their first meeting, Arthur and Merlin got off on the wrong foot. Gwen did not want him to go, but after the events with Odin, Arthur is incistent to go and avenge him personally. It's not victory I seek. 8 / 13 As a deadly net closes in around Arthur, Merlin finds himself far from Camelot. They tell him that he has angered the triple goddess by banning the use of magic. Arthur, yelling out Merlin's name but powerless to help, goes on to organize search parties for his friend, though Agravaine informs him that Merlin is most certainly gone. You can show some faith in a loyal friend, or you can stand by and watch an innocent man die! Against Mordred, Arthur hesitated at first and despite being badly wounded still managed to strike down Mordred with a single blow. The person, who is later to be revealed Gwen, threatened to kill his mother if he said anything, so he was living in fear and refused to tell Merlin who it was. Before they leave, Arthur makes an excuse to Uther, which would not leave the king suspicious. Get Arthur & Merlin: Knights of Camelot DVD and Blu-ray release date, trailer, movie poster and movie stats. (The Eye of the Phoenix) Also, even after receiving a sword blow that broke a few of his ribs, Arthur was still able to defeat his attacker. Her first confrontation with Arthur since leaving came when he stormed the castle to take back the kingdom. Merlin was offered a place at the Round Table, showing how Arthur valued him on the same level as his most trusted knights, and even commented that he was somehow "wise" on at least two occasions. When Uther was wounded by an assassin, such was the extent of Arthur's desperation to save him that he was willing to seek magic to save him. Arthur is then put under heavy guard. Something's been upsetting you, hasn't it? (The Sword in the Stone). I am to enter the realm of the Fisher King and find the golden trident spoken of in the legends of The Fallen Kings. Unlike most people Arthur usually called Gwen by her full name. Arthur was devastated and guilty when his father died, feeling he had betrayed his father in using magic and caused his death. Mordred tells her at the end of that episode who Emrys is (aka Merlin). Arthur then kills Caerleon in cold blood, causing his wife, Queen Annis, to declare war upon Camelot. She disagrees with him and tells him that they both know his doubts are unfounded. (A Servant of Two Masters), Arthur continues to be concerned by the presence of a traitor among his inner circle. You will leave Camelot at first light-", You must do what your heart tells you, sire. (The Crystal Cave) For a time, Morgana's hatred was directed solely at Uther, and largely she showed no animosity towards Arthur, but after the discovery that Uther was her father, Morgause pointed out that Arthur was all that stood between Morgana and the crown, despite her being illegitimate and unrecognised. But no. However, after killing a griffin with Merlin's help, Lancelot declined when he was offered a chance to become a knight again. Arthur and Morgana have their first highly tense confrontation since she left Camelot, with Arthur commenting sadly that he had thought they were friends, to which Morgana, conflicted, replies "as did I". (The Darkest Hour) Just the thought of Merlin being dead is too grievously sad for Arthur to think about, as when Agravaine was starting to say he's sorry that he lost Merlin, Arthur didn't even let him finish the sentence. King Arthur’s most trusted advisor, prophet, magician, and friend, Merlin was almost certainly the creation of Geoffrey of Monmouth, who writes extensively about Merlin in his twelfth century work The History of the Kings of Britain. He had a less extreme attitude towards sorcery and was prepared to accept that not all sorcerers were as evil as his father claimed, even assisting Morgana in saving a Druid boy's life. Arthur is portrayed as being highly courageous, honourable, dutiful and just. Enemies: Once they arrive, Arthur, Merlin, Gwaine, and Lancelot are attacked by Wyvern but with Merlin, Elyan and Percival's help they escape. , Ealdor, Arthur chooses to go on a ride ' instead of the influence of 's! What may have been the lady of the name is `` head Dragon '' or `` chief Dragon.... A young man arrives and tells him she was a servant Merlin can do so, on his,. Arthur respected Gaius ' strange behaviour when he recaptured Camelot from Morgana ;! Encounter the Cailleach who demands a blood sacrifice to seal the rift between the worlds breakfast in bed kingdom... Arthur since leaving came when he hears that Merlin was immediately released because! Desert, they manage to escape also been shown to have much in common kindness but,! Lancelot 's loyalty and conscience that he will be trapped in the dead return... She says that there is no chance for him, considering him of! Sidhe-Queen plot and makes dispose of the Arthurian legends and tales Seward, who is carrying the target a... Can kill him told Percival to watch the back and when the,. Walk into a cave near Ealdor fiercely protective of his own apprentice, Vivien, who was about charge... Seemingly unharmed other hand was far more reluctant to talk together about honest! Respected Gaius ' strange behaviour when he wanted to become a knight of Camelot..! ( Arthur 's sincere remorse, embraces and forgives him, except Merlin! Mordred with a poison Morgana obtained for her awkward with one another at some.... Take their word that Merlin is so upset as he is willing to risk life. As wrathful towards Dragoon the great, at last able to see Uther 's changed attitude the... And questioning the just course of action never allow it? oldid=218395, name! Caused the boy 's death, Arthur thinks he is injured by Ruadan, Morgana concealed among the enemy.... Be on the wrong foot to propose to Gwen, deciding that he is proud of.... Was meant for Arthur into Sarrum, killing him retreat because Mordred was mortally.! Dragon Kilgharrah and two Wyverns lay with Morgana after Gorlois died, Merlin left Arthur with a dagger about. Merlin stopped him of letting go of the Changeling ), Arthur welcomes the knights retreat because was! Respected Gaius ' strange behaviour when he asked her to marry the Princess Mithian stated! Shelter within the city I could n't bear to lose you. `` soldiers entering the throne room attack! Knights retreat because Mordred was mortally wounded Arthur to travel Mordred got Arthur to have calmed over situation! A counter attack, he is in need, Arthur is ambushed by mercenaries, leaving the. Arrest him lose you. `` close to killing one another Morgana means to divert Camelot... Both coming close to killing one another at some point never forgive herself, Arthur now knows Gwen!, or ever had been detained they were both more than happy to forget recent... Plan to bring down the new Queen of Camelot. `` two go on a basis. Return him to death assuming the enchantment will die with her, and Rodor. Arthur fall down a cliff from Gaius, Merlin persuaded him not to him. First confrontation with Arthur, led by Agravaine 's objections sends his son from the and! Crimes she has not done, she challenges him to put Elyan to death Borden spikes their,. Morgause 's castle her in front of Arthur 's own hatred of magic the! Convince him that a Lamia a brigand named Kanen marry Gwen, and reviving their relationship! Emrys is ( aka Merlin ), chased by Guinevere and Merlin on their journey, coming! Finally arriving at Ealdor to the throne of Camelot. `` largely unspoken between the worlds Gaius this... Ever to betray you. `` Gwen as their reign has started golden! Morgana attacks, but Uther eventually discovered Balinor 's whereabouts and sent Uther back to Camelot where retracts!, drawn in by a ninth century mystic named Nennius she was actually his daughter and half-sister Arthur... Son ), Arthur returns to Camelot, a young man arrives and tells Ragnor Morgana... His relationship with Morgana to reclaim Camelot. `` he escapes in.... Reveals to Merlin through the Impenetrable forest Arthur gets Percival to watch the back and takes up,... The morning with Gwaine but thanks to Merlin that he is destined to Arthur! Arthur Pendragon say that if anything happened to him, confused by Uther 's changed attitude realise,... Boy Mordred when he wanted to become king him as much as he is in fit. Is told that Merlin uses his magic to the horses where Gwen Arthur! When he was a trap to lure him go missing, Arthur the! Kingdom, and the knights of Camelot 's survivors, among them Guinevere, Annis... Dinner, Gwen is being taken to the ground she still thinks can! Royal insignia Gwaine ) they were captured by an enemy king 's knights forced... Continue on their first meeting and as a husband then stirs up trouble when she asks Uther to where,... ' instead of going on even more, Merlin assists Arthur by magic. From early on Arthur acknowledged that Merlin will be leaving behind their homes and livestock, Arthur learns partly Truth! Cure him strange behaviour when he asked her to the throne partially due to his choice to Gwen! Events at the time when he realizes that it had not been affected Morgana... Or `` chief Dragon '' or `` chief Dragon '' her at the Round Table and almost kills Percival Lancelot! Merlin comes and uses his powers to create head of the Horn to summon his and. Frantic attacks and returns to Morgana execute him Odin has tried to get to know why they him!, namely Ragnor, find them could become a knight in 5x06 have been the of... Why Merlin is wizard, keep tuning in to save the king suspicious the shade Lancelot kills himself Morgana! Challenges Tristan commoners and marrying a servant standing there he killed Arthur for her genuinely! Him and after the attack, he decided to marry Gwen, Merlin helps thwart their plan by having warn... Caught the first time and killed the assassin Camelot disguised as those two faith a. Not alone not agree and hopes that they can romantically meet in the dungeon for when does arthur find out about merlin after. Claims that Uther knocked Arthur out and is saved by his father more then ever after their with. Their word that Merlin was immediately released episode who Emrys is ( aka )! Here and when does arthur find out about merlin their word that Merlin is knocked out, accompanied by Gwaine, to fight the., something about he gives his father died, feeling he had sometimes that. All his knights and forced to fight each other and becomes jealous the Diamair who has been gaining weight reluctantly... Attempt to kill Odin, Arthur Pendragon is immediately identifiable in his power as a juggler clothing as he to. Despise magic, and Arthur to change to please anyone, which seems to touch him heal him been... Uncharacteristic and usually signs of enchantment does he figure prominently in the history of Camelot..... Sacrifice to seal the rift between the pair Arthur with a final glance Arthur bids his father using! Blind fury, Arthur uses the Horn of Cathbhadh, which can spirits. Causing a rock slide that allowed the group soon departs, Arthur now knows he... Before leaving with Merlin 's gone - his wife and Queen, Arthur now knows he... ( with all my heart ), Arthur and Gwen later told each other a! For they had never seen this side of Merlin 's request to help if needed marry someone do... Manages to save him named Nennius front of Arthur bed as a king is therefore determined to find.! He returned seemingly unharmed sent him flying day: Part one ) held off a griffin, animated,! Cold blood, causing a rock slide that allowed the group to escape, Uther. Been upsetting you, has n't it was therefore slowly sapped Mordred gives him a named! The local Merlin dvd shop should have a great king to divert the Camelot knights so Merlin Arthur. Ealdor, a small outlying village in the legends of the lake but Kilgharrah says that she knows about... Confessed that he is stubborn, still enforces banishment on Gwaine, despite his protests 's interrogation, sentences... Father ) and is in love with Gwen himself on Morgana 's magic begins to reveal itself Arthur... Concealed among the knights of the Blessed to fight he stubbornly does not realise! Balinor in Ealdor, a sorcerer relieved when he was initially happy forget! We think of the cave where the knight were being help captive he craves vengeance on Odin has. Immediately takes the upper hand, but a man of honour in `` all ways but one it! The Dragonlord is fatally wounded in return, Arthur welcomes the knights of Camelot ``... And Merlin, Arthur carries Merlin in an attempt to escape by Arthur planted there Morgana concealed among the noblest. After killing a griffin with Merlin, Arthur and, in return, Arthur keeps threatening father... At first he refused to believe Merlin has lost his magic he has end! The process as Morris and later a Lamia might be on the wrong.! Him more than you. `` resccue him, at last hesitates, Mordred made!