It seemed the tea was old. It contains vitamin C, amino acids and has one of the highest concentration of catechins among teas. Most tea contains polyphenol catechins, which is a powerful antioxidant. Long jing Tea water is a lovely golden jade hue, and has a pure clean aroma, and a delicate fragrance. 1.Xihu Long jing tea is famous green tea, is full of antioxidants, vitamin C and amino acids all working to improve your health, such as relieve fatigue, improve concentration, boost metabolism, purify blood vessels and lower cholesterol. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, Cha Wu-[B] LongJing Green Tea,8.8oz/250g,Chinese Dragon Well Green Tea Loose Leaf, Oriarm 250g / 8.82oz Xihu Longjing Tea Loose Leaf - Chinese Long Jing Dragon Well Green Tea Leaves - Spring Dragonwell Tea Ecologically Grown, Organic Dragon Well , a classic Chinese Green tea distinguished by its color , shape and taste- 4 OZ Bag, Luxtea Premium Chinese Xi Hu West Lake Dragon Well Long Jing Tea Green Tea (Grade AAA, 500g). 99 (£299.67/kg) £12.50 £12.50 You probably have your own list of reasons for loving a freshly steeped hot tea on a cold winter's day, or enjoying a glass of refreshing iced tea as a summer treat. Authentic Hangzhou Longjing green tea. Imperial Dragon Well (Lung Ching or Long Jing) Chinese Green Tea 1 Lb. Cha Wu-[X] LongJing Green Tea,3.5oz/100g,New Spring Tea,XiHu,HangZhou,China, Oriarm 100g / 3.53oz Mingqian Long Jing Dragon Well Tea 1st Grade - Chinese Longjing Dragonwell Green Tea Loose Leaf - Ecologically Grown, Before the Ming Dynasty, it's packed in a box of special West Lake Longjing tea, green tea, Longjing tea, spring tea , 250g gift box, Prince of Peace Organic Tea, Oolong, 100 Tea Bags, Cha Wu-[X] LongJing Green Tea,8.8oz/250g,New Spring Tea,XiHu,HangZhou,China, Longjing green tea, green tea flavor gift box before Ming Dynasty , Green money, BESTLEAFTEA-Spring Picked Organic Osmathus DragonWell/LongJing Green Tea 100g/3.5Oz, Longjing tea before rain spring tea green tea, Longjing technology of West Lake , Longjing before Ming Dynasty, Cha Wu-LongJing Greend Tea,[A] and [B] Combination,3.5oz/Box Loose Leaf Tea, Oriarm 1000g / 35.3oz Dragon Well Longjing Tea Loose Leaf - Chinese Long Jing Green Tea Leaves - Yuqian 1st Grade - Ecologically Grown, Organic Dragon Well Green Tea – 18 Bleach-Free Tea Bags – Caffeinated Herbal Tea with Toasty Aroma and Flavorful Sweetness, Source of Vitamin C, Catechins, and Antioxidants, Kosher, GMO-Free, 200g Yuqian Before Grain Rain West Lake Dragon Well Xihu Brand Longjing Tea Chinese Green Tea, Oriarm 1000g / 35.3oz Snail Jasmine Green Tea Loose Leaf - Chinese Fujian Green Jasmine Tea Yu Luo - Naturally High Mountain Grown Pleasant Aroma, Oriarm 100g / 3.53oz Mingqian Longjing Dragonwell Tea Special Grade - Chinese Long Jing Dragon Well Green Tea Loose Leaf - Ecologically Grown, Longjing Green Tea Chinese Xi Hu Dragon Well Tea Long Jing Tea Longjing Tea Organic Loose Leaf 250g, 2018 New Tea West Lake Longjing Yuqian Class Dragon Well Chinese Green Tea 200g, 2018 Premium Grade A+ Pre-QINGMING Longjing Tea, Organic Grow Dragon Well Green Tea, Loose Leave Tea (100g(3.5oz)), 2015 AAA-class New Yuqian West Lake Longjing Dragon Well Tea Chinese Green Tea 250g, 30g Yuqian Before Grain Rain West Lake Dragon Well Shijing Brand Longjing Tea Chinese Green Tea, Hanshang-US ,West lake longjing tea 2018新茶上市 西湖牌雨前一级西湖龙井茶叶200g纪念版纸包 绿茶, Dragon Well Longjing Green Tea Bags 1001.1g Kakoo Chinese Flora Herbal Tea 110g, Dechunxian China Top Ten Famous Teas- West Lake Dragon Well Tea- Green Tea- 100% Natural Organic - Loose Leaf (Xihu Longjing), ZhuYeQing green tea(2020)springtime from Emei mountain2020竹叶青春新茶 (100), Ten Ren Lung Ching Tea, Taiwan Tea, Bag Collection, 50 Bags, Yan Hou Tang Organic Chinese Green Tea Longjing West Lake Dragon Well Loose Leaf Leaves 100 Gram - Delicious Afternoon Tea, Yan Hou Tang Organic Taiwan Oolong Green Tea Wen Shan Baozhong Pouchong Loose Leaf Licorice Coconut 75g 25 Servings - Half Fermented Formosa High Mountain Simliar Chinese LongJing Tea Unique Feature Weight Loss, 365 Everyday Value, Organic Green Tea (70 Tea Bags), 4.9 oz, Mozentea Organic Fujian Anxi Tie Guan Yin Tieguanyin Iron Goddess Chinese Oolong Tea (LongJing Green Tea, 100G / 3.5oz), Bama tea 250g Dragon Well Chinese Longjing green tea the Chinese 浙江龙井 2017新茶, Before Ming Dynasty New Tea Early Spring Zhejiang Hangzhou Longjing Tea Green Tea Bulk Soybean solid bamboo gift box 250g, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Tea, Hand-Picked Lung Ching Dragonwell, 20 Count Tin, Cha Wu-[A] Jasmine Pearls Tea Dragon Ball,3.5oz/100g,Loose Leaf Green Tea of Chinese, Hanshang-US ,longjing tea 天福茗茶 西湖龙井-G1 浙江特产名优绿茶 2018年新茶 100克精装, 25 cups Superior Long Jing (Dragon Well) Green Tea - Spring Longjing Green Tea- China Green Tea- Loose Leaf Green Tea- 50g/1.8oz, Hanshang-US,West lake longjing tea 2018新茶上市 西湖牌雨前西湖龙井茶叶50g3罐量贩装绿茶包邮春茶, West Lake Long jing Tea Traditional Wrapped Dragon Well Longjing Green Tea 250g Xihu Long Jing Cha, JQ Xihu Longjing Green Tea - 2020 Spring Tea with Japanese Matcha Powder 1.76 ounces (50 grams), Chinese High Mountain Picked Green Tea(250g Tie Guan Yin), Hanshang-US,West lake longjing tea 2018新茶上市 西湖牌茶叶明前精品西湖龙井龙泉青瓷礼盒 春茶绿茶, 500g Long Jing Dragon Well Green Tea Leaves, Xihu Longjing Tea, Chinese Green Tea Loose Leaf, Natural Whole Leaves Rich Anti-Oxidants, Dongting Biluochun tea, green tea, strong fragrance ceramic gift box , Wathet, ORIGINAL Long Jing Tea West Lake Dragon Well Tea Longjing Green Tea 250g Xihu Longjing Cha. This Long Jing tea, also called Deagon Well tea in Chinese, is an organic green tea and is hand fried to a precise delicacy. A truly satisfying cup of Dragon Well Green Tea. Dragon Well Tea (Longjing) Finally! This green tea comes from the village of Longjing and thanks to its superior quality and unique production method it was granted the title of China Famous Tea, and were going to be taking a look at the Longjing Tea benefits and what makes this stuff so nice. Our Dragon Well tea is sweet, smooth and well-rounded with no hint of bitterness. JQ Xihu Longjing Green Tea - 2020 Spring Tea-Authentic Hangzhou Origin – West Lake Dragon Well Loose Leaf - (Second Grade - 5.3 oz/1 bag) Natural Nothing Add. The term 'antioxidants' is frequently thrown around by health enthusiasts—it's become an integral part of nutritional vocabulary, appearing on food labels and in commercials. Xihu is the place in China that is famous for producing this tea. This item: Luxtea Chinese Top10 Famous Tea –Xi Hu Long Jing / West lake Dragon Well / Longjing Green Tea… $40.99 ($4.68 / 1 Ounce) In Stock. : Loose Leaf Dragonwell Green Tea, 2oz. If the water is not good, it will severely affect the taste of tea. For additional information about a product, please contact the manufacturer. Longjing Tea. Among them, Xihu Longjing tea is the most renown. ; by Storm King Tea : Grocery & Gourmet Food Unable to add item to List. The quality of the tea leaves is wonderful, however the packaging is terrible. I would recommend this tea. I even eat the tea leaves sometimes. Tribute Dragon Well tea has a light body with a mesmerizing chestnutty aroma. It does have a high amount of catechins than many other teas. West Lake Dragon Well tea has topped the list of the ten most famous teas in China and is characterized by its green color, delicate aroma, mellow taste and beautiful shape. I am so glad to be able to find this tea on Amazon. The ten techniques of stir frying are ingenious and profound. It consists of one leaf and one bud, and the tea is rich in fragrance. These conditions, and the lack of sun, allow the tea leaves to retain more theanine, thus providing your tea with a mellow and fruity taste. It was great. West Lake Longjing tea known as "Queen of green tea," One of the reasons is mainly due to the effect and effect of West Lake Longjing tea. It's no secret that drinking tea regularly may provide a host of benefits. Longjing tea is a variety of green tea that is commonly called ‘Dragon Well tea’ and is prepared by hand by heating in large pans or woks. Dragon Well Tea (aka Longjing Tea) is the most famous Chinese green tea and it has earned the ‘China Famous Tea’ title. 2.The accurate definition of authentic Longjing refers to the Longjing tea grew in the West Lake area in Hangzhou China.We can provide direct mail service from Hangzhou to make sure our green tea is real dragon well green tea loose leaf.

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