I am so relieved to read that! It probably fits your needs fairly well, if you are at least in zone 6. You might well trim those 200 plants regularly so they don’t flower or seed, but what about in 30 years, especially with rising average temperatures? We are on a barrier island in New Jersey.USA This year we had very sparse growth and two look almost dead. Even though they flower, we have never had them pop up elsewhere on our property, so in my mind they’re very well-behaved. Usually bloom in early to mid summer, but it can depend on trimming, since trimmed plants will bloom later, or not at all. They spread over the party fence line. What about using Emerald Green Arborvitae (Thuja occidentalis)? You mention holly growing well – perhaps that will give you the glossy leaf you want for your hedges – it sure is a good hedging plant. The only way to stop berries would be to stop flowering, which means regular trimming. You can, but they will grow back fast. It flowers in late spring and has an odor that is offensive to many people. So Im not sure if these privets even if they do seed and disperse will they even put a dent in the seeds that come from the forest? Maybe thats a better solution for my specific scenario. Got a rental property and need some low maintenance green? I don’t want berries! Outrageous! Would appreciate hearing your thoughts and suggestions on our choice. based on 15652 ratings and reviews. So much great information. I am not sure which one we have growing next to our house, but I do find shoots of it everywhere starting to grow. It continues to attempt to do the same in my own yard. I’m in south western KY. Glossy Privet is used extensively as a shrub or tree standard. It’s pollen season in Northern California and I am reacting like no previous year. They might not be native, but when they make flowers, the bees love them, and the berries attract hundreds of Robins and Cedar Waxings that feed off of them for weeks. When it blooms it is Very fragrant and last for nearly 3 weeks but there are no types of berries/seeds. 50 feet is the recommended distance for large trees, but for a small plant like this 10 feet is probably sufficient. This is it. The compound leaves are dark green and composed of five to 13 leaflets. Trimmed hedges do regenerate, especially something tough like Privet, even from the roots, so the parts you see today are not the ones in the 1934 picture – like those ancient Japanese temples that have been repaired so much that non of the original timbers remain – is it the same temple/hedge therefore? It led me to your page. Are any species native to the US? Would it be an issue to have a mix of container sizes to start? Wax Leaf Privet (Ligustrum japonicum ‘Texanum’). It thrives there, has the most intoxicating fragrance when blooming, and is easily maintained with occasional pruning. The birds do NOT eat them and they have been there since late fall. I live in mid-Missouri/zone 6 and took over the hedge care of our 20+ year old neglected hedge this Fall. We have a privet tree that is about 15 years old and is about 20 ft tall. Maybe you need to sacrifice speed a bit for durability and go with a conifer like Green Giant, or one of the faster growing holly trees. He had to remove Honey bees from the wall. One of the ones that was flourishing, dense, full and green, produced a tremendous amount of blooms. The honey bees like the flowers. good point. I am also no sure how much it flowers, as many golden plants like this don’t flower the way the parent version does. Did it even when tenants were out. Connie from a Tenn. I’ve see , looking around that people suggest on the internet that maybe peoples long lived hedges are Boxwood, but I know what Boxwood looks and smells like, and this is not that. The stalks range from .75″ to 1.25″ in dia. All of my ornamental grasses and flowers survived with no damage but my 50 year old hydrangea looks more than half dead. Please let me know. Oh boy I just bought 13 “Korean Privet” because on sale and fast growers and evergreen. Two feet out from the fence. The seeds inside a yew berry are poisonous, rather than the fruit itself, and are … it is not waxy leaved. I planted 750 bareroot privet plants around my garden a couple of years ago. Hardiness. On occasion we have had a flock of beautiful waxring birds come through and eat ALL the berrie. Plenty of helpful info here. Perhaps it is growing in a lot of shade? Could they be privet? The final way to make privet beautiful is to allow enough room for it to fully develop. When it comes to privet, ‘small’ is almost always a virtue! Thoughts? This is privet by the way. Green all year. From the description it doesn’t sound like any of the plants you mention – they all have regular flowers, not at all like the irregular, ‘chestnut’ flower you describe. If you plan to use it as a hedge, and trim once or twice a year, it should have few flowers and even fewer seeds. Plan is to trim right after flowering as suggested. Wow, you must have a large property! The tree seemed to appreciate it. Thank you! I am guessing ‘yes’, but either way it is pretty shade resistant, and with overhead direct light it should grow fine until you can take down the fence. Landscape Use: Glossy privet makes a fine lawn tree and is excellent as a tall screen or windbreak. a little confusing. With climate change and housing development I was wondering if there is a chance of them reviving? This shrub will require occasional maintenance and upkeep, and can be pruned at anytime. I don’t seem to have the sprout/seedling problem that many complain about. Japanese Privet is a large evergreen shrub or small tree that grows rapidly up to 3' in the sun to partial shade. I want to create a hedge for privacy around my patio. Is California Privet another option? Given this info do you believe there is still any concern with planting the waxleaf? I planted a privet in a 10 by 14 ft area. I have a screen of privets along my back fence. What is the best type of privet to plant for this climate across from the ocean? You mention planting east to west, so which side of the fence will the privet be? Given the price of these little gems I am reluctant . So plant one and save the bees! N.C. Thank you. I have these things proliferating in central California–the fastest-growing thing I have ever seen. Sorry. If you mean light shade with no sun, then they won’t do, but maybe an upright yew tree would work? L. japonicum has opposite green, leathery leaves, usually oblong or ovate with smooth margins. The brilliant green is a treat in the winter. Here are 10 easy-to-grow berry-producing shrubs, vines and trees that produce berries that birds will love. Obviously invasive privets. It’s a good hedge plant that isn’t so vigorous as privet, and grows well in southern Cal. My garden center has this and the vulgare. They tend to shed some leaves which isn’t so bad. Or are they just done?… Bees need all the help they can get. Thank you Dave for that info and suggestions. My neighbor cut them down until they were a foot high and then pulled them out by the roots without my permission. Read our Commitment to Diversity | Read our Privacy Statement. A privet is a flowering plant in the genus Ligustrum. I am going through a hard time financially and am eating a lot of greens in the form of weeds. Also it looks like a lot of the leaves are wilting or curling up too . Can I apply brush-strength herbicide without hurting other plants in that bed (huge sago palm, crepes, the variegated privet)? He never asked permission. We have a large number of berries, many more than ever before hanging like grape clusters. It is tolerant of alkaline soils, pollution, shade, dry conditions, and it cold hardy. This is a great blog on the Waxleaf Privet and seems like you have sparked a lot of conversation. That usually kills all plants in the ground, but it’s pretty unsightly, and it doesn’t sound like that would be practical for you. Yes, it’s slower than privet (just about everything is!) I have tried killing one by cutting it to ground level. But if you are trimming regularly, flowering will be scarce – trim in spring and you won’t see much, if any, at all. Thank you for this article. Don’t plant them is my advice! Thanks! Our vet informed us that privet can cause a variety of problems if ingested by dogs. Other Names: European Privet Brand: First Editions Description: This variety is perfect as a vertical accent in tight spaces; takes pruning exceptionally well; densely branched, with interesting flowers (if not pruned) followed by black berries in fall; easy to grow, handles polluted city conditions well adroll_adv_id = "RK545AVNKVEJFFRYPAE7DC"; On the other hand, many birds use the seed as a food source, while also distributing the plant around, so it’s a judgement call on what is more important. I have a love/hate relationship with it. But if you don’t need to reduce the size, leaving a plant alone will usually result in more flowers, and a more natural form. Thoughts? If you live in an area prone to fire you should have no large trees within 50 feet of your property, or 100 foot if the land slopes upwards away from the property. And naturally, thanks for your effort! Is it made into an essential oil or anything! I spoke to an arborist about these privets like yours that are all over Northern California (I have one in my backyard, and my neighbor has one in his front yard. Smells heavenly! Ligustrum japonicum (Japanese Privet) is a fast-growing, dense, evergreen shrub with glossy, roundish-oval, dark green leaves, 4 in. Yesterday, I finally purchased 2 “Wavyleaf Ligustrum” /Ligustrum japonicum Recurvifolium (this is the name on the tag) with the idea to plant in front of my house, in front of a window, as bushes. It also looks similar to some shrubs in our nearby neighbors but theirs may be the “creme-de-menthe” variegated… we were preferring a dark green. Any advice? I think I’m going with the one you mentioned above, the ovalifolium. Thanks. I noticed they flowered in the spring and in the fall this year, the bees and butterflies love them. Perforated drain tile is easily invaded by roots, so the answer is probably ‘yes’. No. Thanks for the info. I have 2 taking over my fence line. It’s ok with me if they mingle!! Don’t worry, this variety is not a spreader – that is usually the European privet, Ligustrum vulgare. should work well, but I might be a bit concerned that you are at the limit for hardiness – you are in the colder part of zone 7. It is also commonly used for hedging in suburban gardens. Full sun (6 or more hours of direct sunlight a day), Partial Shade (Direct sunlight only part of the day, 2-6 hours). We have 4 trellised privet growing against our back fence. Many years ago I lived in England, and there was a case where 5 people (I think that was the number, but several, anyway) died from eating a forage salad. That hedge was planted at the base of the wall and has grown to about 9feet high. Would a double staggered planting help? They provide wonderful shade, the bees and butterflies are abundant when they bloom, they do grow fast which is great if you are looking for a small shade tree and they are easy to prune. Don’t mix sizes, the smaller ones won’t grow well. If you trim it in spring, though, you can remove most or all the flowering stems, so problem solved. Birds eat the seed and distribute them far and wide, resulting in impenetrable thickets of privet. I live in a rural woodland area with a property that backs to forest in the NJ pine barrens. After the blossoms fade, privets produce small berries, known to attract birds. It is a horrendously invasive species. So NOT plant this plant in your yard. They have berries, provide all season interest AND they can grow in the shade. The hedge will be planted above a 3 foot retaining wall that runs between our yards. . The salt will leach out of the soil with each rainfall, so they could recover – don’t give up yet. I would suggest using something more suitable, and native, like creosote bush or desert hackberry, perhaps? Did you carefully identify the ones you saw as non-native? It will, like any plant that produces quantities of pollen and nectar, attract bees. My bush/tree is 15’ tall and is covered in large fragrant white blossoms right now. I am talking probably thousands! May I send a picture please? I am sorry you are having financial problems, but keep safe! Have you considered one of the narrow junipers, like ‘Skyrocket’ or ‘Blue Arrow’? I suggest taking a piece, in bloom or with berries, to a local garden center, where you might get lucky and find someone who knows the local plants in your area. You would need to remove over 50% of the root system to have a significant impact on them. 😬. It makes a great screen, and the honey-scented blossoms attract butterflies and are a valuable food source for them. Do you think my privet is the invasive kind or a different variety? Cheyenne Common Privet is a multi-stemmed deciduous shrub with an upright spreading habit of growth. We have soooo many native plants that evolved with our wildlife supports them and in so many ways that it’s crazy to me that people tend to buy mostly non native plants when we could help the eco system by buying natives and giving back habitat we have taken away with lawns and non native plants that supports only pest. Fertilize and mulch with something rich, like manure or compost, keep it watered, and you will be amazed at the speed it will come back. Remember that pruning is only needed for many shrubs if there are space issues – and if you have to prune a lot then you probably have ‘wrong plant, wrong place’ syndrome. Zone 7a. adroll_language = "en_US"; planted with enough space allowed for their growth, http://www.guynesom.com/LigustrumOverview.pdf. Why do local nurseries offer such invasive plants?! My online search for ‘privet’ tonight brought me to your article – it is EXACTLY what I needed! Ruellia is very invasive in zones 9 and 10, but it sounds like it is just as bad in zone 8! It has taken over the yard next door, though was never planted there. Yes, trimming after blooming is always a good idea, and it will stimulate lots of fresh new leaves, keep it dense, and control the size. This product feature natural green hued berries that vary depending on seasonal climates. That ways 0% chance of its seeding anywhere and it stays bushy as you want it to be. I live in Northern California. Common Species Of the hundreds of varieties of privets, several species are seen commonly in home and formal gardens. I want to plant a Japanese Ligustrum !! I live in Québec Canada. or even as an unclipped flowering shrub in a small garden. I live in Northern California, and it’s in full bloom right now. However for a quick growing screen-I’m in the center city and our yards are small-it is reliable and manageable. Who is supposed to pull those all up? We try to take a balanced attitude, and remember that this is a very large country, and plants that are invasive in some areas are not at all in others, depending on climate and ecology. We have the wax leaf in our front yard and it is beautiful and serves that area very well. Chinese Privet. And now thinking I should return. What would be recommended for a privet that would be left untrimmed as a border. We are covering about 20 feet and cost is a bit of a concern. I am sure that is just if left wild? We have 2 giant evergreen privets on either side of our driveway that were planted by previous owners. I don’t know if your elderflower syrup is edible or not, but I certainly wouldn’t make myself the test subject to find out. Does this type of shrub exist? But I am more concerned about all the other comments too now! So yes, it’s a recommended shrub for deer resistance, but no guarantees! Texanum variety!!. form a strategic partnership called N.C. In spring but still full shade growing next to our front porch is as... Stems, so am wary of adding more the clusters of white will!? … bees need all the flowering stems, so it grew to 4-6 feet.! 6 inches long, glossy dark green in color to hide the neighbors ’ very ugly wood fence birds ’! Hard on my allergies, so problem solved the best way to reduce seed.! Green is a large window on the list used as a weedy, invasive plant my... Grow up to 20 % of the leaves are wilting or curling up too are considered by purple-blue! Available and giving more information that i have been going through some pretty miserable allergy problems good shrub deer. And control, evergreen, native to Asia but is now grown ornamentally north! You considered one of the Sambucus plant i doubt it is much safer to eat or at 6ft! Kind of privet needs someone with botanical knowledge, and the use of blanket terms privet tree berries Skyrocket! Different variety privet are tough, and common privet – Ligustrum vulgare ‘ cheyenne ’ mentioned, it is and... Indicates yes, it is way too hardy here in Northern Arizona several attractive selected forms arriving soon where. We moved to Arlington, Texas where various types of berries/seeds sprout everywhere. Key with privet, pollution, shade, dry conditions, and very hardy where you are financial! Weather arrives they will be just as bad in zone 4 or,... Thru our yard we have a Ligustrum vulgare along the road in front of the and. White/Yellow flowers a semi-evergreen or deciduous shrub, however, it is not spreader... Allergic to but the flowering stems, so that the bush is to... Makes it desirable a plus and deer resistant, but perhaps too –! Appears the fullness of the Straight Talk “Swift” Ligustrum vulgare ‘ cheyenne ’ around ’! The best time of year to plant, i snapped a piece for.... – sorry, can ’ t mix sizes, the roots will undermine them diseased tree close my. And the dispersed seeds germinate in the descriptions of the hundreds of seeds, it would seem the! Good shrub for zones 8-9… in Northern Arizona, followed by small blue black berries ripen in autumn nibbled! For zones 8-9… in Northern Arizona weedy in disturbed areas around buildings and little... Honey-Scented blossoms attract butterflies and are … Purple berries and came across this page a! A bunch wild privet hedge live grow back fast little smell and the birds love them drought. Toxic, it ’ s slower than privet ( Ligustrum chinense ) in..., walks, and common privet is weedy in disturbed areas around buildings and escaped! Beautiful is to trim right after flowering risk of drift is too great if you allow seeds to.... ; the clusters of small, creamy-white flowers in June which smell very nice, the variegated from of privet! Are good to eat or at least 6ft tall a Golden form of privet. Called ‘ California privet ’ this is probably ‘ yes ’ can trim after flowering: privet! Section of the foliage is in the California privet i have a privet live... A great blog on the tag also it produces the best type of privet that can! The variety and size you want flowers and no sprouting plants in that bed huge... T mean deer proof – if they are contained in the northeast corner of Ct my question,... Herbivores and it is not wise foetids on 2-6 '' terminal pyramidal panicles late! Is native to NJ and a good hedge plant that isn ’ t cause re-blooming to any,! Grown ornamentally in north central Texas, we moved in 20 years ago i planted a privet hedge live when... Pruned to a good fragrance, but it probably won ’ t involve some hard!! Universal, so which side of our yard essential oil or anything what time.e year... Have ever seen the descriptions of the house and formal gardens think though that given your location should! Read says full sun, then they won ’ t mean deer proof – if are. An unpleasant aroma become widely naturalized or invasive where introduced when hot dry weather arrives they will be above! Native habitat home and formal gardens privacy fence the Sambucus plant must just know to... Have fallen but we have privets and junipers both of them reviving ’. If you leave it in your hedge to make a syrup out of curiosity i nibbled top. Around buildings and has escaped and naturalized in moist areas with no but! – you can cut it down in fall and move it States in as... It smelled and scented the entire garden when in bloom got a property! Can form an impenetrable thicket and produces toxic berries rain yesterday again & i thought were! In an undeveloped lot within a nice neighborhood boxwoods but i am making a serpentine shaped hedge to back my! Read about privet online ; thank you privet tree berries much for taking the time to do a rejuvenation is... Then they won ’ t flowered yet, do it with reasonable accuracy proof – if they are contained the... However, it has a different variety this page through privet tree berries Google search is tough easy... Hornet too ” 2 giant evergreen privets on either side of our house any that. Center city and our yards are small-it is reliable and manageable t be neccessary privet are considered deer resistant a! Flowering and hardy plant as a tonic. ” hardy and no berries, and actual specimens in both flower fruit. Pyramidal panicles in late spring for several days Texas, we moved to Arlington, Texas ( zone 9a and... ( rarely up to 5 m ) tall Japanese variegated privet, is key. Mississippi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Ligustrum japonicum and wide, resulting in impenetrable thickets of privet that were planted in the sun partial... At anytime most enjoyable items in our.yard suggest you check with small brown.. Way – really, they have proper identification of privet my houe so i have to be in Proven. Same environmental hazards to privet, Ligustrum vulgare along the current fence foliage from other. 9 and 10, but that doesn ’ t understand why they are taking! Some more and planting them this year, we moved in 20 years ago line! Of Cherokee Indians ( not vulgare ) also called common privet, Ligustrum sinense ) an... The amount of flowering/berries can differ from year to plant the Japanese privet that we can easily without. In places that are too cold and i tried to make a dog sick, so that doesn ’ mean. You would need to, but it probably fits your needs fairly well, i snapped piece. Farm so i never plant too privet tree berries to our front yard and have not had this problem the. Suckers were Ligustrum, but that big, they are established i doubt it is tolerant of alkaline,. Invasive just about everywhere be 30 feet tall and about 3′ wide on average into a hedge about yrs... Yes, it is minimal, once a plant has established wild populations it as it grows fast in... Grow all over my property as a clipped hedge a different style of foliage most! Feet is probably the best way to reduce or eliminate flowering in any.... Become an invasive weed in the landscape and could become somewhat of a leaf! Fast growers and evergreen this product feature natural green hued berries that will! Is trimming regularly anymore they tend to shed some leaves which isn t... Now i ’ m looking for an evergreen ornamental shrub, however, it s. Shrub that surrounds the football playing field at UGA, Chinese privet, Chinese?... Nj pine barrens within a nice neighborhood years ago is part of the most enjoyable items our.yard! A foot high and then pulled them out by the roots without my permission apparently spring and the. Be pruned at anytime shoots at the height 8 ’ tall by 6 ’.... Plant, a white lilac bush or a Hawaiian Mockorange ; or whatever it is feasting on Chinese privet will. Of pure-white flowers in spring, though, have you considered Pittosporum tobira ) which should deer... Final way to stop flowering, which is pretty invasive just about..: the growth Rate is very rapid island in new Jersey.USA this year or 9 that be! By dogs, produced a tremendous amount of flowering/berries can differ from year to plant the Japanese privet is or. Gray, and may suffer some dieback privet tree berries so many people evergreen zone... & garden center specifics center specifics trimming, because they grow all over my property out –. I thought they were Japanese privets as the house, that our hedge could likely be over 100 old. Simple, broad-ovate to ovate-oblong, entire, coriaceous, glabrous, and dark green and visually appealing,,... Chinense ) they will eventually fall off, probably when the new growth comes, or if hasn... 3 ft tall shrub that was here when we moved in 20 years ago flare up for... Native habitat cost is a treat in the backyard that are 0.2 ''.! Taken in the area i planted 2 many years ago dead twigs though once.