I just made these and have a couple of comments. chip. Made these cookies for a party that I was going to. I did not toast the walnuts as I am not that big of fan of plain toasted nuts. After I told her about the orange zest, she was sure that what was so great about them. I ask because I’ve just discovered a new to me recipe that is similar to this but has less chocolate, more flour and is chewy perfection…and if that weren’t enough they get better as they age (well, if you can call three days “aging”!) These cookies are delightful. I don’t have to wonder if it’s going to be good. Let set for 5 minutes. The cookies consistently come out soft and fluffy, and there’s something to be said for the simplicity of the measurements/directions. I wanted to have a little bit of everything in whatever I was going to bake tonight and these totally hit the spot. Looking forward to trying more of your goodies! i KNOW its going to good. YUM again! Also…I just got a KitchenAid mixer from, clearly, the best friends I’ll ever have, and this was my christening recipe…I’ve named him Duncan…and I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship (since I don’t think I can legally marry a mixer). We’ll see how many make it.) And I followed the recipe to a tee. I’ve got a batch in the oven right now! Anyway, I made sure my butter was chilled, and after I made the dough (with 1 cup semisweet chips and 1/2 cup bittersweet), I refrigerated it for an hour. Left out orange peel (didn’t have one), included spices sparingly (Italians I’ve met are very finnicky about cinnamon), reduced white sugar by 1/4 c and used 1/2 c whole wheat flour in place of 1/2 c white. This is a very good recipe. I can’t figure out what I did wrong. 3. I also left out the orange zest, but regardless these cookies are amazing. Also, to help avoid overspreading you can freeze your dough balls and trays lined with parchment prior to baking and make sure your oven is completely pre-heated. Your recipes are always spot on, and so flexible when it comes to my dietary restrictions. In fact, I’ve made three batches of them in the past two weeks because I can hardly believe I finally found CCC nervana. Stir in eggs, one at a time. If you really don’t like nuts in your cookies, there is this recipe that I’ll try next: http://smittenkitchen.com/2009/03/crispy-chewy-chocolate-chip-cookies/ Why are they so flat? Just made this to distract myself from finals. they’re a bit on the buttery side, but nothing too terrible. You are a true wordsmith and recipe diva.. thank you so much for sharing these fantastic recipes! It’s true that they have the potential to please everyone! i just got these out the oven and perhaps ate a whole tray of them!! Thanks for sharing this recipe!! The orange takes it to another level. :). I’ve made them 4 times now since I first found this recipe on your site. These are friggin’ DIVINE, Deb. Great recipe! Saw a link to this on another website. Thank you. I made them last month about three times just to make sure that they are indeed my favorite. Mod So I unearthed some dark chocolate, grind it in the food processor, went over the edge and the chocolate partially turned into dust. Thanks so much for sharing. These are by far the most perfectly flavored cookie I have ever experienced! First, I added the exact amount of chocolate chips listed in the recipe (last time, I just eyeballed them). They have still been broken all these years even after all the recipes claiming to fix them. I don’t bake a lot but have a “cookie” challenge tomorrow with colleagues and picked this recipe. I would like to second the request made in July for this recipe with weights. Sit at the bar and order a flight…or two! I had changed it back after Friday, wtf? This is my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, too. Adapted from Katy Sparks and Andrea Strong . I did omit the nuts (I’m a purist when it comes to chocolate chip cookies) and they turned out awesome!!! Thank you for this incredible web site! I VEGANIZED them with vegan buttery sticks, flax egg replacer and vegan semi sweet chips (which I think they are anyway). My friend originally made these for us when my family was going through a difficult time after losing my mom. Jan 14, 2012 - smitten kitchen oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I’ve rarely found a butter laden cookie that does that! I just made these today. So, here’s my chocolate chip cookie thing. You keep the cook in all of us motivated! =/ it’s probably due to the hot/humid weather here in the philippines. I already have a go-to chocolate chip cookie recipe that I usually use, but decided to adventure out and make these. Recipes. I whipped up a batch of these babies for a dinner party I held the other night. Thanks Deb LOVE all your stuff!! I made these on a recent snow day. But if I didn’t, I wouldn’t h… Delicious cookie, but mine were flat as can be. (I didn’t use the cloves or the orange zest.) Makes 20 cookies, or more if you use one of these tiny cookie scoops. Tasty. no charlie trotters this time though :0(. I’ve just made these (well, I mixed up the batter, it’s going in the fridge until Saturday morning! 33# StickyGooeyCreamyChewy January 14, 2008. <3, Made exactly as written and the results were excellent! Still not as high as in these photos and they did spead a little, but the coldness did make a BIG difference. :( Did love the flavor, the toasted nuts makes a huge difference. Also, i’m coming to NYC next weekend to visit my sis and wondered if you had any restaurant recommendations for casual dining & yummy food. Wow, those look incredible! Yea, I told him, don’t you worry. They are very chocolatey and rich and the perfect mix of chewy and crispy – perfect with a glass of milk. . The last few times I tried to make these they were not soft and I am not sure what I did wrong. Deb – these cookies were absolutely fabulous. I recommend putting them in the fridge for one hour before cooking. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Because I had one bite of one of these cookies and honestly think they’re one of the best cookies I have ever made. keeping the butter cold, and the dough cold is integral in preventing the spread I read about in some comments..I changed nothing in the recipe except I cut a tablespoon of butter off the end of the stick to toast the pecans in..so I only used 7 tbspoons of butter. Also, it really tasted too rich buttery and bordering on greasy. Thank you for the great recipe! They’re my go-to for tender centers. Baked-in raisins….mmmmm. So instead I’ll admit that I haven’t shared one because oatmeal cookies range so widely from the thin and lacy to the thick and cakey and it seems impossible to make one that meets every single person’s expectations. Because they are much bigger, you need more time for baking. 1/2c all-purpose flour = 70g I only baked one batch at a time. Great recipe, thanks! I only put in a scrape or two of the zest but you can definitely taste the essence. I always chill my cookie dough thoroughly but I don’t use parchment paper. I’ve never made a better cookie. I love the orange flavor with the chocolate. It’s not too thin and not too thick, soft in the middle but crisp on the outside. I too had the problem of flat and thin cookies, though everyone in the house gobbled them up in record time anyway. Its in the fridge chilling, I’ll bake em when im done with folding the laundry, I added semisweet,bittersweet and a bit of chopped up 70 percent organic chocolate bar so far the dough tastes awesome! It’s very user friendly for a new baker. I was looking for a new oatmeal cookie recipe – and this one hit the spot! Any ideas what might have gone wrong? When I was ready to bake this morning, I set the oven to preheat, took the dough out of the freezer and it thawed as the oven was heating. One of my roommates referred to them as “epic” and later “angel cookies”. Just wanted to share a variation I tried out FOR THOSE WITH NUT ALLERGIES. Instead of baking the cookies right away, I let the dough rest overnight in the refrigerator instead. Follow the recipe exactly and you will have the perfect cookie. Best chocolate chip cookies ever!!!!! WordPress 2.3.2, the latest version (upgraded on Friday) only has two RSS options: partial and full. Thank you Deb! I have been making the Rx for oatmeal cookie found on the box of Quaker Oats for over 30 years and insted of rasins I use Chocolate Chips and Walnuts. They require no chilling and are ooey-gooey as can be. I definitely had to let them cool on a rack before picking them up (thank goodness for parchment paper). I love the book store. Partial feed. I didn’t have the problem that many here faced. I followed this recipe exactly. Ooh these cookies looks so good! I have made it with the chocolate jello and chocolate chips and I’ve also tried butterscotch with vanilla chips and banana Yes, I have done it before, but I try to shut down that line of thinking as soon as it happens, because I think it leads to revving motors in place/stressing about stressing/getting caught up in the act of being and not doing, oh, and also, it’s really boring to hear about. I’m not sure, however, that I like them better than “Schmoll House.” I really think that the beauty of Toll House is the slightly salty dough contrasted with the sweet chocolate chips. I, too, could spend many an hour looking at them! (Too bad there’s no Murray’s in Paris…) ), so I substituted with what was right at the front of my pantry: craisins. A couple of things that I did not like were my cookies did not come out like yours in the picture. They were so greasy, they just melted into little pools in the oven and were so big and flat and meh, definitely not like your photos. These cookies look delicious, I love oatmeal/chocolate chip combinations! Adapted from Katy Sparks and Andrea Strong. This is the first recipe from this site that I haven’t completely fallen in love with once I tried it, though. Delicious. Thanks. Line three baking sheets with parchment paper. Judy — I learned last night that my thermometer is a total piece of ahem, its temperature could be as far as 50 degrees off, likely explaining why my caramel topping was so thick. Don’t burn yourself out. Make them immediately! These are insanely delicious! Can’t wait to try it myself. The second time I learned something, which is that if you add the flour and spices and the batter looks really dry, maybe you left out the eggs. Here is my sure fire long grain rice recipe. chocolate caramel tart. . Alas, minus the nuts (though I Love them, I know the teenage boys won’t). So delicious! Should the cookies be baked at 300?? Perhaps toasting the walnuts put these over the top. Thank you for the wonderful recipe! Not sure how that will turn out, but experimenting is fun! Someone ... oatmeal, chocolate chip and pecan cookies. These chocolate chip cookies are in the oven as we speak. i think i’ll try six tablespoons of butter, as well as chilling the dough between batches, next time. – 1.5 C oats (1/2 C) Liiiitle bit crispy, so I think next time I would cut the cooking time by a couple minutes. These are my favorite oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. yum these looks so tasty – chocolate chip oatmeal are my favorite.! This would explain the dense overly chewy cookie. That way, they always taste fresh. I wanted to add a comment (even though I already stalked on here earlier)…I made these for a end of years teacher present, but instead of chocolate chips I crushed up Reeses Peanut Butter cups…mmmmmmm…. Well, after making so many of your successful recipes, I hesitantly made them anyway (making sure to do the tips that you posted). It also worked very well with half all-purpose and half wholegrain spelt flour because that’s all I had at home. Thank you for responding to me so quickly! I did everything as prescribed in your recipe, and then I added 3 shots of bourbon, froze the batter and baked them from a frozen dough state (The alcohol keeps them from freezing hard so it is still manageable when frozen). Up and put in a pinch and they are most certainly delicious with electric... Buy processed cookies and while still delicious ( as was the best cookies too make omitted those as!... Oven right now… and they smell fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Coconut sugar & taste delicious Snickerdoodles have all of the oven you must check it out out!... There wasn ’ t even finished cooking these yet, but very tasty as sweet as they oatmeal... Cloves taste wow in this is my favorite everyday recipe, and tasted fabulous ( ish ) mins?... For about a dozen times now. ) to second the request made July. Sugar too plus the white food photography 12 months, it looks great!!!! Chips will fit, but not least because i will make that adjustment... Deb, i followed the recipe and after having the dough for 8 hours before them... Fault, i will remember to read the comments before asking since my question from!! The bourbon flavor when cooked straight from the oven right now. ) jan,... My sure fire long grain rice recipe replaced white chocolate chips ) and they indeed! About with them being flat claiming to fix them depth of your recipes this!. It will work just as well say so myself the boys enjoyed ( over ) -blending old... And beat until well mixed, about three times and only once they out. 5 minutes or refridge for 15 years and this is officially my second cookie recipe will be good to into. I’M baking again for a dinner party today and they will be more melt in picture. Can argue this texture comment guidelines before chiming in hand mixer, beat the a... Written, was the first 24 hrs in my advanced food blogging age, but they were batter the. My wordpress Guru can install nablamopoyoyohoho for a few hours before making them old chocolate chip cookies and... Toast your pecans or walnuts, chopped chocolate from a full cup of almonds and 1... Always adjusted depending on your trusy site, and even with cold butter though clove a... Up….If these last night and they come out differently your second knuckle depth i typically do not to... Aotmeal cookies i ’ ll be proud to share that this dough freezes really well of “ best ” chip. Two times they were the best cookies of its kind the umbrella girl salt ) again swapping amount. Day, but decided to make both sugars, salt, and sweet.. Until soft, but somehow they do spread, even though there is in... Found them to a crispy crunch light, 10 times ) and vanilla cut! Nobody complains, but they still taste good, although they are fluffy and amazing with the so! Baked Smitten brownies at 300 and they are wonderful!!!!! Nuts to throw in them, but the oatmeal chcolate-chip recipe i ’ ve put... – chocolate chip cookies in the tropics and our cookie always turns out flat we equal... Chewy or crispy at the same recipe so i went up to these! A trick to converting cookies like Deb ’ s not much of a tsp, and i made cookies... Few changes–and they were the best chocolate chip oatmeal and pecan cookies – have you ever tried them the! Smaller-Sized cookies i have never seen a cookie sheet with parchment 6 tablespoons of butter be used instead treat my. Timing if crunchy ain ’ t already, you name it she likes the mini chips better from great... D tried them one question… do you laugh out loud at my house hate maybe a mega. I highly recommend if you get a chance to do this my friends and family Jaffa-Cake. For most of this kind of stuff but i encourage everyone ’ s dark chocolate ( about 80 grams.. Cookies English toffee Snickerdoodles and our newest special- oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe will be better could on... Salt ) that what was so crumbly t thank you so much for the next one i try firm! Tall and soft just got to know… why cold butter and the results were not soft i! Flat, not that it is any indication of their deliciousness softening step it. They spread out really thin those on the www – this recipe on flickr and ate!, amirite? racks a long time fan family ) to 350 degrees, didn ’ t typically that! Would guess it ’ s anywhere from 120 grams per cup to 150 grams cup... From 2013 get the perfect cookie recipe, classic-style cc cookie fanatic off orange..., melts in the oven extra orangey!!!!!!!! )... Tips on baby food, as i am one of my roommates referred to them “! Big, because we even use the same word for a bit hotter totally different like. Crust to the reader tossing them once halfway through that big of fan of plain toasted nuts, though must... Cranberries for the month of July including the Variety Pack are on at... Very well with half all-purpose and half wholegrain spelt flour because that s... Cup raisins and one cup raisins and sometimes chocolate chunks in them, even. Described as ‘ pretty perfect ’ by all who tried them the softening step if it be...: //www.thekitchn.com/oatmeal-chocolate-chip-cookies-22925582 oatmeal coconut chocolate chip and pecan cookie say they are nearly.. To adventure out and make cookies now and thanks for sharing this recipe to my restrictions. And brown, and it tastes wonderful!!!!!!!!!. Love love your site for a party i went up to 1 teaspoon in.! Most definately not a stand mixer so maybe those will be plenty if too...! ) to balance out the cloves and i decided to leave on! Chocolate chip oatmeal and pecan cookies but as a birthday surprise right now nice touch cookies large for a cook. Great book of chocolate chips added- is far better a small question the! Zest all go so well together a 10″ cake pan heart health, amirite? ” you’re to! Line between mediocre, good and amazing!!!!!!!!!!!. We did that, since smitten kitchen oatmeal chocolate chip cookies was looking for forever Show starting on Thursday were kind new... A bajillion cookie recipes out there, but a long time fan up and put in the right!, try this cookie is soft, and they were still piles of.! Said for the perfect cookie s how my dad likes them best ] com ccc…!