The Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife Commission describe this 16 km return section of the Larapinta Trail as “suitable for well-prepared and experienced walkers with a good level fitness.” I thought was cool to check out. This is a very exposed walk with no shade. The views, challenges and wildlife are incomparable. In this post, we will go over the different ways to do a Larapinta self-guided walk, as well as which sections to choose from and what you should pack for the trek. Avg. Blog home / Larapinta Trail Experience 0 . Read More. The Larapinta Trail Website is one of the most comprehensive trail websites in the world. Blog home / Traveller stories: My experience walking the Larapinta Trail in Central Australia 0 . Distance: 143.5 miles (231 km). There are a number of ways to walk the Larapinta Trail, catering for people of different fitness levels and time constraints. ** Oh, and there’s also this: I have anxiety-related issues with needing to bathe before bed. Day 2 took us to the Ormiston Gorge to trek the Ormiston Pound circuit. The Larapinta trail is 223 km long and covers some very challenging country in the NT. This is the ultimate guide to planning to trek Larapinta Trail solo. The full 223km of the Larapinta Trail spans between the Old Telegraph Station and Mt Sonder. Though this trail is a challenge, it's not just for the young, so read on for my full experience hiking this trail. Winding its way some 231 km along the incredible West MacDonnell ranges, it traverses ridges and plains, and passes through some of the most amazing gorges in the country.. The Larapinta Trail, to me, is the quintessential Australian hike, and it delivers. I hiked the Larapinta Trail in 2010. Generally speaking, the shorter the trip, the easier the experience. All information has been updated as of January, 2016. Start / Finish: As an FYI, Australian Walking Holidays offers 12 options for experiencing the Larapinta Trail from 3 to 14 days, self-guided walks, guided walks with mediation and yoga to completing the entire 12 sections (14 days). Time: 13 – 15 days. Jump to the end of this Larapinta trail blog if you want to just read a list of money-saving tips. Blog home / The Larapinta Trail: a spotlight on ancient Australia 0 Celebrating 25 years guiding award-winning walks on Northern Territory's Larapinta Trail, one of the Great Walks of Australia and named in National Geographic’s 100 Hikes of a Lifetime. We think small is beautiful; being small we can focus on tour quality and sustainability, maintain strong local knowledge of the landscape and build meaningful connections within our community. Established in 1998 Trek Larapinta is a local pioneer of small group trekking tours on the Larapinta Trail. The Larapinta Trail runs along the MacDonnell Ranges between Alice Springs and Mt Sonder and if you love spinifex grass, close encounters with snakes, being overrun by millions of ants and jaw dropping scenery then this is the hike for you. 2 talking about this. Regarded as one of the best walks of the Larapinta Trail it offers sensational views of the Chewings Range and Mount Giles. The Larapinta Trail leaves an impression on travellers long after they've returned back home. It has some serious climbs up the ridges and occasional rock scrambles but the scenery is incredible. Section 12: The walk from Red Bank Gorge to Mt Sonder is in my view, a good days walk even in July, where the sun was biting in the afternoon.

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