That firm offered to pay for his 2nd year of his MBA if he’d come work for them after he finished so he decided to do that (as his family was short on money). More By … Then I might not be writing this review. …If you have found an outlet in your career that provides both the requisite hygiene factors and motivators, then a deliberate approach makes sense. It is applicable to businesses and individuals equally and alike. I gave in to thing I would never do and justified actions based on the marginal benefits to me and my associates. Download How Will you Measure your Life Summary in pdf infographic, text and audio formats, or preview the book summary via our blog! Harper Business, $25.99 (256p) ISBN 978-0-06-210241-6 . It moves you far from being dissatisfied, but it doesn’t necessarily make you satisfied. When viewed like this, the market Netflix was going after did not look at all attractive. This book tells you something you will not hear a lot in this fast-paced world: work less and spend some time with your family. Start your free Blinkist trial to get unlimited access to key ideas from How Will You Measure Your Life? How Will You Measure Your Life? Then iterate quickly. But it’s rarely a case of sitting in an ivory tower and thinking through the problem until the answer pops into your head. It was a little slow at times. Herzberg notes the common assumption that job satisfaction is one big continuous spectrum — starting with very happy on one end and reaching all the way down to absolutely miserable on the other — is not actually the way the mind works. I'm a do-gooder and entrepreneurship junkie. The book is half career-focused and half family/life focused. “But instead of telling him what to think,” Christensen writes in his latest book’s first chapter, “I taught him how to think. …if you instantly improve the hygiene factors of your job, you’re not going to suddenly love it. Where Is There Still Room For Growth When It Comes To Content Creation? In addition to authoring a number of highly influential Harvard Business Review articles, he is the author of eight critically acclaimed books, including the bestsellers The Innovator’s Dilemma, The Innovator’s Solution, How Will You Measure Your Life?, and Disrupting Class. The theory of motivation suggests you need to ask yourself a different set of questions than most of us are used to asking. Once you get this right, the more measurable aspects of your job will fade in importance. This has to be my book of the year 2017 without a doubt. World-renowned innovation expert Clayton M. Christensen explores the personal benefits of business research in the forthcoming book How Will You Measure Your Life? These are called hygiene factors. In many ways, though it never explicitly says so, it argues against it. Is this job going to give me a chance to develop? You have to address and fix bad hygiene to ensure that you are not dissatisfied in your work. And it makes a lot of sense when you do so. I made this mistake once. Customers who bought this item also bought . The book comprises penetrating insights and lucid observations that are structured to assist the readers from vast groups of audience. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . I think the parts of the book that had the most personal impact to me were some of the latter sections where Professor Christensen applied the management theories to our personal lives, particularly the ones about the need to focus on developing a family culture (just like developing a company culture). When we know where to go and how to get there, then it makes sense to be deliberate and diligent in that strategy. It took some time to recover and regain faith in myself and my commitment to integrity. At best, you just won’t HATE it anymore. Problem with that Christensen says is that when you’re looking at things from the sidelines, you’re not seeing the whole picture or considering all options, including who and what you want to be. A nicer office. There are some treasures in it. On career happiness, Christensen warns that compromising on the wrong career path (for fame, money, power) is a cancer that will metastasize over time. Read 2,267 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. We’ve all got things to do, it argues, but how do those things you’re doing impact you? With bitesize text and audio, it's easier than ever to find the right ideas to transform your life. How Will You Measure Your Life? …But having such a focused plan really only makes sense in certain circumstances. (Harvard Business Review Classics) Clayton M. Christensen. High-achievers, and aspiring high-achievers, too often put pressure on themselves to do exactly this. Entreventures will bring you weekly stories about…. Curious? This doctrine biases companies to leverage what they have put in place to succeed in the past, instead of guiding them to create the capabilities they’ll need in the future. Thinking about the full costs, and particularly how we are best helping those our business caters to is the best way to make sure our business survives and our integrity as well. KAREN DILLON is the former editor of the Harvard Business Review and coauthor of the New York Times bestseller How Will You Measure Your Life? and over 4,500 other nonfiction titles. How Will You Measure Your Life? If you are in your teens please read this. I picked up How Will You Measure Your Life expecting the usual business school professor memoir of self-congratulation and lots of business anecdotes. Quality counts. Dr. Christensen gives the example of his own life when he wanted to write for the Wall Street Journal. FBI Hostage Negotiation Methods You Can Use, Rethinking How We Work, Learn & Earn in Our Digital World, Time to read (more stars is more time): . But the real alternative to not going after Netflix was, in fact, bankruptcy. It matters, for example, that you don’t have a manager who manipulates you for his own purposes — or who doesn’t hold you accountable for things over which you don’t have responsibility. He asks that people not confuse purpose with priorities, which is a knee-jerk default in today’s hyper-connected multi-tasking world. At best, you just won’t hate it anymore. Ageism: A Major Issue For Gen-X and BabyBoomers. I give How Will You Measure Your Life? 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