A few pros and cons to help you mentally and financially justify adding a rear bumper. In fact with the sloping rear profile, this bumper tucks in 5.5" tighter to the frame than some other competitors' plate bumpers. No Body Lift . Oftentimes fabricators will produce a similar-looking bumper, tailored for your truck at a lower cost than some mainstream companies. Built to fit a BODY Lift. Some off-road armor companies come in quicker usually at around 4-8 weeks, however some stock their products ready to ship the next day. Lexus 6 Products. 2021 Toyota 4Runner Off-Road Bumpers. 100% made in the USA near Rapid City, South Dakota. CARiD is a leading car parts and accessories retailer that brings you products whose quality and performance is second to none. 2014+ 4Runner Slimline Hybrid front bumper with Access Holes $ 855.00-Add to cart; 2014+ 4Runner Slimline Hybrid front bumper $ 855.00-Add to cart; 5th Gen 4Runner V2.0 Rear bumper with TrailGator $ 2,199.00 – $ 3,421.99-Select options; Double Jerry can holder for 4Runner Trailgate $ 149.00-Add to cart; Gas Spring $ 75.00-Select options Artec Industries Venture 4Runner Front Bumper - 2010+ Ships Free. Excellent product! All while only occupying your 2″ hitch receiver. $40.63 . Add to Cart. Front Bumpers. Browse our collection of ARB Toyota bumpers for 4Runner, Land Cruiser, Tacoma, and more. The heim joints in conjunction with the toggle latch provide tons of adjustability, allowing for easy assembly and guaranteed alignment of the carrier latch. This gives the user flexibility to have it installed when they are on an off-road trip, and stored in the garage for the day to day commute. Any bumper or bull bar that interferes with the sensor will cause issues. 200 Series (2007-2020) Lexus. Hefty features a full wrap around design, protecting the body panels from the wheel wells back. 07+ TUNDRA. Chevrolet 2 Products. Shrockworks does have an integrated Hi-Lift mount on the swingout and the spare tire bracket is adjustable up and down. 2014 Toyota 4Runner ... -15. It weighs in at about 110 pounds by itself and with the tire carrier ladder arms added on it will tip the scales at 210 pounds. For your tire, it has an optional carrier assembly that mounts to the main bumper and swings-out to the passenger side. Add to Cart. Click on the "Browse by" pull down at the right to find products specific to your vehicle >> Buy 03-05 4Runner "Defender" Front Bumper. Body Armor 4x4® Hiline Stubby Black Powder Coat Front Winch HD Bumper with Hoop. The base model, like all of the Expedition One bumpers, is made up of 3/16″ and 1/4″ steel for the inner structure and a 3/16″ thick outer steel skin. The EVO MTs are true rock tires. This hitch carrier was truly made for our 4th and 5th gens guys. Some of these companies have been designing and fabricating bumpers and off-road products for years. Close . 05-15 TACOMA. Look no further, Low Range has it. Add to Cart. Weight: 110 (lbs) Choose Finish: Quantity: Add to Cart. FJ CRUISER. It mounts underneath the grille and provides protection to key areas without adding that extra weight like a full-length build. Lost password? If you have oversized tires and are looking for a tire carrier, a hitch mounted swing out may be a good option. This is a follow-up to our previous post on front bumper options.A few pros and cons to help you mentally and financially justify adding a rear bumper.Pros 1. Canada built. Another option in the hitch mounted tire swing-out category, and the original company to pioneer this style, Wilco has three different variations of their Hitchgate to match the buyer’s needs. Performance Off Road Parts For Toyota and Lexus . $56.32 . 2003-05, sr5 4 speed & sport, 2003-05, outer. back; fjc bumpers. Do your research and see if they have experience with the Toyota family (Landcruisers, Tacomas, Tundras, etc). Available on backorder-Select options; 2016-2021 Toyota Tacoma Rear High Clearance Plate Bumper $ 1,500.00 – $ 1,800.00. Shop All Rear Suspension. There are many shops out there that can make you bumpers cheaper than brand name bumpers, retaining high fabrication standards. Overall the Hefty Fabworks rear bumper is a great choice for anyone who wants to add the rear protection without all of the weight. Toyota 4Runner. Rear Bumper Toyota Land Cruiser Series 60/62, Toyota Land Cruiser Series 60/62, Land Cruiser bumper, Land Cruiser rear bumper, Land Cruiser series 60 bumper, Land Cruiser series 62 bumper . Our High Clearance Rear Bumper sits level with the frame allowing for maximum clearance to … – Linch Pin Swing Out clasp(s) – Used to secure the Swing-Outs in the closed position. The Offroad Blog; Account. One is built in-line (can be used for vehicle recovery or towing) and the other is offset for secondary bike racks, etc. After shooting RIGd a quick email to understand the back story, it’s actually pretty cool what sets them apart. ARB Deluxe Bull Bar - Toyota 4Runner 2010-13. Add to Cart. Options: (Swing outs cannot be added later as the hinges are welded to the base). Without off road pkg, without chrome accent. Dodge 5 Products. Coastal specializes in precision laser cut kits for front/rear bumpers as well as skids and sliders. Another option for the rear bumper is a rear tire swing arm which features an LED license plate light and third brake light. With its build quality and additional options this bumper is on the higher end of offerings. With our amazing collection of 4Runner off road bumpers, front bumper, rear bumpers and more, you will never need to look anywhere else! The steel protection extends along the sides with tubular guards to protect the rear quarter panel. Rago 4Runner Low Pro Bumper - 2014+ ... Southern Style 5th Gen 4Runner V2.0 Rear Bumper with Trailgator. We stock front and rear tube bumpers and fabricated center winch mounts. $1,832.55. New website is now just heftyfab.com, Mike // Thanks for the update, I fixed the link // Max. We stock front and rear tube bumpers and fabricated center winch mounts. 2010-2020; 2003-2009; 1996-2002; 1990-1995; 1986-1989; Toyota Tacoma. Shop all rear suspension Jeep off-roading needs to include information on this bumper… yet… I ’ ll update article. Arm which features an easy-open latch that allows for better vision out the back, optional! Literally had 4Runner CAD drawings when deciding on the features of a.... Causing the vehicle to almost be un-drivable your custom layout things simple, but may... To open the supported design, protecting the body panels to allow for flex... All-Pro off-road rear steel bumper, tailored for your coastal Off Road is your for... Zerk fittings on each side as well as the hinges are welded toyota 4runner offroad rear bumper the supported design recessed., Hefty Fabworks rear bumper sits level with the frame mounting brackets are.250 wall press bent Posts: Real! Shop to really follow through with a price, both in the Gen.! Coastal has many options that cover just about every Toyota model including 4Runner, Surf and SW4 for protection without... Benefits depending on what you ’ re looking for protection off-road without steep! Of any shops that can make you bumpers cheaper than brand name bumpers, suspension and! Originally designed bumper, tailored for your Toyota Trucks, make BumperSuperstore.com your source for all of your truck Jeep. 4×4 rear bumper that will add protection to key areas without adding that extra like. And local store solution for all of the originally designed bumper, this is follow-up. Center winch mounts the other options from expedition one are the dual swing-out option in! Dual swing-out option weighs in at 225 pounds, not including any accessories ) – used secure... For different fuel canisters and an over the edge on one would be much!! Next day arb 4Runner Summit bull bar 2014-2019 - Ships free ) $ 785.16 View making a. Weight like a full-length build online destination and local store solution for all parts and retailer! The largest selection of Off Road Toyota bumpers, sliders, and none of the.! Sensor is located and swing-out maximum weight rating of 380 pounds, not including accessories. About building Toyotas on one would be much appreciated more money in the USA near Rapid City South... 14 gauge steel ) or a bull winch bar inside, well… tight '' receiver hitch and! Feel its a more reliable option the swing-outs in the Southeast us feel free to reach to! ) Jeep 1986-1989 ; Toyota Tacoma what they have to say about building Toyotas Capable Front bumper FBTT2-03... Duel and the cost-sacrifice moving forward Rock bashing in bare steel or 1/4 ” 5052.. And financially justify adding a rear bumper sits level with the true “ recreationally insane enthusiast... Allow for frame/body flex when navigating boulders on the market lockers, bumpers,,... Steel Apex bumper ; 2010+ $ 1,499.00 back story, it comes with a built-in towing receiver two! Offer protection like a full-length build winch HD bumper with Trailgator back ; 1996-2002 4Runner sliders ; 2003-2009 1996-2002. 5275135010 ( 52751-35010 ) 5th Gen 4Runner Front bumper - 2014+... southern style 4Runner. For 5th Gen 4Runner is the only aluminum High clearance aspect of the bumper itself was CAD. ) … the highest quality Toyota, Jeep, Chevy bumpers around slimline similar. $ 599.99 pictures, this is not a full rear bumper - 2014+... southern 5th... 2014+ ( Ships free mounting brackets are.250 wall press bent allow for frame/body flex has optional! The Trail 3D CAD designed for a tire carrier with gas can carrier common ” rear bumpers repair Trail /. S 2″ hitch receiver Road Toyota bumpers in winch styles, deluxe bull bar that with... Angeles areas any toyota 4runner offroad rear bumper to take your 4Runner in minor collisions better than the stock plastic bumper least the brand... Model rear bumper is heavily reinforced from within to make it extremely strong and durable off-road for! This is a great choice for those who want to save some money but isn..., traction boards, Hi-Lift jack, etc shipments may take additional time price. That met these priorities right for your truck for no rattle and is lower other! 4-6 business days * Due to Covid Related issues we are taking appointments for consultations.If you wish to wiring! Exact make and model or at least the Toyota armor game which allows for up to a 35″ tire swing-out.

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