It also helps to keep burn off some of his energy. Many commercial products incorporate nontoxic but unpalatable flavors into sprays or liquids that you can apply to a fence. You want to make sure that they are going to be more affected by the taste than they are by noise for one thing, and you also want to make sure that whatever liquid you are getting is going to be safe for your dogs. Dogs live in the now. When your dog nips at your mittens or pant legs, and you shout or act hurt, it might work temporarily, but most dogs know you’re not really hurt. Chews should be given when a dog is settling down for a quiet time, either in your presence or alone. Grannick’s Bitter Apple for Dogs, which are safe for dogs and are actually specially made to deter dogs from chewing on their paws and other household items. You can’t get mad at them for chewing, but you can teach them what they are allowed to chew and what they are not allowed to chew. Formulated to be used indoors on household items and pets, or outdoors on plants, trees, and landscaping items. Growing teeth are itchy and make puppy nervous and chewing provides relief. This may be hard at home. Don’t punish your dog such as holding your dog’s mouth shut, because that's only a temporary solution that doesn't actually correct their behavior. Use a crate or put your dog … A dog that is hungry will have extra incentive to destroy your belongings and furniture. You can make a citrus spray by steeping 2 cups of citrus peels in 4 cups of boiled water until cool. This includes plants, your furniture, clothing and even human skin. You definitely should avoid spraying everything in your house with the anti-chew dog spray because your dog will get confused without understanding your message. Your puppy might be reluctant to use the kind that has a plastic mesh over it. Dogs hate the sharp smell of citrus, and this easy homemade solution to your problem could be sitting in your fruit bowl. It’s really a matter of personal choice. If you do this, then you may not have any need for dog anti-chew spray at all. Some people recommend that you spray them with water, but this isn’t just ineffective; it can actually erode your kinship with your puppy. Instead of allowing your pet to chew on slippers, get him something else to … However, there are some simple ways you can prevent your dog or cat from chewing electrical cords. To prevent our dog from scratching itself, we can use e-collars or Elizabethan collars. Enrich your pet's environment with appropriate items he can put in his mouth. It is a highly concentrated formula that is designed to do more with less. While you may have many good reasons for protecting your furniture from your dog's relentless chewing, it is also your responsibility to provide your dog with appropriate items he can actually chew. This camera allows you to keep an eye on your dog while you’re away. If you preemptively spray everything in your house, then your dog is not going to know what you want and will have a very hard time correcting their behavior. Can be used on anything in your home, as well as outdoor items like landscaping wood, patio furniture, plants, and trees. When it comes to getting your dog to stop chewing on your shoes, furniture or even nipping at your own ankles, you need something that is going to immediately tell them that whatever they are biting tastes bad and that they should stop. All rights reserved. If your dog's been chewing on your plants, take a few shavings from your morning orange and sprinkle them around your plants as an additional deterrent to your dog. Many commercial products incorporate nontoxic but unpalatable flavors into sprays or liquids that you can apply to a fence. Whatever the reason, blue eyes on a dog’s face captivate us. Odor-free spray can be sprayed directly on your pet’s body, and can even be used to soothe hot spots. One of the tools that you have at your disposal when it comes to getting your dog to stop chewing stuff in your home is anti-chew dog spray. This helps avoid too much activity and helps keep the dog from getting into something that might infect the wound. It's how dogs experience and understand their surroundings.

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