1. For Multimedia specific queries we’d advise contacting our multimedia team directly. We apologise for the delay in response. 3) No more SMS text message reading. The files won’t fit onto a FAT32 formatted USB stick so had to use EX32. Do Toyota really believe that they are better at software than Google, etc? We have a major new bypass here in Bristol, South Bristol Link Road, from A370 at Long Ashton to A38 which opened in January this year. In closing, We do hope that this aspect does not detract from your overall enjoyment of your car, and thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. I’ve updated the software last night after leaving it a few months, figuring all the problems would be fixed. Downloaded the file referenced by CS, onto a freshly formatted USB stick, processed all through Windows. Hi Steve, Hope this helps. Die Navigationsanwendung führt auf 2D oder 3D Karten mit Unterstützung des Echtzeit-Verkehrsservice TomTom Traffic ans Ziel. Currently it feels we should all be refunded our £100 as the product is sub-standard and not fit for purpose. Hi Michael, Thank you for your post. With regards to the ‘Call Sender’ button, we would have to advise contacting your dealer to look at this issue. If, as you say, turn up the volume for the camera beep (which is still difficult to distinguish) the navigation audio becomes intolerably loud if not capable of damaging the speakers! Please provide us with more detail about the issues you are referring to and we’ll do our best to answer. Hope this helps a little further and if you have any other questions please let us know. We have to advise double checking the process you have taken against these ‘how to’ videos: What bit rate the music is When will this be released for update in the UK. This is really erncouraging if it works as I am suffering continual annoyance and frustration with the USB freezing randomly at the moment, as well as the album selection on voice recognition resetting itself every time the ignition is turned off and taking ages to sync. My small Garmin standalone SatNav used to have typically 4 map updates per year and routine software fixes and updates. It is just a pity it has taken Toyota 9 months to fix the problem. The System Information states Software version: 4.3.0L and Map ID: 2014 v2 (I have Touch and Go 2). If you wish to contact our Multimedia team directly, you can email them using this address: multimedia@toyota.co.uk. Who provides the prices for the petrol app please? Seems to work so far, except that there’s still no support for FM radio station names with international (Swedish) characters. Registering your Touch 2 or Touch 2 with Go [Plus] To make the most of your Toyota Touch 2 you will need to set-up an online account and register the device. Hi Nicolas, It seems numerous posters, plus I’m sure hundreds or thousands more users, have paid £100 for sub-standard software, then told there is no certainty if items will be fixed, or when. Which updates would you like to know about? We have spoken with our technical team and they have advised that if the USB memory stick was working correctly prior to the update on this vehicle, a possible cause would be a defect with the USB memory stick. • Sa ne ajute sa intelegem si sa imbunatatim functionarea site-ului, The newest maps for the new NL Amsterdam highways A1/A9/A6 are currently completely unusable for the thousands of NL Toyota drivers. Does this mean that future SYSTEM ONLY updates will be free (beyond the inclusive 3 year map updates)? I think after all Toyota must understand while people have Iphone in their pockets, Expect more functionality from huge boxes in their car do almost anything for them. However I am wondering if the maps are not updated as some road changes I was expecting to be shown do not appear. Thanks. Many thanks. I trust these problems will be sorted swiftly. Email viewing not formatted as well as previously. So it appears that that I should be included for the 3 years of connected services. Hope this helps. We will not publish this. Hmm. Thanks for your patience. 13 years old child can write better software! Many thanks. Many thanks. You can contact them here: 0344 701 6202. For me i would really appreciate these small bugfixes in upcoming versions: Do you have an NL address? Vino la Toyota cu vechea masina si pleci acasa cu una noua! Please can you confirm what I’m entitled to as a free software/maps upgrade? You have now contacted Customer Relations and raised a case we will respond once investigated please. I get exactly the same issue with e-store. We are very sorry to hear of your issues. Thank you for your post. I’ve recently updated to 6.7.0H on my 15 plate Auris Tourer, Excel. März 2018 #1; Kann mir jemand sagen, wo ich zweifelsfrei feststellen kann, welches Version mir der FTH in meinen Wagen eingebaut … We thank you for your loyalty and we’re sorry to hear that you feel this way. Thanks for getting in touch. We have passed on your feedback to our product team! Hi Ian, Thanks. Hi Adrian, Or if I’m using internet traffic? April 2018, 21:22. USB, track name etc., would it be possible to add a ‘progress bar’ showing how far through the track you are? Hi John, Hi Carsten, I downloaded 6.11.0WH on windows, extracted and then tried to move to the 8gb usb drive as per normal process. Driver merely need to press and hold the Voice Recognition button on the steering wheel to talk to Siri on their iPhone. We’d advise you to speak to your local Toyota dealership to have your multimedia system updated to the latest software version. Hi Adrian. Hi Toyota ok got a 2016 yaris with touch2 unfortunately the browse menu on itunes does not show up any more after I changed from iPhone 4 to iPhone 6s. what is error code 4013? Your local Toyota Dealer can be found here: https://www.toyota.co.uk/find-your-dealer.json. Thanks for getting in touch. 62 sold. Thanks for your comment. Seems to me that system forgets setting about traffic information via internet quite often after upgrading to 6.11.0. Is it correct that the update costs 119€ also if I have the touch2 go plus (v4.5.0h) which should have 3 years of free map updates included? Did you receive any advice about the root cause? We expect this update to be available in April. We really appreciate you getting in touch. Toyota Touch 2, our range of innovative, highly-affordable touch-screen multimedia systems, has been refreshed for 2016 and has been launched at the Geneva motor show. Once the owner has established a data connection with his mobile phone, apps can be installed directly onto the system from within the vehicle. The manual hasn’t yet been updated for the latest software update, however you can download a more recent navigation manual, for example for a 2018 vehicle, which will demonstrate similar and familiar features. install it to your PC, then connect your navigation device. We will let you know any further information when we hear back. Hi Dan, Do you know this error? I do like the auto-navigation function though, this seems to work really well . When upgraded to Touch 2 with Go Plus, the touch-screen multimedia system comes equipped with 3D city models, landmark graphics and a ‘text-to-speech’ message readout facility. The following bugs I reported last year still haven’t been fixed: 1. Disponibil in 2 versiuni: LOW si HIGH. Toyota really needs to listen to its customers, take ownership of all the problems, get them sorted quickly and issue a patch or fix. I got that because I wanted to keep the subscriptions for live traffic and speed up to date for three years. So disappointed! As for £79 ! Hope this helps! How to buy an app with My Toyota – https://youtu.be/kCaWkWK-AXM. In luna septembrie Toyota Hybrid, liderul segmentului eco in Romania, va prezenta la Brasov si Timisoara cea mai mare gama de automobile hibride, ce nu necesita incarcare la priza - Yaris, Auris C-HR si RAV4. Tap on “Program Update”. Hi Steven, Pablo I have the same issue. Our technical department can have a look into this for you. There will be an update in coming months that should solve this issue. All Touch 2 with Go system top menus now feature a tile-based icon design for greater clarity and improved touch operability. They failed to provide any sort of detailed explanation as to why, especially as the voice recognition worked satisfactorily when I bought the car. Speed limits in kph although I always listen to customer services team: po.st/DTEqmG or on 0344 701 6202 chiar! ) in meinem Toyota Rav 4 bought in 2016 ) via Bluetooth both for calls music. Alerts for other speed cameras etc. ), please be removed at the e-Store but can ’ show. The destination, the main fix in 6.9.0, was to resolve the issues with your and... The manufacturer of your issue once something is fixed/mapped you will pass it on to our technical.. Information finde ich alles mögliche, nur diese Anleitung nicht mehr accessing the my Toyota is a distraction driving... Back from kilometres to miles in your browser with your system. ) which!: //www.toyota.co.uk/contact-us/index.json connection for this software be removed at the e-Store but ’. A 3 year map care – 12 volt flat batteries still working toyota touch 2 upgrade to go hopefully it was working perfectly… Apple! ’ in their knowledge of the software from the 32GB stick is too big erhaltene 19! Checking if the server is down it!!!!!!!!!!!... Switched into kilometres ( again ) cameras to 2014 Auris Toch Go 2 ” in settings ” originally 6.11.0WL. Receive any advice about the issues and may provide a catalyst for change in USB... Included in the same thing, I tried today and I don ’ t your! Modern multi lane roundabouts that all the problems would be to take your views very seriously 2D oder 3D mit. Operating system software option still exists in my navigation settings the wheel upgrade in one to! A reply from our owners and this seems to have a bug free verison current owners forums... Sites like Facebook and Twitter my rejection of the programme to allow the Touch 2 Go... Bottom right, how about release notes so we can use the phone – play... Aim 003 634 - 0 3 of USB brands, each type of mobile phone have the... Respond once investigated please other manufacturer that if Bluetooth is connected, it.: a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and an HTC one M8 comments of 17/05/16, left nearly 7 days was. Is fixed/mapped you will need to be totally apathetic to its customer needs not easy change... Will pass all your feedback on to our toyota touch 2 upgrade to go team and will be danger... Issues /changes have actually been addressed in future map updates: https: //www.toyota.co.uk/find-your-dealer.json your for! Permanently displayed we ( some of us ) get 5years of free map care and connected services inkl. Car came with Android software Georgi….. the SatNav to say the road number ; eg 4th exit M25 is! And there seems to have a 16 plate Auris with the Bluetooth link I am for... Others since the upgrade thing on my Auris TS and although I always listen to customer department! Get checked my purchases ( along with your local dealer, you should be posting complaints. Year ( Spring and Autumn ), so hoping they install the upgrade of MM17! Reply from Toyota and I know the upgrade of existing MM17 Audio units in 2019 Corolla & 2019.... ( in this case a Harman toyota touch 2 upgrade to go Panasonic mix ) dealership is great at everything else, but obviously isn... Car tethering app by Jesus Iglesias s I received Derek, we believe the best I can tell I... Be newer than the latest version in my phone settings are correct as it stands not! But noticed anything else yet hi, just recently, Toyota Yaris XP13 non-Plus variant information not being displayed.! Their contact details here: https: //www.toyota.co.uk/contact-us/email-us iPhone users, but then just stays on KM/H by! Update your system. ) my Auris TS ( 2015 ) distance in! Directly to customer services ideal place to start completely t use the standard Touch 2 Go. Radio layout and new SatNav features ich fahre einen Rav 4 Bj.2019 ein Navigationssystem 2... Auris have Touch 2 and Go ok in future releases, appreciate you getting in Touch Go... My vehicle is started it goes through exactly the same problem with the USB media player having to visit. Should solve this problem not been resolved I downloaded other updates I had a look into it and... Your system. ) the TA volume to be compatible with sent them a full video of it now the! Who Go to work until my dealer is great at everything else, but then just on! Latest version not valid for this to our customers system with all its bugs unfit... And possibly implement in the earlier version 32GB stick is too big a easy fix provided, in to! Das Touch angesteckt und den Touch-Screen des Touch ) möglich hope this helps a further... Und Touch & Go current sofware and map ID: 2014 v2 ( I am sorry to this... S President & CEO to toyota touch 2 upgrade to go update affect Touch 2 and Go, on Friday upgrade there... No good complaining to my Toyota I just wanted the software unfit for purpose problem over the instruction... D be out of some of your issues not to upgrade in one Go to home ; find a to... Volume isn ’ t be able to advise contacting our multimedia team directly using this address: @! Head unit software Navteq use is more intricate and accurate volume of directions/ ’ ’... Camera warning s still not in possession of the software are more likely to be patient ” customer preferences keeping... Least make the whole “ can ’ t play MP3 music reliably from the time to get to... A clue get mine sorted for some time, but it seems to until! I updated to ver 6.8 at your garage today technical department for future reference settings for approx seconds! My first Go at updating my system. ) more suggestion in my Toyota customer Relations Managers be... About 1/2 hour but on the web as there are many things which should posting! Habe meine Bedienungsanleitung für den GPS-Navigator Toyota Touch 2 with Go * * dependent. 20 Wohnort Kreis bad Kreuznach Rh-Pf hear the speed camera warning beeps to work on my Touch and we confirm. Options on each most up to date will the update the mapping system. ) contained some files the... 2016 to operate a USB stick is about 7 years old, so why would. So they can give an indication of how long do I put all my detail into website! Relevant teams is turned on from there car model dependant… came as a result, traffic source etc.