It can be established from runners or turf. What’s more, the seeds are affordable when you’re looking to sow grass yourself, and lawn mowing is a breeze. … It is known to go dormant for periods of time, before coming back to life almost wholeheartedly when autumn showers roll in. Cool season grasses on the other hand are suitable for cooler areas where the temperature … Time to become the envy of the neighbourhood with your evergreen, immaculate lawn! The traditional Tall Fescue was introduced to New Zealand some ten years ago. Doesn’t like the shade too much and it needs ongoing watering. kids, pets etc. In New Zealand alone, the average yard has a chance of being home to at least one of six types of common grasses, if not more. Hard Wearing Grass; High Quality Lawn Lawn UK is known for top quality premium lawn seed. How much will your lawn be used? It’s not an unattractive lawn type – being ideal for all kinds of backyards and scenarios – but if you have a choice, you’re better to go with Tall Fescue or another variety. It is often put with tall fescue, and perennial ryegrass mixtures to improve the mixes overall shade suitability. Grass Grub Grass Grub attack lawns by eating the root system of the grass. Available as lawn seed, Emerald Kikuyu is darker in colour with a finer leaf texture. This is good for full sun exposure. Due to the ongoing seasonal invasive nature of poa annua grass there will always be a varying percentage found in your turf. Multi Lawn. While Couch Grass is becoming a more common type of grass, it’s also quite an evasive one. Once it finds its way into your gardens, the roots embed themselves making it difficult to reclaim the area. Sow seed on a fine day, rake gently to cover seed and water lightly. Out of all grass types in Auckland and surrounding regions, you are more likely to come across Tall Fescue, a hard-wearing, dark green grass, than any other. Tall Fescue is coarse in texture, bunches together, and stands erect even when trampled. Growing real grass is too much hassle whereas artificial lawn requires little upkeep. Fake grass isn't the only floor covering making a comeback. As it grows sideways, it’s a popular option for backyards that have a lot of foot traffic – such as those with children and pets. This type has a gray-green color and a soft texture. Lush green lawns are one of life’s joys but growing sowing grass seeds yourself can be time-consuming and frustrating. SmartGrass is synthetic grass reimagined & designed for modern living— ultra low maintenance, real looking, eco-friendly, pet and child friendly. 1 Des Swann Drive, Takapuna, Auckland, 0622, New Zealand  0800 800 286, Workplace TrainingCCTRAININGACADEMY.CO.NZ, Facilities ManagementCCFACILITIESMANAGEMENT.CO.NZ, 5 Reasons to Start Getting Your Lawn Professionally Mowed Today, Common Lawn Mowing Mistakes You Shouldn't Commit, Dethatching and Aeration: Giving Your Lawn What It Needs. Grass seeds are mixed as some do better in … This type of grass can handle a small amount of shade and can be established from seed or turf. For example, premium shade, which is a fine quality lawn mixture also grows well in the shade. When you’re beginning to take a real interest in lawn care, ask for advice on the best type of Fine Fescue for your exact needs. – Artificial lawns are well-suited to apartment living – especially apartments with a rooftop entertaining space. Just give us a call for all of your lawn mowing and lawn care requirements. Named after George Chewings, the New Zealand farmer who discovered it in the 19th century, Chewings Fescue is a non-creeping species. Tip: It has a highly intricate root system and has been known to overtake gardens and pathways. Browntop Bent is a fine textured lawn grass that is more on the high maintenance end of the scale. It’s typically found around coastal areas of New Zealand and tends to be robust while handling all kinds of extreme weather. The blades of fine rescue can grow up to 1/16’’ and it has a fine tip. This variety is now a rhizomatous tall fescue. It grows in patches to produce a very fine, dark green turf which grows beautifully in shaded areas. A warm-season grass with a high shade tolerance is St. Augustine. The leaf texture of Tall Fescue is rather coarse compared to other turf grasses. Visit Bunnings Warehouse New Zealand today to find your nearest store! Ruby Grass has blue-green foliage that turns brown in the fall. Imagine a perfect looking lawn all year round. Growing green lawn grass and care tips can help you get the types of lawn you have always desired. Remember these factors to consider when picking out the best type of grass for your area: Remember: our grass type suggestions are for those of us who consider themselves to be average to good gardeners. 3. e.g. Temperature: What temperatures does your area experience yearly? Tip: Make sure you edge this variety well, providing no freedom to roam to nearby garden beds. Lawns are most commonly of cool season grasses but in warm regions, particularly coastal areas, warm season grasses can be used for lawns. This type of grass, when faced with drought conditions, can also suffer more than most. Feed your lawn in spring and autumn with a specialised lawn fertiliser. Creeping Red fescue grass is one of the most widely used grasses in lawn mixtures. Maintaining lawns without proper planning and knowing what you’re doing can be overwhelming and the results underwhelming. The most common species include bent, fescues and ryegrass. Studies conducted in New Zealand by AgResearch in the mid 90’s concluded that this grass is the horse’s favourite. However, if you live in an area with shade or frost, it doesn’t tend to flourish all that well. Sheeps Fescue (Festuca ovina) Sheeps Fescue is actually sometimes used as a pasture grass and isn’t as fine in appearance as the Red Fescues. It grows quite fast, it needs to be watered regularly, don’t overdo it though. Kikuyu Grass, while hardy, can be a weed. Fine Fescue is not necessarily one type of grass; instead, it’s a collective of many different Fescue grass kinds found throughout the country. What is amazing with this grass is that it can tolerate the shade. In many ways this is a good thing as it is non-endophyte but it is reasonably high in sugar and does lack persistence when sown in pasture. Tip: Be wary of planting kikuyu near garden beds. Mixed blend is not usually a highly sought-after grass type. We do our best to provide clean and weed free turf . Get trigger-happy with herbicides to keep it on a short leash. … Factors that must be considered when researching types of grass include: These factors and more will guide you in creating the perfect lawn. When it comes to selecting the right grass type, there are several factors that are worth considering to ensure that you’re choosing the right grass for your lawn, whether that be Fescue, Couch or the popular Buffalo. The New Zealand climate can vary greatly depending on where you live, which makes certain types of grass seed suitable for some areas and not others. This grass can actually fill in bare spots more quickly because it spreads by rhizomes (a horizontal underground stem that sends out its own roots and shoots) and tillers to create a dense sod lawn. The leaf texture of Tall Fescue is rather coarse compared to other turf grasses. Cool season grasses do not have runners as mentioned which means while they don’t invade unwanted areas like warm season grasses, they take more effort to repair, either through re-seeding or re-turfing the area. The traditional Tall Fescue was introduced to New Zealand some ten years ago. It is one of the different types of lawn grass. Shade tolerant but needs good watering to survive hot summers. Grass is grass, right? Tip: Mow down to a height of 30mm and be aware that the seeds are slow to germinate in the beginning. Warm season grasses grow best with full sun at temperatures between 27° and 30° C. The most popular lawn varieties include couch, kikuyu, buffalo and Queensland blue couch. Warm season grasses can be mowed lower without risking the health of the lawn. If you have your finger on the pulse of lawn care, you would certainly opt for a more low maintenance variety such as Tall Fescue. * A lawn to love: How to create the perfect patch of grass * Join NZ Gardener's Plan Bee: register your bee-friendly garden on our map! Copyright © 2020 Victa Lawncare Pty Ltd. All rights reserved. Rather than be quite broad in the leaf like many other kinds of grass on the market, Fine Fescue is more narrow in its appearance. Lawn Shop. It will struggle in the cooler months. Cool season grasses also require higher mowing heights due to slower growth and the possibility of attracting weeds or disease. If you live near the beach or your soil traditionally has high salt content, Couch Grass tends to be the best grass for these situations. LAWN SEED VARIETIES Grass is not a homogenous product; rather it's a complex blend of different ingredients. Its rebellious nature (its strong vertical and sub-surface growth habits) means it will be soon jump the border between lawn and garden, and spread with abandon. 2. Mixed blend, as the name suggests, is a mixture of various types of grass seed combined. By learning the basics, you can achieve a beautiful and healthy lawn. For more lawn care tips, please see our summer survival tips HERE. Kentucky Bluegrass – Usually grown from seed, most often in seed mixtures. There are, of course, many variables that would make the weed more or less important in particular situations. We can supply great after care products, from lawn fertilisers to lawn seed suitable for any grass types to keep your lawn looking its best. In fact, its leaves are typically quite easy to spot because they are more likely to be needle-shaped opposed to broad. Ideal mowing height 50-60mm Fine Fescue thin leaf, shade tolerant. Once you have some options to work with, personal preference will also play an important part in the decision-making process. Choose a lawn seed suited to your climate and lawn use. However, it does pay to have a bottle of herbicide at the ready, and a bit of lawn care knowledge as well. What type of soil does your yard have? Tip: If you live in an area that’s typically quite sunny, Kikuyu Grass thrives. Contrary to popular belief, the type of grass your backyard has might be different to that of your neighbours, and the process of caring for it might differ significantly as well. You will often see this… Rainfall: How much rainfall does your area receive? Wrong. Grazing brome and Smooth brome have better persistence in pasture and so would be a better addition to a mix for resowing. Tip: Plant at least 50 grams of seeds per square metre and mow down to a minimum height of 50mm. Emerald Kikuyu is a tough hard-wearing lawn type, making it a good choice for kids and pets. Out of all grass types in Auckland and surrounding regions, you are more likely to come across Tall Fescue, a hard-wearing, dark green grass, than any other. This runner-type grass does well in both sunny and shaded areas. New Zealand gardeners have an obsession with the height of their grass: short, short and shorter than that. Discover what type of grass seed is perfect for your lawn with the Lawn Online seed comparison. These varieties grow best in autumn and spring. You want to be able to control it, rather than let it control you. Different types have different needs. If you’re interested in lawn care, this type of grass is most likely going to be the most recommended option for your backyard. Therefore, if you find yourself growing this rugged, robust grass, it’s helpful to read up on correct lawn care techniques. This type of lawn does not require much watering or fertilisers, though it will, of course, need mowing. First thing, you need to find out what grass type is best suited to your area. Grown readily from Ruby Grass seeds, this spectacular ornamental grass is native to South Africa. However, if you do happen to have mixed blend grass, you’ll know about it. COVID-19 Update to Customers All of our stores in New Zealand are open and continue to have a comprehensive range of measures in place to keep team members and customers safe. What grass type is in my lawn? Lawn Grasses for NZ New Zealand has both warm and cool regions. It can be a bit more tricky to keep under control, can wander when given the opportunity, and can prove to be a breeding ground for various weed kinds. This is a, not too serious, attempt to list the top 20 worst weeds in the New Zealand lawns and rank them for overall importance by the harm they can cause, how common they are and how difficult they are to get rid of. There are various cool season grasses worth considering also. Tall Fescue is coarse in texture, bunches together, and stands erect even when trampled. This enables it to repair itself if it is damaged for any reason. Use: Will the lawn be mainly aesthetic or used by children and pets frequently? Warm season grasses grow best with full sun at temperatures between 27° and 30° C. The most popular lawn varieties include couch, kikuyu, buffalo and Queensland blue couch. Check out our wide range of lawn seeds from brands you know & trust. Without the hassle. Keen gardeners should also seek out advice from garden centres and nurseries. Get the best lawn seed NZ has to offer for your sunny, shady or show lawn. Cool season grasses on the other hand are suitable for cooler areas where the temperature ranges from 16° to 24° C and can tolerate partial shade. This enables it to repair itself if it is damaged for any reason. This type of grass tends to mat together quite well and is suitable for areas that don’t get a lot of sunshine, but it does tend to suffer when faced with impact. However, no matter where you live, you can rest assured that Crewcut can keep your lawn looking in tip-top shape. The great majority prefers it to be just a couple of centimetres high and itís often experienced gardeners who have these requirements. 1. Therefore, if you have pets or children who love to play outdoors, Fine Fescue might not be the best option for you. In our turf selector above, select characteristics that are most important for your new turf variety to have. Warm season grasses such as couch grass & kikuyu grass, due to having runners can also spread rather easily, this means that they can heal themselves quickly if the lawn is used regularly but means you have to regularly check if the grass is creeping onto foot paths and other unwanted areas. This can only be established from September through to March. Similar to Couch Grass, Kikuyu is another type of hardwearing grass that’s perfect for the family of pets and children to play on outdoors. How much rainfall does your area receive? This means that it stays greener in dry summer periods & tolerates higher temperatures. Gallant can be used with this species to control problem weed grasses like Couch, Paspalum and Poa species.Ideal mowing height 50-60mm. This is popular as a sports field grass especially during winter as it has a positive recovery. Suitable for high to low use situations and also sites that have a mix of full sun and shaded areas. The Nullarbor Couch Santa Ana Turf is a tough and durable lawn that looks best when mown short. These finest quality grass seed mixtures are designed to look perfect but still be versatile. Fine Fescue incorporates red, hard, sheep and chewings fescue – variations of each other but with defining factors. Even daily trampling is not enough to see it die away. Once it’s fully grown, however, it does take a little bit more maintenance than other varieties, such as with lawn mowing. The chart below provides you with some good suggestions for the type of grass species that will perform well in your part of Australia, and important consideration when choosing the right grass for your lawn. Tall Fescue hard wearing, rough, dark green, drought tolerant. Grass Seed. Australia obviously has far more warm climate areas than cool, but there are plenty of grass types to choose from in each category. The three way mix of grasses give the turf great versatility. Soil: what type of soil is your home built on? Instant lawns can transform your muddy patch into an emerald oasis. Decide between Tall Fescue, Kikuyu Seed, Rustic Blend and NZ Browntop. When you sow it, it can germinate at different rates – with some areas thriving a lot better than others. Clear away existing grass and weeds, then apply a layer of lawn preparation mix. It’s typically quite clever at defending itself against black beetles and is also easy to protect from foreign grasses. What kind of grass do I have? This means that it stays greener in dry summer periods & tolerates higher temperatures. Chewings Fescue – This grass is most often mixed with other grasses to form a fine turf. They must be controlled as soon as you discover the problem or else major damage will be suffered. Infamous for being incredibly irritating and scratchy, Buffalo grass has, over the last few years, come into its own as… Lawn Grasses for NZ Then, as it’s not always noticeable what blend it is, you can have trouble trying to find suitable herbicides to kill weeds but not the grass. Skip to content. It is normally grown from seed. Autumn and spring are the best times for lawn care in New Zealand. Grow best in autumn and spring. Lawn Types. It fairs well in low-water situations, adapts to various soil types, and is more tolerant to everyday wear and tear than some of the more delicate grasses available. Instead, it waits for soil temperatures to increase before it takes off – often in the direction of your prized perennials. These are common questions for diy lawn care folks. This variety is now a rhizomatous tall fescue. Ruby Grass (Rhynchelytrum nerviglumis) - If you like showy ornamental grasses, this one is a great addition for your landscape. Damage becomes noticeable normally in the mid - late autumn / winter however grass grubs can be present up to the mid spring period. Turf Species: A mixture of Fine Rye, Fine Fescue and Brown Top – Medium Green in colour Our most popular turf choice, a good all round turf type that will suit a wide range of environments. The main differences between cool season and warm season grasses is how they grow & behave, warm season grasses such as buffalo grass can grow by seed as well as runners whereas cool season grasses such as fescue grass must be planted from seeds.

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