Brand New. A sleeping bag is a very intimate piece of gear as it literally surrounds your body, keeps you safe in dangerous conditions, and provides the means to a restful night’s sleep—which is crucial to maintaining proper energy levels whilst out on an adventure. 14.6 oz.) Typically, the extreme limit is around 15° less than the lower limit rating. Love the pillow feature and that it is left handed and zips with my boyfriend's. After June brought warm weather to the mountains, I mailed my sleeping bag home and continued hiking with a sleeping bag liner only. and Regular – Left Zip (1 lb. REI Zephyr 15 degree mummy sleeping bag. At 15 degrees F, I'm sure I would be freezing. which, when mixed with water according to the Directions for Use, will control spider mites (two-spotted, carmine, Pacific, and strawberry) on cotton. If you want to go with one sleeping bag that will cover all of your 3-season backpacking and international travel needs, you have arrived at the right place. Can I use the Magma 15 for thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail or PCT? versus the 10 of the Magma (you could also probably compress the magma into 7 liters too). This product is no longer available. © 2001-2020 MacLeay Interactive Design, Inc. All Rights Reserved. ... $15 (lax > Cerritos) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. REI does not provide an extreme lower limit rating for this sleeping bag. It's about 30 degrees, rain/snowing and misirable. Technically speaking fill power is a measurement of the amount of space one (1) ounce of down will occupy in cubic inches when allowed to reach its maximum loft. For control of spider mites on cotton, mix with water and apply at the rates given in the following table: Features Unique Z-Baffle construction maximizes loft, ensures consistent insulation coverage and prevents convective heat loss +3 A great synthetic bag for the price. This causes the down to compress and bunch up in weird places. My first impressions were good. If you start you hike in early March as I did, you’ll need a sleeping bag that can keep you warm in a snowstorm (it snowed on me three times on the AT), but won’t weigh down your pack. If you have ever spent a never-ending night shivering inside a mediocre sleeping bag, then you know already: it’s the worst. Price Paid: $139, Peter Designed with generous knee and foot space and a fitted silhouette that maximizes warmth capabilities, the Magma 15 still is a mummy-style sleeping bag. Whilst the Magma 15 is far from dirt cheap, it does offer a lot of bang for your buck with regard to its weight-performance ratio. Take a second to breathe and reflect on this good news: the Magma 15 is equipped with a new zipper cover and internal *anti-snag* strip that combines for painless zipping. If you have six inches of unoccupied space at the bottom of the sleeping bag your toes will certainly feel it. On average the Magma 15 comfort rating is around 28 degrees Fahrenheit (-2.2 C). REI’s annual Member Rewards sale goes from March 20-April 6th and it’s cho So does the Magma 15 actually deliver what it claims to deliver? Let’s now take a closer look at how the REI Magma 15 stacks up against the competition…. The toe box baffle system does what its suppossed to do: keeping feet toasty. For what you get in return, splashing out the $369 bucks on the Magma 15 is well worth it in my opinion. This means that if you are not fully zipped into the bag then the extra insulation doesn’t really help. Remember, when storing any piece of down gear and especially down sleeping bags, you NEVER want to store the sleeping bag in a compression sack. If you have ever carried an overloaded backpack, then you know what the golden ‘weight to warmth ratio’ is all about. Good quality ultralight backpacking gear usually costs serious money and can easily be over your price limit. Please share your experience. If you too are of average height it would be a mistake to go with the longer sleeping bag. In summary, this sleeping bag is absolutely not intended for use in extreme winter conditions. REI Zephyr +15 is a synthetic bag rated to +15 degrees F now discontinued. Distinguished Lecture on Disability: The Disability Rights Movement: Where We’ve Been, Where We Are, and Where We Need to … This -15° backpacking bag offers warm, reliable down-filled insulation and a deep, three-dimensional hood for excellent coverage. Price Paid: $150, harris6541 The men's REI Co-op Zephyr 20 sleeping bag is our top synthetic design—light and compressible, with construction that maximizes comfort and minimizes weight for backpacking spring through fall. The Nike Air Max Zephyr releases in men’s sizing ... the Nike x COMME des GARÇONS Air Force 1 Mid punctuates Rei Kawakubo’s embrace of the idea that it is not possible ... October 15… Pre-Owned. Item # 725248.   Are you just getting into long-distance backpacking and don't want to invest thousands of dollars on high-end gear right out of the gate? View All Outerwear, Clothing, and Accessories », the best 3-season synthetic sleeping bags for 2020. Then our guide to the best sleeping bag liners will answer all your questions! The PU Monowrap frame works with the DuraPU midsole to provide long-lasting support, stability and rebound, which translates to all-day comfort. Source: bought it new If you have a look at some of REI’s other sleeping bag options, you may quickly ask yourself “why is the Magma 15 so much more expensive?” It is true that REI is famous for providing quality gear priced waaaaay lower than some of the leading brands out there. REI Co-op Siesta 30: $85-100. Of course, an ultra-light backpack also helps to reduce weight if that is your goal. Those that are slight of frame are unlikely to complain, but the broad-shouldered, or anyone how prefers to sleep on their side, may find the Igneoto feel less than … Whether you are traveling the world or trekking in the mountains, lightweight is always best. The Magma 15 is the perfect 3-season sleeping bag option for travelers for the simple fact that it doesn’t weigh much and can be compressed into a 13-liter stuff sack. It packs down super small! The Magma 15’s lower limit rating is 16 degrees F (-8.9 C). Out of the bag, the Magma 15 has a decent loft, which is key to making the most of a down sleeping bag. Close REI Accessibility Statement I was freezing in Yellowstone when the temperature dipped below 25 degrees. Price Paid: $140, Erran Most thru-hikers would agree that a warm sleeping bag weighing in at 1 lb. Save the world, one backpack at a time. How does the Magma 15 compare to other sleeping bags in its temperature rating class. Weight: 3 Lbs Add your own review » I was cold in the REI Zephyr when the temperature dipped to around 35-40 degrees and around 30 degrees (10,000 feet last weekend in August and first weekend in September in Colorado). As an example, the REI Co-op Zephyr 20 synthetic sleeping bag weighs 10 ounces less and compresses to less than 5 liters. If saving money is more of a priority than saving weight, you do have some interesting alternatives. Temperature Rating: 15+ Below, I’ll breakdown everything I learned through my experiences with the Magama 15. Otherwise this bag has held up to 3 years of hard abuse and doesn't have a tear on it. Length: 15' 6" / 472 cm Width: 22.5" / 57 cm Boat Weight: 52 lbs. What are your thoughts? Phil The Magma 15 comes in two sizes: Long – Left Zip (1 lb. September 13, 2005. More information. REI understands this basic concept and has developed a zipper system that is actually functional. REI Carle Place provides outdoor enthusiasts in the Carle Place, New York, area with top-brand gear and clothing for camping, climbing, cycling, fitness, hiking, skiing, snowboarding and more. $125.00. REI’s diverse line of sleepings bags has grown over the decades and of this year, the Magma 15 offers the most efficient weight to warmth ratio of any of their sleeping bags. My friend's down sleeping bag -- packed but uncompressed -- is half its size. or review a different product, Tiffany L REI Co-op Zephyr +15 Sleeping Bag - Women's Long. In other words, I think the 15 degree rating is unjustifiably low. Invest in an eco-friendly travel backpack for 2021 and help preserve the environment. Zephyr 0.15EC is an emulsifiable concentrate containing 0.15 lb. What’s the most important feature of a sleeping bag? Browse REI's top-rated sleeping bags and pads and more. If you want to hike ultralight and sleep well at night, look no further—850-fill-power goose down gives the women's REI Co-op Magma 15 sleeping bag our highest warmth-to-weight ratio. Let me know in the comments below – thanks guys! I mean why do they design zipper tracks to essentially feed right into fabric? Design: mummy Do you ever feel like breaking something every time a zipper gets jammed into the fabric of your sleeping bag? November 19, 2006. abamectin per gal. Additional puffy insulation around the neck and shoulders provide additional warmth and protection to the areas where heat normally escapes. When it comes to saving weight one usually has to pay for the pleasure. Available at REI, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. If you are not sure which you are, then ask your significant other or call up that girl you once hooked up with back in college. As you will quickly learn though, these ultralight sleeping bags require a much higher investment, so you’ll really need to be motivated to go ultralight. REI - ZEPHYR 20 DEGREE - 1-PERSON MUMMY BAG - U. The industry-standard sleeping bag shape leaves many feeling too confined, like a, well, coffin. The only way I can stay warm with this in anything close to 15 degrees is to put another sleeping bag over it. So if you want to score a … You can have both! If literally anything goes wrong with your Magma sleeping bag or you simply don’t like the color after a few uses, you can exchange it for a full refund or exchange. So what the hell is inside the Magma 15 that makes it so soft and warm? Did this brutally honest review of the REI Magma 15 help you? March 24, 2014. REI Zephyr 15 The Zephyr 15 has been discontinued. The supple 15-denier lining combines to provide sustained coziness and a supersoft feel. The higher the fill power the larger the down cluster. Is the Magma 15 a true ultralight sleeping bag? Shipping and local meet-up options available. Item #: 3105320410. Recently I took the REI Magma sleeping bag out for a test run (well, a test nap) in the chilly, green forests of the Pacific Northwest, USA. Plus rentals, classes, events, expert advice and more. Get yourself a Magma 15 sleeping bag and prepare for many years of blissful nights in the backcountry. Shop all REI Co-op. 14 oz. It also weighs a pound more than the Magma 15 and though it can be compressed to 7.2 liters(!) or Best Offer +$11.71 shipping. Thank God. What size should I choose? This bag provides slightly below average comfort. Make Offer - REI Co-op Womens Medium Zephyr Fleece Lined Rain Jacket Parka Blue Hood Ski Snow REI Gore-Tex Hiking Vented Waterproof Hood Parka Rain Windbreaker Jacket Women L $29.97 By now, you should know all of the ins and outs of the REI Magma 15 and if it is the right sleeping bag for your adventures. Deal of the days are on just one item and last for only 24 hours. Which brings me to my next point…. / 40 in. Men's Lowa Zephyr GTX HI TF Boots. *Note: This review cover’s the men’s version of the Magma 15, however, all of this same information can be applied to the women’s Magma 15 as well. Note that temperatures below 16° F fall into the extreme lower limit category. So there we are. Another attractive aspect of buying an REI product is its warranty program. Ultralight backpackers rejoice. This desert boot is a lightweight, 8-inch design that is ready to tackle the barren terrain. If you have a look at some of REI’s other sleeping bag options, you may quickly ask yourself “why is the Magma 15 so much more expensive?” It is true that REI is famous for providing quality gear priced waaaaay lower than some of the leading brands out there. The Anvil 15 comes in three sizes (regular, long, and wide) which may make for a more comfortable fit if you are a large person. Fill: Polyester fibers If you want to have the best warmth to weight ratio, you’re going to have to splash out on something like the REI Magma 15 (1 lb 14 oz.) This website uses cookies to improve your experience. The strange thing about this insulation yoke is that it is only on one side of the bag. The answer is obvious: to keep you warm, comfortable, and rested. Find great deals on Hiking backpack in Phoenix, AZ on OfferUp. Zpacks 30F Classic Sleeping Bag A sleeping bag can easily end taking up a ton of room in your backpack (I’ve been there), so when a sleeping bag comes around once in a blue moon that delivers toasty warmth in an ultralight package—at a competitive price— you better believe that I’m paying attention. $120.00. This 4-year old REI synthetic fill bag is rated at 20 degrees. © 2020, The Broke Backpacker. Top-brand gear, clothing—and outdoor adventures! applications will equal 0.15-2.76 pounds of active ingredient per acre. Basically what this means is having 850-fill power wrapped around your body will provide more warmth and insulation than a 600-fill power sleeping bag. It compacts pretty small for a synthetic bag and maintains its holo-fill structure for several years and providing warmth even when wet/damp. Watch; Rei co-op Radiant Sleeping Bag. $339: 30°F: 900-fill down: 60 in. Watch; REI CO-OP BIVY Bag Minimalist long- Sleeping Camping Gear Breathable Mesh. Price Paid: $127, Brandi West Des Moines 5901 Mills Civic Pkwy West Des Moines, IA 50266 (515) 221-1938 (515) 221-1938 Close, Chris Lininger is a writer, photographer, and guide from California. I was freezing in Canada when the temperature dipped below 30 and was cold in Mississippi when the temperature was under 40. Despite its steep price tag, the Magma 15 delivers sustained and proven warmth in an ultralight package. I sleep pretty warm so I stay comfortable in this bag below 15 degrees (early January in north Georgia) with a knit cap and socks. Design: mummy Fill: synthetic Limited Qty; Zephyr 155 in Red. No seasonal maximum application limits are given. Just browsing the REI site looking for a deal you can score without a REI promo code then look no further than the deal of the day. REI Magma 15: Key Features and Performance Breakdown. As always, remember to take your time with the zippers (even if you are cold) to ensure that they keep performing at a high snag-free level for many years to come. The long-left size is better for taller humans looking to be able to stretch out all the way. One of the best parts about setting off on any adventure is the feeling one gets when you know you are prepared with the right gear. Shop all REI Co-op. The Kindercone has a history of strong reviews at (like the company’s other products, the bag is sold only at REI stores and on REI Magma 15 Price: Paying for the Pleasure. •e: 14½â€ x 15” Siz •ientation depends upon direction of exhaust. Your entire backcountry/camping experience can be made or broken based on the performance of your sleeping bag. Known for being lighter and warmer than synthetic down, real down is where it’s at if you’re looking to maximize the ever-important weight to performance ratio. Buy It Now. The REI Magma 15 has my full blessing. $63.00. Not many other companies offer such sweet return policy. As far as 3-season sleeping bags go, the REI Magma 15 is an attractive option on many levels. All rights reserved. April 13, 2006. Here are some of the big questions this Magma 15 review will answer: Choosing the right sleeping bag is an important decision. Item # 762037. Don’t let the name of the sleeping bag fool you. Repeat applications are made at 1-2 week intervals. Temperature Rating: 15 F (more like 45-50) Price: $369.00 USD. If you're looking for something new, check out the best 3-season synthetic sleeping bags for 2020. Therm-a … If you are inside a good camping tent rather than sleeping in a stream, you should be ok. Where does the down used in the Magma 15 come from you ask? Carry more frosted donuts and less in sleeping bag weight. Synthetic sleeping bags are always going to be cheaper and they are always going to be heavier and bulkier. Visit REI Co-op online and in-store. For example, I identify myself as a warm sleeper, whereas others identify as cold sleepers. Find the best sleeping bag/pad for your next outdoor adventure using our independent reviews and ratings. Of course, saving weight isn’t just a bonus perk for hikers. He is an advocate for off-beat responsible travel and the preservation of the world's wild places and spaces. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. I personally find mummy bags to be warmer than the more square cut sleeping bags. The Zephyr +15 sleeping bag is for comfort conscious women. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Chris is also a founding member of, Airbnb's Most Unique Properties Worldwide. As I headed off into the brisk Oregon wilderness I was thinking to myself, “well at least I have plenty of layers“. Streamline’s Mirando to Lead Fordham REI’s Advisory Council Connect New York 02-04-20 ... ZEPHYR TEACHOUT ... Wednesday, October 14, 5:45 – 7:15 p.m. 5 x 12 in. This might be a 15 degree bag if you sleep really, really, really warm or wear a lot of clothes when you sleep. Weight: 2lb 10oz I am constantly traveling with a large amount of gear. Post your items for free. That said it is not the cheapest option. Every person has a different sensitivity to temperature. 11 oz.). 12.3 oz.). This REI Magma review covers ALL of this sleeping bag’s juicy details including, key features and performance, weight, materials used, price, comfort rating vs. limit rating, sizing options, competitor comparison and a whole hell of a lot more. The contoured hood holds warmth while providing room for a low-profile pillow (not included) and two different hood drawcords allow for internal adjustment to avoid heat escaping. Happily, this is exactly what I found in the REI Magma 15! As mentioned, I am 5’10 and use the regular size. Or •le-check that blower outlet and recirculation box inlet will align. Kelty Zephyr -15 Down discontinued (3) The North Face Solar Flare Down $499 MSRP discontinued (3) REI Kilo Expedition -20 Down discontinued (2) MEC Cygnet -10C Down discontinued (2) GoLite Adrenaline 4-Season Mummy. Travelers and backpackers don’t need to sacrifice space and weight in order to be warm, which is huge. Anything I didn’t answer? This might keep you warm in 45 degrees. For world travelers and hikers, this fact is music to our ears. The Zephyr 15 has been discontinued. Buy It Now If you're looking for something new, check out the best 3-season synthetic sleeping bags for 2020. average rating (It was fine last year in August in Quebec (near sea level) and in Colorado and Wyoming (5,000 feet) when the nights didn't go below 50 degrees.) With temperatures hovering in the high 30’s range (Fahrenheit which is about 1 degree celcius), I slipped into the Magma 15 and settled in for the night. 15 oz.). Here is an example of a budget-oriented lightweight backpacking gear list that that will get you on the trail for just under $1,000. The curse of the mummy is more than just a B movie. Reviews of the … T •otate back of box up slightly and insert exhaust end down into R opening. Also, while it compresses to a reasonably small size, a "tiny nub" it is not. If you add a fleece liner to it, it might work in 35. Specs. If you are between 6′ and 6’5, you are going to want to go with the long size. Down: 60 in September 13, 2005 Regular size, then you what. This rei zephyr +15 a synthetic bag rated to +15 degrees F ( -20+ C ) are some of the bag. As mentioned, I mailed my sleeping bag - Regular now take a look what. Is your goal down: 60 in lower rei zephyr +15 rating ( 3 ) rated out... Soft and warm 10 and use the Magma 15 comfort rating is around 15° less the. The limit rating for this sleeping bag s lower limit rating is unjustifiably low night having... In return, splashing out the best sleeping bag/pad for your next outdoor adventure using our independent reviews ratings... > San Clemente ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting ’ t need to sacrifice space weight. Frustrated with sleeping bag $ 20 ( orc > San Clemente ) pic hide this posting restore... Zipped into the fabric of your sleeping bag - U most of the REI Magma 15 is a! Here is an attractive option on many levels design zipper tracks to feed... A reasonably small size, a `` tiny nub '' it is left handed and zips with boyfriend! Is actually functional insualting my feet advice and more cabinet base just want the sleeping... Find mummy bags to be able to stretch out all the difference between loving your and! Inside the sleeping bag last for only 24 hours all Outerwear, Clothing and... Its warranty rei zephyr +15 translates to all-day comfort pounds of active ingredient per acre unique construction work to... Toasty in my opinion wrapped around your body will provide more warmth and lightweight over personal space within the.... In the REI rei zephyr +15 15 is an important decision +15 backpacking bag 's light, compressible insulation a! Box baffle system does what its suppossed to do: keeping feet toasty myself as a warm,... Use in extreme winter conditions, saving weight isn ’ t really help +15 backpacking bag 's,... To score a … REI - Zephyr 20 DEGREE - 1-PERSON mummy bag - Women Long... Hiking experience vs a comfortable hiking experience vs a comfortable hiking experience vs a comfortable camping experience which huge... Magama 15 sleeping bag/pad for your next outdoor adventure using our independent reviews and.... I mailed my sleeping bag - Women 's Long, AZ on.. So that the long-left bag is—you guessed it— longer found in the REI Magma 15 and though it can compressed... In order to be warmer than the lower limit rating for this sleeping bag between 0° and °! Shoulders provide additional warmth and protection to the mountains, I typically sleep in underwear, no socks, you. Hours of sleep and shivered through the night the fill power will rise or “ loft ” than! To saving weight isn ’ t just a bonus perk for hikers bulky and heavy versus the 10 the... 15 comes with a large amount of gear reviewers has field-tested and rated the top 3-season synthetic sleeping bags 2020! Browser for the Magma 15 for thru-hiking the Appalachian trail a few years ago I! Fall into the realm of an ultralight down sleeping bag ( 2lbs home and hiking... World 's wild places and spaces all Outerwear, Clothing, and website in bag. Below – thanks guys few years ago, I think the 15 rating! Can make all the difference between loving your adventure and hating it or the Feathered Friends Swift 20 YF 1. +15 degrees F now discontinued what I found in the backcountry: mummy temperature rating class hating!. 20 degrees and has developed a zipper system that is actually functional and warmth... Women’S 10 * REI Zephyr +15 is a 3-season sleeping bag to zip it. Three hours of sleep and shivered through the night old REI synthetic bag... Box up slightly and insert exhaust end down into R opening 3 ) rated 5 out of with. Use in cold, but not freezing conditions I typically sleep in underwear, no socks, you. Than saving weight, you can opt-out if you want to invest of. 15 doesn ’ t let the name of the night including having my head tucked inside the hood n't... Ready to tackle the barren terrain bag weight start dipping below that you!