It would, of course, have been so much easier if the dealer had known about the update and put it on as part of the PDI. Hi Mark, Or contact our multimedia team, here: It is not possible to carry out an update from MM13 to MM16 individually (i.e. You can check the devices compatible with Mirrorlink here: A) Play all songs from one artist / band, now you play only one album. I am trying to register my touch and go system on ‘my Toyota’. Thanks. We will investigate and come back to you. How to make a call and access your phone book Unfortunately, we believe the wrong NAV box has been fitted to your vehicle. D) Can I have a random play from selected albums or from all? Is that not an option? 1 – Par din telefon via Bluetooth (til opkald, musik og data). Yes my phone is compatible, it appears your devices are the ones with the issues. Looking forward to hearing from you. Please see our reply to your previous comment. As mentioned in our reply to your previous question, we would recommend contacting the Toyota centre from which you bought your vehicle to discuss this further. You can check what your phone is compatible with here: For USB devises less than 32GB capacity – Windows 10 will offer FAT32 as a formatting option. Many thanks. We’ll then run this past our technical team. To access all the features of the Toyota Touch & Go system you will need to register at the Toyota website. My Auris HSD Excel was registered on November 29th 2016 and has Touch 2 with Go . It does not have the newer touch&go2 head unit and I want to know why not? Thanks. Click REGISTER, and follow the onscreen instructions to access a host of online services which are available to you. If you have Touch & Go +, or Touch 2 with Go +, the speed camera warnings will be available, and can be switched on in the map settings. Hi Registering your Touch 2 or Touch 2 with Go [Plus] To make the most of your Toyota Touch 2 you will need to set-up an online account and register the device. Is it possible to answer/hang up calls using buttons on the steering wheel for this model? I have had a nightmare so far with the touch 2 with go. Many thanks. Any help would be much appreciated. We have just taken delivery of a 2016 Excel Touring and it comes with the Toyota Touch® 2 with Go Plus navigation system. None of it works! It’s not a navigation unit but was led to believe it would have CarPlay or mirroring which would mean I could use navigation from phone. How to pair your phone This is a new feature for our cars, and it was therefore not available in 2015. Hi Geoffrey, Dealer then admitted that this is a common issue with the system being deregistered at the European Centre in Belgium. NB: Aygo uses an alternative multimedia system, Click this link to watch the full playlist of MyToyota video tutorials, I have recently bought a Auris 2015 . We hope you don’t have any issues like this in the future. I’m with Robin here. I also tried within the car, but that didn’t work either. Updating a Touch 2 with Go system is possible via the “My Toyota” portal. The Voice Recognition button is included on all models incase Touch 2 with Go Plus is specified by customers. If your phone is running Mirrorlink 1.1 then unfortunately it will fail to connect. Toyota’s range of innovative, highly-affordable touch-screen multimedia systems, Toyota Touch ® 2, has been refreshed for 2016. Further navigation enhancements include the ability to check Street View images and what the weather is like at your destination. Why can’t Toyota give discounts to people who are stuck with this version? Hi John, Unfortunately it is not possible to do MirrorLink on the Touch multimedia systems. Attempts to find the location of reregistering the Toyota Touch&Go results in a circular reference around the Touch pages. Will I be able to see my phones screen on touch 2 screen?? Only systems with MM17 are eligible for the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto retrofit. In addition, it does not have the features and specifications to support the features provided from My Toyota. What is really sad is behaviour of local toyota service – they told me that “I have damage bluetooth module because I have brake upgrade”. Please ensure you are using a genuine USB lead made by the phone manufacturer. There should be a new update within the next few days which will be free to you- however, if you need this process made simpler your dealer would be able to help! Hi Ella Analytical cookies are used to understand how visitors interact with the website. I just ordered a new land cruiser prado, then I noticed that in every test video it uses the old (mm13?) Thanks for getting in touch. Aiheeseen liittyviä ohjeita. Hi Nathan, Many thanks. Hello David Learn how your comment data is processed. Please don’t ask me to return the vehicle to the dealer, as it will be the fifth time returning the vehicle for rectification of the Touch system in the two weeks that it has been my possession, my disappointment resulting in at least one contract extension cancelled, and a further return will result in the car returned finally and the purchase cancelled. We would advise you to contact your local Toyota Centre to carry out the software update, although you are able to do this yourself via My Toyota. Thanks for getting in touch and congratulations on the new car. What are the added benefits? Regarding this latest Toyota Touch with Go 2 system is it backwards compatible for a November 2014 registered Toyota Verso Excel 1.6 D-4D, which is equipped with a factory assembled Toyota Touch & Go 1 system? Connect your device or media source to the USB port – music … Thanks. How to use sat-nav features So you took features in time from Auris multimedia system that were present at that time. I am not impressed. Hi Malcom, Thanks. Hope this helps for now but Toyota Israel will be able to advise further. Thanks. We would suggest taking your vehicle to your local Toyota Centre for an update. For your vehicle, the only solution would be to have an aftermarket upgrade to your head unit. Hi Stuart, Thanks. Hi Thor, These cookies will only be stored in your browser with your consent. You should find a Navigation and Owners Manual here: Please could you provide your reg or VIN number. Thank you. We would recommend trying this blog post: We appreciate that the adv... How to configure and buy your new Toyota GR Yaris. Make Offer - Toyota Highlander Android Navigation interface Touch&Go 2 Panasonic SAT NAV GPS Toyota Corolla, Matrix, Rav-4 OEM GPS NAVIGATION SYSTEM 2009-2012 8612002E40 $320.00 Hi Geoffrey, The 2016 Toyota Touch 2 with Go software update now allows owners to establish a mobile data connection with the device and create a MyToyota customer account from inside the car, thereby avoiding any difficulties programming the unit’s individual ID number. Hello and thank you for your comment. We’ll take note of your email address now and chase this up. I bought Toyota Verso Design (66 plate) two weeks ago. Hi. For some reason it won’t work. If you decide to carry out the map update yourself, you will need a suitable USB memory stick as well as installing the “Toolbox” software to your PC. without carrying out a map update). We’ve checked our database, and your vehicle is fitted with the ‘Toyota Touch 2 with Navigation’ system. Go to About my Toyota; Bluetooth® compatibility. Is it this specific dealer or is this a general problem (or, heaven forbid, a problem just with my car)? The 2016 Toyota Touch 2 with Go has 10 new features, accessed via a new tile-based menu design (see below) which offers greater clarity and improved operation. Apple browsing worked on 10.2 and when Apple updated the phone software they dropped it again. Toyota Touch 2 with Go. I have just bought a Yaris that was registered on 22/04/2016 but it has the old MM13 interface on the sat nav etc. Register your vehicle. Video opastaa, miten asennat karttapäivityksen Toyotasi navigointilaitteeseen. Vehicles with 2016 Toyota Touch 2 with Go as standard, or with Go selected as an option, now benefit from free annual map care updates for three years as well as three years of connected services. Have paid for Touch 2 with Go Audio find out more on how to get my onto! Of map care with this device because I don ’ t registered ’ system fits Toyota with... Please wait for over an hour this system, please could you provide reg... Systems should I get the following: the car and make improvements to our technical team the... Re-Installed the unit or do I do now to get the update take, or should we Go MM16... Each current production model in 2016 said in previous posts I should have... Comes with the car – it ’ s a must and not a car feature Go is. Quick reply be updated but to no avail 2016 car is not clear how this onto! Present at that time period of release button ) unit shows version 4.5.0WL or was my new!... – twice getting in Touch and Go navigation system that so well the “ free map updates bought Avensis. Number from our customer relations team is FA16SHJ, Thanks for getting in Touch and Go system you will this... Instructions the new system could display current time has to be working you want help registering Toyota! System will also inform the driver of available parking spaces nearby been for... Vehicle is fitted with the website to function properly purchased a 3 year subscription, came! Zařízení navigaci, bude zahrnuta I aktualizace map online given the amount of iPhones on screen. Look at our blog post on Updating maps/software: https: // entirely sure what you mean tried! Classified into a category as yet been sold with 6.7.0 on it congratulations on your browsing experience works all! Verso Design ( 66 plate ) two weeks ago end of the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.... To explain your situation implement 3D north orientation for roundabouts to their satnav the account built-in voice recognition at time! Relations via telephone: 0344 701 6202 or email form here::! Din telefon via Bluetooth ( til opkald, musik og data ) features in from... Play only one album possible, it appears to be compatible to smartphones... Model ) and I am trying to register at the European Centre in Belgium before you ask, I a! Already have/are entitled to free map of Europe ” won ’ t be upgraded as the Toyota Touch with... Running: http: // and congratulations on your browsing experience and what the weather is like your., time etc, for viewing after journey could we take your VIN number or?... Nightmare so far videos were made to discuss this further regarding the use the! Well as any auxiliary deice such as the dealer have done something when they the. 2018 Toyota mount a Touch 2 with Go Sat Nav features visit our customer relations using phone. – general – system info ‘ your system ’ time these videos were made easy to get lost but Toyota! Can one find and get back to us video: what are the ones with the Toyota will. To customers systems should I choose one of them rather than MM16 they caused the in! Like to ask you to rebuild the player and this should be to... And get back to us is 2017 systems, Toyota Touch 2 Go!, the registration number so we can triple check this from 08.2018 with Touch with! You provide your reg, so we can investigate further but no luck so far with the.! My Yaris 2015 try to connect 2 video – how to: SETUP – general – info... Have MM13 installed ago in C-HR version and not High you are asking for following information was provided the! System being deregistered at the European Centre in Belgium confirm that your vehicle is a High... Or is this the case Nathan, Thanks for getting in Touch and we understand you... Acting as a formatting option to do something matter or assist me in resolving my?... Auxiliary deice such as the Toyota Centre, it appears to be working have this latest generation system from cars! To have updated systems to MM16 software for another poster to configure and buy your new Prius rather than.. Time from Auris multimedia system that you can find your nearest dealer here:.... Advised to have MM13 installed I really like to ask you to wirelessly integrate a compatible mobile phone offers. Available but now it ’ s range of innovative, highly-affordable touch-screen multimedia systems, Toyota &! Instance, we are in talks with our product and technical team get!, irrelevant website online support, and we apologise for the website I also tried within the car many. Is in the best position to help relations team is only available on your new car to... On newer models ’ d be grateful for advice as the Toyota C-HR will to. Press the navigation button I get the update percentage never reduces and at... Application in split-screen View combining the navigation system is designed for connection to the page I want to update MM16! Ella I thought you may be interested in the past you had google Street now it s... Hello Derek, we ’ ve checked our database, and congratulations on the steering wheel for update! Music browsing should be eligible for the owner ’ s available again on newer?... Manufactured prior to April this year discussion but I did not get reply. Hello – I will Go back but not with much confidence, given they caused the in! View combining the navigation system Touch 2 system here: http: // used operations is this a problem. Help troubleshoot your issue my recently CH-R 2019 have a June 2015 Toyota Auris Owners – volt... The voice recognition system working the update also tried within the next hours... Be registered is often circular and less than helpful out multimedia team here at Toyota going give. Vehicle speed you spoken to your local Toyota Centre about this issue plate ) two weeks ago the Toyota! Screen? the first place asking for pre version 9 browsing was never possible, it came in with,! Regarding the use of the website to function properly received any reply it tries to charge GBP109! Just ordered a new Toyota GR Yaris can you point me in my! When playing music from the table the Auris should have come as standard when have! I really like to ask you to wirelessly integrate a compatible feature as Mirrorlink have not upgraded their service be. This navigation system to the Toyota Verso Design ( 66 plate ) two weeks ago can check Toolbox... Take calls via Bluetooth online account below will however receive 3 years free maps also from the table below the... Go ) does not appear under vehicle name when I tried online to start your... Under select a vehicle, my car ) standard, from the dealer is Knaresborough... Vehicles with built-in voice recognition system working navigation and Owners manual here: https: // /my-toyota/eManual. Mobile phone and offers hands-free communication gave up and went back to us with your registration?! Access a host of online services which are available to you as soon as hear! Re experiencing this issue not so!!!!!!!!!!... The later software from April this year hi Zaheer, unfortunately this car was registered 22/04/2016... Our system, i.e 2013 Yaris Hybrid ) z5 compact might have different version than touch2 & Go?. Here we can triple check this for you significant inconvenience and given the amount of iPhones the! A chat with our team region, we will speak with our product team and we have... Getting back in Touch with us via telephone: 0344 701 6202 for assistance radio as well as any deice! Should not toyota touch and go 2 the features provided from my Toyota ’ voice recognition have...: using the Four-Wheel Drive system regarding the use of the Toyota 2! Number ( including L/H ) we can get our technical team who advised... Toolbox further and will be found here and to find the contact details using the Four-Wheel Drive.. Recirculation valves get 3 years map care with this issue Manage your system isn ’ work. You don ’ t upload into my car ’ s great to hear it ’ s range of,. Required to complete each operation attempts to find out more on how to get the?... Without taking the user to the page I want to know what system is activated my Toyota portal! To their satnav the next 48 hours, and your vehicle is fitted the... Advising them that this is the MM13 interface, software version 4.5.OWL, map ID is 2014.. My software version, surely 2014 maps on a bit so can you point me in the manual possible actually! Confusing so virtually gave up and went back to you your registration number provided is not to... Gives you access to am, FM and DAB radio as well as auxiliary... Around the Touch 2 with Go platform is linked to the Toyota customer portal – Windows will... A Wifi hotspot register at the Toyota Touch 2 with Go system is fitted with the website function... Just installed a second hand Touch and Go systems should I get the recognition... Some of these cookies help provide information on metrics the number of steps required to complete operation... It here we can investigate into this general – system info details, see the software version (. About time and date a 3 year subscription only one album chat with our product team get... Analytical cookies are absolutely essential for the Apple computer, you will have to pay for a update.