Alexandra is a University student and freelance writer and editor based in the Montreal area. Sign up here to get INSIDER's favorite stories straight to your inbox. "I was about to leave but the manager on duty asked me to stick around because he spotted a shoplifter. While many of the customers featured in this article are humorous; others are incredibly scary and threatening. She said, verbatim, 'I'm really sorry that happened ... but why weren't we making sure the soups were properly stocked?'" This customer sounds more like a child at the playground than an adult doing some shopping (or shoplifting, we should say). An image of a chain link. Rising. Reddit User G_man252 tells this tale about a customer who really, really wanted a Wii. It doesn’t do anyone any good to lose your cool. This guy abuses everybody in the store. The company did not offer … This story seems a little too far fetched to be real. - Redditor HeyNomad. The customer threw the 30lb battery at my dad, and it hit his back so hard that it left indentations on his back where the connectors were on the battery!" Guy came in demanding a full refund on a 5-year-old game console which she obviously couldn't do. Like what you see here? "My favorite customer was a man that over the course of four years came in every few months to return a flashlight pack (that came with batteries) which he bought to use for work. Right before Christmas time, people would come in RIGHT when we opened, buy our whole stock, and sell them online for double what they paid. He tried to come back into the pub a few months later. We had to evacuate the whole store. Reminder: Please blur all personal info before posting screenshots. We would definitely be baffled if we encountered a customer as clueless as this one. Also keep this post as a reminder for what not to do in public. There was a customer she was serving who didn’t like something about the service (she didn’t get the customers drink quickly enough or something, during a rush) The customer stands up and yells “You stupid fucking n–ger!” in front of the whole service floor. The WOW Air Debacle . […] I almost quit but ended up working there another year.”. If anything, it makes the employees more frustrated and more likely to not meet your demands. She agreed and as soon as she turned around he yelled 'DON'T YOU DARE WALK AWAY FROM ME!' This is for my, "Τhe customer who took a s--- in one оf my fitting rooms and then wiped hіs a-- with a $125 ѕhirt. What's new. Our boss even asked the cooks if they had 'accidentally' thrown change into someone's tacos. Except of course dealing with the constant lines, and craziness for a nine-hour shift. I ask again. We rounded up some of the worst retail horror stories from Reddit. After listening to him talk about this for a few minutes, and wishing I could leave and not hear about him and his girlfriend, he then asked me if I wanted to, "I was working in a grocery store as that store's third-shift cashier. It hit her square in the back. We usually had music playing in the store, controlled by an ordinary five-CD stereo in the back office, and of course, this is the day the inoffensive holiday music gets brought into circulation. I'm not kicking out the person that has an invoice physically with her (we always told teachers to keep a receipt just in case), and I am more than happy to place you upstairs. She was stealing a Mach 3 razor for those who are curious.”. It’s even more frustrating when they then try to blame their error on you. One shift supervisor told his ultra-angry customer story at Starbucks Gossip: "I got called up to the POS to handle a customer. We often hear stories about poor customer service experiences, but customers can be just as horrible. Payment Issues. - Redditor sunshinelover08. A man came in smiling like he won the lottery and said 'I'm buying all the Wii's you can give me.' It wasn't the first time I've cleaned up quite a mess, so I just grabbed a mop and started cleaning from outside the cubicle. Customer Service - stories of good and bad service r/ CustomerService. screech would reverberate through the entire store ... and I would just hand him a new flashlight. He was getting agitated and asked to speak with her manager. I punched the order in, repeated the order to her, and then gave her the total. Employees in any of these industries have to put up with some crazy, and disturbing customers. We called 911, and while waiting for an ambulance/police to show up, the shoplifter climbed into the ceiling. My manager pulled me aside (for what I thought would be praise) and said he was pretty sure the lady had done this before. Managers Reveal Dumbest Customers Moments (r/AskReddit Top Posts | Reddit Stories) Has anything insane happened to you? Surface Duo; Surface Laptop Go; Surface Pro X; Surface Go 2; Surface Book 3; Microsoft 365; Windows 10 apps; HoloLens 2; Microsoft Store. People go the distance to get free food-that's for sure.” What makes this story even worse is how the manager sided with the unruly customers-ridiculous! Hot. A young woman comes into the store one night at about 1 a.m. She walks up to the end of my register (the only one open at that time of night, of course) and just stands there, silently, looking at me. He didn't stand up for me at all. 16 Horrifying Stories Of Angry Customers Going Way Over The Line. Guy came in demanding a full refund on a 5-year-old game console which she obviously couldn't do. - Redditor JESUS_HATES_FIGS. I once had a customer threaten to climb over the counter and beat the living s--- out of me because we were out of potato bacon soup. - Redditor, Once I got asked how big our 12-inch pizza was." and threw the entire console at her. A major UK airline lost one man's suitcase on his recent trip. If you even tried to talk to him about it, a high-pitched 'FOR ANY REASON!' Three times in a row I went there, and walked down an aisle just in time to see a kid peeing themselves in the aisle, and no parent was in sight. 6 Funny Customer Service Stories to Restore Your Faith in Humanity. "My grandfather died and I had to travel across the country to his funeral. She keeps her bloody stump covered in a swath of fabric, and if you print off a copy of her receipt... she shows you the bloody stump, and asks you where your government protections are now.”. – Shirlena6 (via Reddit) [Read: 20 Types of physical touches and what each ones means] Being a massage therapist is a rewarding yet challenging profession. card classic compact. Reddit user RazorRex recounted this terrifying tale from the land of retail workers; “My dad is retired and like most retirees, he decided to pick up a part time job repairing batteries. We hope these stories will leave you with some good takeaways and add to your holiday cheer. Nearly everyone has stories about bad days at work, but people who work in the service industry, especially restaurants and bars, tend to have the worst tales from the front. The fire department found her up in the rafters after about 30 minutes. Reddit user Fairelabise17 had their fair share of rude customers and poor management during this crazy experience. This Bad Customer Service Story Takes The Cake. They explain; "I worked at Target's electronics section in 2010 when Wii's were all the craze. Even when it’s not as dramatic or extreme, customers experience terrible service every day, and it slowly erodes a company’s reputation. 10 Celebrities Who Have The Strangest Hobbies, 10 Things Taylor Swift Has Done Since She Started Dating Joe Alwyn, From Pepper Potts To Jane Foster: The 10 Coolest Superhero Girlfriends, Every Current U.S. Daytime Talk Show Host Ranked By Net Worth. So why is customer service still so bad? We was a little dude, and of course it was a big fridge. 13 retail workers share horror stories that prove the customer isn't always right. Everyone might not agree with Harry Gordon Selfridge’s oft quoted “The customer is always right, ” but it is certainly never a good practice to simply assume that a customer is wrong. 5 Bad Customer Service Examples You Can Learn From. These bad customer service stories are newsworthy because of how relatable they are. My now husband has spoiled me rotten with thoughtful gifts for both birthdays and Christmases, but nothing beats the Christmas gift I got that night. Have you served customers like these? After all, calling this customer 'Bloody Stump Mary' sounds more like a campfire ghost story rather than a disgruntled shopper. The next person to use the toilets came out very quickly. Encountering this customer would be just downright terrifying. - Redditor themightythor, "Once I got asked how big our 12-inch pizza was." We’re sure anyone who has ever worked in IT has some colorful stories about the technological challenged customers they come face to face with. - Redditor Babblinglib. I tried to delicately explain I don't possess psychic powers to be able to predict heart attacks within my family." Great man." Hot New Top Rising. Female user couldn't log in. Keep up with her on Instagram @alexandrasakellariou and Twitter @AlmostAlexandra. I said 'Sir, the limit per customer is two Wii's. And while the following stories aren't "suffered a broken nose being dragged screaming off a plane" levels of awful, they're still pretty shitty. We hope this customer got the help she needed, and assuming her need to contact the IRS was real, we hope she got eventually got in touch with them. Each one features a front-line employee going the extra mile to care for a customer, from spreading a little joy to saving a life. After about 30 seconds of bleeding, she stands up and holds out her bloody hands (still holding the knife) and starts chasing us! Staceface1789 shares this story of their time working at Staples, saying; “I had another customer who was toothless and all around just looked homeless. Honestly, we’re surprised this Reddit user didn’t quit her job right then and there because getting threatened by that crazed customer would be our last straw. 30.8m members in the AskReddit community. As a 16-year-old, I worked at a hardware store return desk — this was a couple of decades ago. No life saving asterisk ... no exceptions. How would I have known that? - Redditor Sufiguru1137. Those who have worked in retail say it's far from easy — they aren't exaggerating. Always think about the customer. We had to evacuate the whole store. I pull her off of him, and we walk her upstairs. These retail horror stories prove that sometimes there’s just no way to please some people. As the shoplifter in question passed the registers, we walked up to her, and asked her to stop. Whenever I get asked about my favourite gift, I tell the story above. While you think it may be simple to act like a sane, polite person, these examples prove it’s more of a challenge than you may realize, so please strive to be the best customer you can be. Hopefully this article has inspired you to be nicer to the employees who are serving you. She picks up the grapes to put them in her cart. So, our manager asked him to leave and he was yelling he was going to file a BBB report. I obviously acknowledged that a mistake had been made, and that whether it was our fault or not, that she would be refunded and we could put her in a large hall upstairs (that could only seat 20 people, she needed 40 seats). We bolted down the stairs and slammed the door shut behind us. Starface1789 recalls another customer who actually threatened her wellbeing. The lady did it for NO reason. - Redditor. However, if this customer is real, then we hope she got the help that she needs! She then leaves the store, without ever saying a word or doing anything other then barfing all over my register. It symobilizes a website link url. A lady was buying a feather boa without a price tag. Loves_me_tacos125 explains; “It was Taco Tuesday ($1.25 fish tacos). I pull her off of my manager, and we walk her upstairs. The response by the restaurant chef was quite priceless. Him: 'Oh you're sorry? Silence. He SLAMS his cart into her body, almost knocking her over, and yells that he wanted those grapes and she can't take them! She ended up being okay, and ended up in jail for awhile for it. It took several hours to clean and sanitize, and occupied the rest of my night." Microsoft customer stories. She immediately grabs my managers arm and bites down. share. We hope this user’s dad called 911 because you should never have to put up with assault! This is a story that might actually be funny, if it weren’t for the very many layers of wrongness to it. and took her headphones out. Did you ever consider that possibility? Really drunk [...] At some point, he said he was going to the toilet. This point is nicely illustrated by the story of the Restaurant Chef who had to deal with two unfair customers in his restaurant in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I actually get to enjoy my Thanksgiving holiday!” We hope this is one customer who got their gun license revoked. Impatient customers are just as bad (and destructive) as rude customers. I once had a customer threaten to climb over the counter and beat the living s--- out of me because we were out of potato bacon soup. And while the following stories aren't "suffered a broken nose being dragged screaming off a plane" levels of awful, they're still pretty shitty. Luckily, that's the worst part of that Black Friday. They explain; “We opened at midnight for Black Friday, which is bad enough as it is, but this specific year was insanity. Thank goodness I'm not working there this year. He didn't answer his phone! She then leaves the store, without ever saying a word or doing anything other then barfing all over my register. I refunded their drink, and gave him his $2.15 back. "About 15 years ago, I was working at a book store in a mall. Posted by 3 years ago. 2011-11-08T21:43:00Z The letter F. An envelope. 8 min) so he gets angry. Every person has a terrible customer service story to tell. I wanted to dive over the counter and beat his greedy behind,'s illegal and stuff.". From terrible customers to nasty surprises in dressing rooms, many retail workers feel like they've seen it all. They had obviously been smeared by hand. "Around the time I found myself alone, I noticed the stereo had become stuck on repeat, just playing the same song over and over. No matter what profession you work in, if you work with people then chances are you’ve encountered some weirdos during your time. Another customer waiting on food thought that she had just come in to the restaurant and got her food before he did, when he’d been waiting (approx. After the customer was escorted out by loss prevention, I was pulled aside by my department manager. "As a 16-year-old, I worked at a hardware store return desk — this was a couple of decades ago. Freelittyta recalls a time an obviously disturbed and unwell customer approached her at work, writing; “This lady who used to have two hands, but now only has one, because she CUT HER OWN HAND OFF! It’s the cascading effect each interaction has on the many people your customers talk with throughout their lives. Reddit user BadgerDancer recalls the story of a drunken customer who left a disgusting mess in the washroom. There is never an excuse for threatening harm against another person, especially for something as dumb as poor customer service. - Redditor, "This happened to my girlfriend when she was working at an entertainment store. "You're the customer so you're always right." Bad customer service doesn’t have to be ‘bad’ The magic of customer service isn’t just that it helps one customer fix a problem. I am serving tables as a seventeen-year-old student in a quite nice restaurant in Belgium. The set up would take about 20 minutes and the space fits 20 people. The Reddit user recalls; “I used to work for Staples and when I was working in copy Center I dealt with crazy people all the time. It can be frustrating to interact with customers who just aren’t paying attention. "I used to work at a grocery store in the deli department back in college. Then he told me to go and make him something with chicken, get him a refund, and a free beer because he 'didn't like the salmon', but he ate almost the whole thing. We sit her down in a chair, and tell her we have to fill out a report. We bet these example painted a clear picture about what to potentially expect when working in the customer service industry. For proof, behold these stories from a hilarious Reddit thread that's all about restaurant customers getting Final Destination-level comeuppance after … I later noticed this guy standing next to a fridge near the registers and figured he was just waiting for one of the guys to help him load it (which was no biggie). After calling my bosses and another manager (all three didn't pick up) I gave her tons of solutions. Subscribe to our daily newsletter to get more of it. card. Throwing something at a Sales Associate is never appropriate, so it’s no wonder this crazy customer ended up on this list. If you want your customer service horror story to go viral, simply let it happen on social media. Cutting off your hand is obviously not a sign of good mental health, so we hope this customer got more than just her receipt. Even if you’re having a rough day or are unhappy with the customer service. She messed up and I had to grin and bare it. We reviewed the tape to see [what had] happened, no one saw, and we watch the lady walk up, loom around, and just rear back and shove it forward with all her might, then walk away out the door like she didn't see a thing. 13 haircut horror stories that will make you want to skip the salon. Fast forward five minutes, and he is cussing and yelling that he still hasn't had anyone help him load his fridge. and threw the entire console at her. This is for my baby's photoshoot and you put your dirty hands all over it.'" He and his son shuffled off and I didn't think anything of it after that. I feel bad for leaving it for a couple of days and decide to dry it. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. This story proves holidays are the worst time for retail workers. 1. No life saving asterisk ... no exceptions. - Redditor, I quite often would work at the service desk, and also had to greet people coming in the door if I wasn't currently helping someone out. We didn’t have a public restroom (it would require walking through the stockroom), but I pointed him to the clearly labeled public restrooms roughly 100 feet from our front door, and explained our policy to him. Nothing more needs to be said." Well this week, when Reddit user dpjs asked, "What is the most bizarre reason a customer got angry with you?" - Redditor PlainSaltines, "I worked at a craft store. Later that day, I found a plastic shopping bag tied shut filled with urine on the floor of the same dressing room. Some people are just unrealistic in their demands, and expect the impossible. Nothing more needs to be said." When in doubt, opt for a classic please and thank you and refrain from using any insulting or threatening language. These stories from Reddit users prove that working in retail, the food industry or customer servic. As she passed the registers, we walk up to her and asked her to stop. This week, we’re back to one of the classics: terrible restaurant customers and the eateries they maliciously haunt. - Redditor, Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Coachella, "I worked at a craft store. She immediately grabs my mangers arm and bites down! She said 'it wasn't good enough', but I had no physical record of payment, nothing in our Google calendar saying she had booked it, no invoice in our digital database. She tells me she's a 'touch-typer, and doesn't have time to know the difference between the slashes.' Police were called and she was escorted away. Reddit user, Bigdiq, shared this story about one customer who clearly didn’t know what she was talking about. While serving a customer like this would be annoying and probably frightening, it at least makes for a good party ice-breaker. Cops were called, they went outside to talk to the cops, never found out what happened. Here’s another wacky customer who actually threatened to shoot employees if things didn’t go her way. - Redditor. And they can definitely tell you the customer isn't always right. My manager explained that all the loaders are helping other customers and he is the next one to be loaded. TaiDollWave shares this fist-clenching story; “I had one customer who refused to take out her headphones (which was fine).

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