I know some of you will look at this game and laugh but it’s just as well that the gameplay is what’s important. Not only this, but these cubes massively increase your score too which brings a very incentivising risk versus reward feature to the game. If you’re a one time play-only kind of gamer then, although you’ll have an awesome time playing Zero Gunner 2, you probably won’t get your money’s worth. Remarkably, this isn’t the original arcade release, which vanished when pieces of the game’s source code went missing. In fact, just thinking about it, it’s probably a blessing there’s a there’s no story telling. Our site uses cookies. 1 & 2? Games are property of their respective owners. I haven't played every Psikyo project ever released quite yet, and I probably never will, but that just means you could tell me Zero Gunner 2 for Nintendo Switch is the best title the company ever released and I … Already out via the Japanese eShop and releasing next week for Europe and North America, Zero Gunner 2 is the lasted Psikyo developed arcade game to be given the Nintendo Switch treatment via Zerodiv Inc. and to get it out of the way, out of all the Zerodiv offerings so far, it’s the best one and this review is going to explain why. Looks like it's coming out on the 21st. Your craft only shoots forward and enemies appear all around you and also shift themselves around the screen, especially mini-bosses and bosses. Tengai (Sengoku Blade) Zero Gunner 2. As with all good shooters there’s the possibility to upgrade your attacks. I played a variety of difficulty levels for review and while my initial play through on a mid-difficulty level was a bit of a mess skill-wise, the times after that I realised Zero Gunner 2 isn’t the most difficult of the Psikyo shooters I’ve played. I suspect most casual players won’t bother with this as much but score attack fans will love this feature as it makes things hugely tense. Timeless fun! The story is pretty much non-existent, but I find it difficult to mark Zero Gunner 2 down in this regard because, let’s face it, nobody on planet Earth plays a hardcore arcade shooter for the story. You’d think this would be obvious due to how old it us, but you can never be too careful. Psikyo Collections 1-3- A Retrospective (Nintendo Switch) Strikers 1945 II. As you can likely tell from past collections, all four games are side-scrolling or vertically-scrolling shooters. Zero Gunner 2 coming to PC on December 21 Six-part BIT.TRIP series coming to Switch on December 25 Sakura Kakumei: Hanasaku Otome-tachi launches December 15 in Japan This Psikyo shooter is now out on the Nintendo Switch thanks to Zerodiv who have already ported over the original Strikers, Gunbarich, Gunbird and even more recently, Zero Gunner 2 which I just reviewed. At the end of January, Zerodiv brought Zero Gunner 2 to the eShop. 6.3k members in the shmups community. Another side-scroller, it has an innovative aiming system that's the most enjoyable I've found in a shmup this side of Zero Gunner 2 (which, by the way, is also available on Switch… In some ways I’d say it’s better than having a twin-stick mechanism since it requires more skill and is just generally cooler. In both handheld and docked mode I found Zero Gunner 2 to be a very smooth experience. The less than attractive visuals are also suited to the smaller screen much better where their simplicity doesn’t show quite so obviously. Let’s blast off every enemy's planes from various sides of your screen. No doubt you will feel slightly disorientated at first since the concept is a little odd from what we’re used to these days but it’s both archaic and ingenious. Zero gunner 2- game was not a port but more like a remake (they didn't have the original code or something). Physical Releases – Journey to Bikini Bottom! Nope, it’s just a pumping metal techno mix that tells you to go out there and blow stuff up. PLEASE. There’s one extreme scan line filter you can put on and that’s about it. As for Zero Gunner 2, it’s back to fighting sci-fi super weapons again, but this time in 3D. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. bl_Zebub: 2: 1/25/2018: Physical or digital? I know a lot of shmups have been ported to Switch lately. SwitchWatch is a registered trademark. There are 7 difficulty options in Zero Gunner 2, ranging from “Child” to “Very Hard”, it’s a step up at least from their previous efforts where the lowest difficulty level was hilariously labeled as “Monkey”. API key not valid. A subreddit dedicated to shoot 'em up games of all kinds. You only need to collect a couple before you’re fully armed and almost God-like in your power, destroying everything in your way in a matter of seconds, even bosses! Physical Releases on Switch – The Wonderful Cold Steel! While HAMSTER have been busy adding the Neo Geo classics like Last Resort, Blazing Star and Pulstar, Zerodiv have been coming up with the good stuff too with Psikyo arcade classics Strikers 1945 and Gunbird. ZERO GUNNER 2 – SWITCH. 2. I wouldn’t say there are too many memorable tunes that will stick with me when not playing it but not every good soundtrack has that effect either and I’d happily listen to the songs even when not playing the game. If I’d never heard that Zero Gunner 2 was a Dreamcast game, I would sure have heck guessed it. Gameplay video of Zero Gunner 2 on Nintendo Switch (no commentary). © 2020 Nintendo. At the side of the screen there’s an energy bar which can slowly be filled up by by collecting the gazillion cubes dropped by enemies after blowing them to smithereens. I tried all of them and I definitely think my favourite is the yellow one, although the other two were more than usable. Zero Gunner 2-Release date January 25th 2018 Famous for its cool world and innovatively omnidirectional shooting system, ZERO GUNNER 2, is coming back as ZERO GUNNER 2-. 1. As someone who’s recently been converted to shooters thanks to the Switch’s library, this was high on mine too. If you’ve not played Zero Gunner 2, then you’re missing out. When you get into a flow of rotating and mowing down enemies it does feel very satisfying and I do believe there must some really high-end play potential for those who have truly mastered the game. Update: Bumped to the top. All you need to know is that you’re a cool attack helicopter that blows stuff up. If you stop shooting you will attract the dispersing cubes to you. YES. The input is awkwardly positioned on the X button which is a slight stretch away from the standard shot at B. I've got Zero Gunner 2 and Ikaruga currently - … As you’d expect from an arcade shooter, the story was literally the last thing on their minds when developing the game. Zero Gunner 2 allows you to change the direction your craft is facing. By this point Psikyo had abandoned their gorgeous looking 2D pixel work for fancier, more attractive 3D models. Get notified about exclusive offers every week! jayj350: 1: 10/14/2017 Zero Gunner 2 running on Nintendo Switch: Yoni_Arousement: 1: 1/1 7:21AM: Update? Zero Gunner 2 is all about mastering the gameplay though, trying new things, trying harder difficulties, increasing your high score and even teaming up with a friend in two-player co-op. If you want to survive then you cannot keep facing forward. Each of the three available choppers have their own unique standard shot and special attack. STRIKERS 1945, STRIKERS 1945 II, STRIKERS 1945 III, SOL DIVIDE, Dragon Blaze, and ZERO GUNNER 2 combine forces in one arcade collection! Had there been drawn out cutscenes and dialogue, I would have been distraught at it for slowing down the gameplay. Another side-scroller, it has an innovative aiming system that’s the most enjoyable I’ve found in a shmup this side of Zero Gunner 2 (which, by the way, is also available on Switch), an aesthetic that’s pure mid-90s PS1 glory and a passion for the form that shines through. Personally, instead of taking my finger off of fire, I used the special attack with my ring finger. Gonna be all over this. VAPS Arcade/Coin-Op Zero Gunner 2 Census There are 11,215 members of the Video Arcade Preservation Society / Vintage Arcade Preservation Society, 8,952 whom participate in our arcade census project of games owned, wanted, or for sale. This subreddit is about finding and sharing the best deals for the Nintendo Switch, its games … Play online, access classic Super NES™ games, and more with a Nintendo Switch Online membership. Holding the Y or A button will plant a circular marker on in front of you which, instead of making you strafe, lets you circle around it. Zerodiv, the company involved in this port are slightly behind HAMSTER (who do the Neo Geo ports) in this department. And by gosh you will need to collect a gazillion of them in order to completely fill the bar and get one extra special attack. Physical Releases on Switch – Paradise is Burning! Meanwhile, the company has also just released Zero Gunner 2 in Japan via the eShop. Now, it’s not twin-stick so the way to do it is both slightly clumsy and yet rather cool. Now, it’s not twin-stick so the way to do it is both slightly clumsy and yet rather cool. Sol Divide, Dragon Blaze and Zero Gunner 2- The hook is that instead of piloting a … This upgrades both attacks at the same time, however there aren’t many levels of upgrade as far as I can tell. Zero Gunner 2 allows you to change the direction your craft is facing. Learn more about our use of cookies: cookie policy. You can change the number of lives, continues and special attacks you can have which is the bare minimum of expectations in my opinion. Fans who have enjoyed Psikyo Shooting will definitely enjoy this new Zero Gunner 2- Innovative turning mechanic separates this from the crowd. Zero Gunner 2 Nintendo Switch Review by SwitchWatch, Developer: Zerodiv (originally by Psikyo). This way you can quickly change or adjust your facing direction at any point. A successful run of the game will barely scrape over the 20 minute mark and a few of those uninformed buyers will be looking around and scratching their heads asking “Is that it?”. Zero Gunner 2 is an excellent port. This one was a no-brainer. There’s a wide variety of difficulties so it’s one of the most accessible shooters out there. Has a rather worrying collection of Wii U games. Nowadays, it doesn’t look great as textures are fairly poor and it does get uncomfortably close to the screen at times showing the low quality off in all its glory, but let’s be fair it’s as bright and crisp as it used to be. The entire flow of gameplay revolves around this changing of direction and you must do it at all times. Blast every enemy plane from various sides of your screen. 241k members in the NintendoSwitchDeals community. © SwitchWatch.co.uk 2020. You don’t make a shmup for commercial gain or worldwide fame. When you consider how much the Dreamcast version of Zero Gunner 2 changes hands for on the secondary market these days, the fact that you can download a superior version on your Switch for a tiny fraction of that cost is worth celebrating; in that regard, you might want to purchase the game purely to feel smug about the amount of (hypothetical) cash you're saving. Those issues related to Zero Gunner 2- do not affect any other Psikyo port on switch. Something that I didn’t realise until well into my fourth play through is that you can make collecting the energy cubes much easier by stopping firing. 3 (Multi-Language) Standard & Limited Edition are now open for pre-orders. Indeed, I played on the highest difficulty and only found real trouble on the seventh and final stage where the game basically says “Nah, you’ve gotten a bit too far now.”. It's one thing to be subjected to this garbage for online play, but these games are from the 80's!! Now, with any revered shooter, there’s usually some sort of gimmick in the gameplay. It’s one of those where, unless you read the leaflet that the original arcade cabinet or Dreamcast case came with, you would have no idea what was going on. I think the gameplay is unique enough and the amount of difficulty levels makes this definitely worth the £6.99 asking price. There’s literally no story telling in the game. 3. Scoring comes from picking up orbs dropped by downed enemies but, in another Innovative turning mechanic separates this from the crowd. As a turn of the century 3D arcade game, it’s obvious that Zero Gunner 2 is hardly going to be the looker it once was. Zero Gunner 2 is releasing on January 25 in North America and Europe. The new patch adds in a little bit of functionality and implements a number of improvements. Fans of the genre have been watering at the mouth at what’s coming next and Zero Gunner 2 was high on people’s wish lists. There’s been a lot of excitement around the Switch and its ever increasing library of classic shoot ‘em ups. *This review was authored and published on switchwatch.co.uk and is unauthorised to be published elsewhere. Though Zero Gunner 2 released this week in western territories, I picked it up from the Japanese e-shop last week. It’s not going to be your finely planned, nuanced OST that has emotion and depth. As for value, it all depends if you’re into mastering a shooter or not. Naturally, with the Switch you only get a digital download as opposed to a physical disc but for many people, short of burning a copy downloaded from any number of ROM sites, experiencing Zero Gunner 2 in an official capacity is probably only a realistic proposition on the Switch. Arcade Pak includes arcade-perfect versions of Pac-Man, Galaga, Dig Dug, Rolling Thunder 1, Rolling Thunder 2, and Splatterhouse. Let’s blast off every enemy's planes from various sides of your screen. Census data currently includes 150,190 machines (6,473 unique titles).. (66 MB) Tachyon Project (366 MB) Super One More Jump (86 MB) Tennis (139 MB) Earth Wars (1.8 GB) 10 Second Run Returns (67 MB) Psikyo Collection Vol. Release date: January 25, 2018; Price: $7.99 / €6.99. Famous for its cool world and innovatively omnidirectional shooting system, ZERO GUNNER 2, is coming back as ZERO GUNNER 2-.Let’s blast off every enemy's planes from various sides of your screen.Fans who have enjoyed Psikyo Shooting will definitely enjoy this new Zero Gunner 2-.The compilation of Psikyo shooting game, ZERO GUNNER 2-, is reviving now!! Please pass a valid API key. The collection is scheduled to launch on May 30, 2019. Zero Gunner 2’s innovation is a system that allows players to adjust their helicopter’s firing angle, offering an interesting variation. Nintendo of America Inc. Headquarters are in Redmond, Washington. If you’re a lover of shooters like me, you’re going to put serious time into this game, playing it over and over again, enjoying every minute of it. eBay value aside, Zero Gunner 2 was a pretty unique shooter on Dreamcast and that has naturally translated to the Switch version. The collections are only available as physical releases but the games are available separately on the eShop. A surprise release of one of the Dreamcast’s best shmups? As far as customisable options, there are not too many to be honest. No physical western release will be made.GET THE STANDARD & LIMITED EDITION HEREAre you done playing the eight classic titles and arcade-style scrolling shooters in Psikyo Collection Vol. A Nintendo Switch Online membership (sold separately) is required for Save Data Cloud backup. The audio of Zero Gunner 2 is great and suits an arcade game well. The same games are there but sorted in a different way. These special attacks can be fairly scarce but there is a way to get more aside from dying. Strikers 1945 III. Holding the Y or A button will plant a circular marker on in front of you which, instead of making you strafe, lets you circle around it. You can still enjoy it even if you’re not good at the game or are beginning to learn. Reed Remastered Review – Does This Deserve A Reed? I mean, if you’re still unsure if £6.99 is reasonable, head straight over to eBay and check out how much this game is going for on a Dreamcast disc. Less enticing are Tower of Druaga, Tank Force, and Skykid. To stop shooting is very dangerous as it won’t be long until you get overwhelmed with enemy craft and bullets. The biggest problem is that Zero Gunner 2 lacks longevity, even when you take the two-player mode, multiple difficulty levels and (offline) high score table into account. Even More Pixel Art Games That Deserve Your Attention, Games like Animal Crossing For a Tighter Budget. It bleeds the simple but crisp and bright models that the console was known for. BEST BARGAINS – The World Ends With Blade Strangers. Shoot 'em up, in a general sense, means a 2D … A China dwelling Brit who was practically born with the Mario theme in his head. System: Nintendo Switch Release date: 25/01/2018 Famous for its cool world and innovatively omnidirectional shooting system, ZERO GUNNER 2 is coming back as ZERO GUNNER 2-. Famous for its cool world and innovatively omnidirectional shooting system, ZERO GUNNER 2, is coming back as ZERO GUNNER 2-. Original: We just found out a short while ago that Zerodiv is bringing Strikers 1945 II soon to Switch. I would have dearly liked the ability to map controls, sadly that’s not possible here. Aside from your standard shot which is always on auto-fire (thankfully), you do have a special shot which packs much more of a punch. The easiest setting is practically a joke where the enemies barely fire at all. Indeed, as I’m writing this, I’m listening to the soundtrack and absolutely loving it. The studio also recently released an update for the classic arcade game on Switch. Uncommon - There are 14 known instances of this machine owned by Zero Gunner 2 … Zero Gunner 2 ran on NAOMI hardware, so it was ported to Dreamcast. elephvant: 1: 3/8/2018: Available on the Japanese store! This is done by collecting tetrahedrons with the letter P in them, I assume the P means means power. Gunbird 2 and Zero Gunner 2 are both games I played a lot on Dreamcast and definitely think are worth a try on Switch. You may have noticed that I’ve not talked about whether Zero Gunner 2 is a horizontal or vertical shooter and that’s because it’s actually omnidirectional, meaning the path to the end goal meanders from left to right, up and backwards, you move all over the place; enemies come from all sides too. Zero Gunner 2 for Nintendo Switch (Switch) review "Vertical shooting bliss." It looks especially fantastic on the Switch’s screen where the colours really stand out. Zerodiv's port of Gunbird doesn't appear to have a Practice Mode, and upon looking up a YouTube video and a quick Google search, think Zero Gunner 2 doesn't have one either. Strikers 1945 II was originally released to arcades in 1997 and eventually saw releases on the original PlayStation and Sega Saturn. Dustoff Heli Rescue 2 (545 MB) Zero Gunner 2 (136 MB) Strikers 1945 II (109 MB) Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy (1.5 GB) Space Dave! The 3 volume set import: 1: Strikers 1945, Gunbird, Samurai Aces, Sol Divide 2: Strikers 1945 2, Gunbird 2, Tengai, Dragon Blaze 3: Strikers 1945 3, Gunbarich, Sengoku Cannon, Zero Gunner 2- Western collections: Alpha: Strikers 1945 1, 2 and 3. I like it, but maybe that’s because I’m very accepting of classic arcade games. Pixel Perfect: Pixel Art Games That Deserve Your Attention, That’s a Bad Port – Five Games to Play Anywhere but Switch, Biggest File Size on Nintendo Switch Ranked – Top 7, Mega Imports List for Nintendo Switch, March 2020, Switch eShops – How to Access Different Regions, Competitive Online Games – Top 20 for Nintendo Switch, Baseball Riot Nintendo Switch Review: Déjà Vu, Carnage: Battle Arena Review – Car Death Match, Make, Play, Discover: Nintendo Labo announced for Switch. When I say attractive, I mean early Dreamcast attractive. contrafan: 3: 11/20/2017: Release date? Volume 3 will feature Strikers1945 Ⅲ, Sengoku Cannon, Gunbarich and Zero Gunner 2.