Great question! PADI diving certificate? However, they would concur with you and say they too found the job-hunting process difficult and frustrating at times. It can be of course, but it’s definitely very possible to sail affordably without compromising safety or fun. On international boats, probably not. An old boat is not an easy item to come by these days but just in case you will we have showcased 15 insanely beautiful and creative ways to reuse old boats in design, all unique, all authentic, all able to motivate you to start hunting old boats. One of the most asked questions by crew members inching closer to their expiration date is whether there is life after the yacht. Captain and stewardess, working for a low-key family or older couple are even likelier still to hire more mature crew. Crew Jobs. The yacht charter crew of course, are always around when needed but never in the way. Join a yacht club and get involved with social activities and cruises. There ARE Superyacht Crew jobs available. Finally, as well as obtaining all the compulsory entry level courses, you can increase your employability and impress people by enrolling in some additional industry courses, such as the introductory GUEST program. To have the opportunity to travel the world, earn a great salary, make friends for life and meet high profile individuals, it is certainly up there with one of the best career options! Working on a Superyacht can be very labour intensive, you will be working long hours and living in confined spaces sharing a cabin with another crew member. Work to be smarter so they could understand Now we idolize the clueless and the mean It's hip to be stupid - just wear the right brand I sound like a geezer but it's a disgrace Try to discuss it and they get all in your face It's raining morons I'm too old for this Too old to see the lack of compassion Too old to watch it go out of fashion I suggest connecting with as many people as you can when you get to your job-hunting port and join as many yachting forums and Facebook pages as you can. All crew who want to work on a yacht must have STCW Basic Safety Training along with a recognised seafarer medical certificate, such as the ENG1, regardless of their role onboard. If you're under 80 and in reasonably good health, there's little reason to think you're too old for sailing. It’s better to go to the ports to find a job. Visiting home twice a year just doesn't cut it. I wish I had a nickel for every time someone asked me if they are too old for LASIK… It’s a common misconception that there is an age cutoff for LASIK surgery.I know people in … While many people dream of early retirement, there are some who are perfectly content with working well into their golden years. It doesn’t mean it has to be the end. Join a yacht club and get involved with social activities and cruises. But with the right skills, maintenance and enough money, you can make them live for a very long time. Young crew tend not to want to work on these yachts so you may find you have less competition and a Captain more willing to consider you. 5. Crew Jobs. So if you’re going to go for it, you need to accept this and maintain a positive attitude, as it will increase your chances of securing a position onboard. 6. There are some parts that keep without much … It doesn’t mean it has to be the end. Boats, like all things wear out piece by piece not all at once. To know if you're too old for something, start by listening to your body and taking into account how you feel physically. I am a 36 year old woman from Britain. Have any questions, comments or funny cruise ship job stories? I was born and brought up in Singapore and I have traveled the world, and worked as a travel agent for a few years.