It simplifies the way you record tests and helps you delegate testing to a QA team that does not want to write JavaScript. Installing TestCafe; Command Line Interface TestCafe Studio uses a URL rewrite proxy which allows it to work without the WebDriver. an element is visible, with the following properties: TestCafe supports desktop browsers, mobile, remote, and cloud browsers, for both UI and headless testing. TestCafe is a self-sufficient end-to-end testing solution that combines unmatched ease-of-use with advanced automation and robust built-in stability mechanisms. The documentation on this webpage describes TestCafe v2015.1. Install on macOS. This section provides general information on TestCafe and describes the ways you can use it. Finally, you'll discover TestCafe Studio, the IDE developed by the makers of TestCafe for creating tests using an easy-to-use GUI that lets you create test suites without writing any Javascript. This allows us to implement features you cannot find in Selenium-based tools (for example, testing on remote devices without installing plugins, auto-wait mechanisms, etc.). TestCafe actions can interact with elements if they satisfy the following conditions: an element is within the body element of a page window or an