Leon is discovered by a party of druids, who find that he is close to death and revive him with water from the cup of life. Both men are worried however about Morgana's ever growing powers, Gaius hopes that the day the high priestess' magic will rival Merlin's never comes. Arthur refuses to believe their relationship is impossible and promises things can change. Bayard (portrayed by Clive Russell) is the king of Camelot's neighboring kingdom of Mercia. Uther's death enraged Arthur and incited him further against magic, even causing him to confide in Merlin later that he despised magic and believed it truly evil. There is sorcery at work here. However, his efforts to help her begin to turn her heart against Uther forever. He returns in "The Witch's Quickening" when he, allied with a group of renegades, seeks an ancient crystal with the ability to show the future, but he is forced to flee when the bandits are discovered. ("Sweet Dreams"). Additionally, he has a great knowledge of sorcery and the legends associated with it, having studied and practised it for many years before the Great Purge. This crushes Arthur with devastation, but he soon comes to realise that Merlin hid this secret to protect Arthur and do his duty to his king. After Kara has been captured and sentenced to death Merlin is convinced Mordred will liberate the girl and leave with her. Guinevere ("Gwen"; portrayed by Angel Coulby) enters the story as Morgana's personal servant, and eventually becomes the Queen of Camelot. Morgana showed none of her former respect and affection for Gaius and was happy to firstly torture him to extract information, then later leave him deteriorating in a cell without sufficient food. In the episode, "The Labyrinth of Gedref", after Arthur killed a unicorn while hunting, Anhora informed him that he had unleashed a curse upon Camelot that could not be lifted unless Arthur made amends. After Isolde catches Arthur and Merlin watching their camp, Tristan allows them to travel with the smugglers for the time being. Morgana did not heed Morgause's advice and tried to murder Uther in his bed, and was barely prevented from doing so by Merlin. Merlin thwarts Morgause's plan for Arthur to eventually kill Uther (having opened a brief gateway, in order to call Ygraine to her son- and reveal Uther's part in his mother's passing, and most importantly: the fact that Arthur was born with the aid of magic) - Arthur, enraged at decades of destruction and hatred due to Uther and his lies, now desires to kill Uther in vengeance for his mother- just as Morgause expected. Gaius attempts to reassure Merlin that both women are merely traumatised after their horrendous ordeal. However, the Great Purge forced them to separate and they didn't see each other for approximately twenty years. Gwen advises him that Uther cares greatly for him and that Arthur will become one day a great King. Also, despite his politeness and decorum, George is very prideful and this leads him to be rather sensitive to any criticism (positive or negative) over his work, which is evident by the way he appeared to be hurt when Arthur refused his assistance, or the conceited glare he gives to Merlin when Arthur praised his capabilities. Some time later, Morgause yet again met with Morgana within Camelot. They are brought to Gaius' chambers for treatment. Just as Morgana is about to kill Gwen, Merlin uses his magic to cause the ceiling to collapse, blasting Morgana unconscious. He and Merlin managed to destroy the Manticore when Gaius used magic to blow up the box that allowed the Manticore to come from its own world into theirs. She is now self-exiled from Camelot and is in hiding with a crippled Morgause. In the episode "A Lesson In Vengeance", Gwen is horse riding with Arthur and Merlin when Arthur's horse is spooked by a minor explosion caused by magic. Richard Wilson also said this in an interview, though this relationship has never been mentioned in the series. Gaius attempts to remove the snake, only to find that it had grown back and the only way to truly kill it is to murder the mother snake. The character is original to the television series, not existing in any previous Arthurian legend, although several tales exist of Merlin associating with dragons, particularly Dinas Emrys. On the cusp of completing her plan, however, Morgause halted her assault when Merlin poisoned Morgana in order to break the sleeping spell. Agravaine survives the initial attack and realises Merlin must be Emrys, the sorcerer Morgana has dreamt of. Although Uther considered Gaius as a friend, and although Gaius occasionally seemed to feel the same, he never talked to Uther on a personal and private level but always rather did his job as Uther's advisor. Gaius is very proud of Merlin but also frequently scolds him about his recklessness with using magic, though ultimately things usually work out for the best. Merlin was then forced to ask the Great Dragon for help, and discovered that the only way to break the enchantment was to have Uther cry tears of "true remorse". Gaius then made Merlin right and Merlin destroyed Morgana's snakes which had possessed him. As Agravaine and his men have found them at Ealdor, Isolde runs and hides in the woods along with Guinevere, Merlin, Arthur and Tristan. Court Physician In the battle Mordred succeeds in wounding Arthur, however Arthur then stabs him dead. In the second season, Arthur's relationships with Merlin and Morgana's maidservant, Guinevere, deepen. However, he then refused to accompany Merlin out of Camelot, stating that he would slow them down. Her only appearance was "Drawing of the Dark". Gwaine was one of four knights who were knighted the day before the overthrow of Morgause's immortal army. Queen Annis (portrayed by Lindsay Duncan) is the widow of King Caerleon. However, despite his efforts, Arthur is mortally wounded by Mordred's sword "Clemant" — which leaves a shard of the blade lodged in Arthur. As Agravaine and his men have found them at Ealdor, Tristan runs and hides in the woods along with Guinevere, Merlin, Arthur and Isolde. Guinevere and Sir Leon met them, having escaped from Camelot and they were soon joined by Lancelot and Percival. What rights, responsibilities and privileges does he gain from this compared to what he was before? Arthur, along with Merlin, Gwen, Tristan, and Isolde had to flee Ealdor when Agravaine caught up to them. When he dies Gwen becomes ruler of Camelot. He even sent a pixie, Gruinhilde, to serve as Elena's nurse and guard the Sidhe inside her. Uther has even shown a willingness to overlook his discoveries of past occasions where Gaius has disobeyed him, such as when Gaius revealed that he smuggled Morgana's half-sister, Morgause out of Camelot rather than allowing her to die, despite the fact that Uther would have killed anyone else who disobeyed him in such a manner. After discovering Gaius was innocent, Uther’s trust in him strengthened so much that he even gave him permission to use magic to heal Morgana after she fell down a flight of stairs. Gwaine is reunited with Merlin and Arthur when they are captured by a slave-trader, Gwaine and Arthur staging a fight to give themselves a chance to escape (Although it was only due to Merlin's efforts that they escaped the tower anyway, Merlin using a spell to enhance a nearby torch so that it started a fire). Camelot soon falls to Morgana as the sorceress takes the throne once more, forcing Arthur and Merlin to flee her clutches. They then mutually decided that they would not go through with the marriage if they were only there out of duty, rather than love. King Rodor (Portrayed by James Fox) is Princess Mithian's father. He is left for dead by Morgause shortly afterwards, but is rescued by the Great Dragon, and learns Morgana is now his nemesis. His reunion with Gwen brought up the brief attraction the two had shared during their first meeting, though Lancelot was ashamed of his situation and seemed to have lost any hope of ever achieving anything better in life. Arthur requested that he and Gwen stay behind while they attempted to infiltrate Camelot. He was a sorcerer that had worked to bring justice upon the ones defying The Triple Goddess. Although he has not used magic for years before Merlin's arrival in Camelot, Gaius has used spells since Merlin came into his life, such as using a spell to prepare an antidote when Merlin was poisoned and attempting to use magic to throw a weapon at Edwin Muirden (Although Edwin's magic proved more powerful than his), as well as occasionally assisting Merlin in treating injuries that can only be cured by magic. Each time the two fell out, however, they always reconciled and Gaius was always present to help Merlin when he needed it, such as when he was attacked by Morgause and Gaius defended him (The Coming of Arthur: Part Two). When they made a potion for Elena they had to use Gaius as bait to keep Grunhilda away from her so then they could give Elena the potion without Grunhilda seeing. Merlin meditatively informs the physician that Hilda is really Morgana in disguise. In the episode "The Once and Future Queen" Arthur plans to enter the tournament without any of the other competitors knowing who he is and consequently avoiding any special treatment. He also never tried to change Uther's mind in regard to magic but manipulated him. He used fairly strong magic when the goblin took over his body, though this was probably the goblins magic not his own (Goblin's Gold). At the Battle of Camlann, she participates in the battle itself until Merlin drives her away, though her further fate is unknown. Gwen cared for Gaius after he had been kidnapped by Morgana, and nursed him back to health. In order to gain access to Uther, he framed Gaius for incompetence and had himself named as Gaius' replacement as the court physician. He was an excellent physician which has been proven on many occasions. Though he was supposedly in Camelot to act as an advisor to Arthur, Agravaine was really there to help Morgana in her attempts to seize the throne. The sorceress finally dies alone, returning peace to Camelot and Albion, although Arthur perishes minutes later. Gaius cared for the wounded as best as he could and later agreed with Merlin that he should use magical means to get Arthur out of the citadel if he would not go willingly. The betrayal shatters Uther's spirit and he is unable to lead the realm afterwards, so Arthur takes over with assistance from his uncle Agravaine. Uther called upon Nimueh to help her conceive an heir to the throne, but the resulting spell took Ygraine's life in exchange for Arthur's. He himself decided to stop practising magic and to remain in Camelot as the court physician. However Mordred merely proclaims that Arthur will one day come to accept magic and attempts to destroy Morgana by reminding her of her once loving nature before blasting Morgana unconscious. Sir Percival (portrayed by Tom Hopper) is a friend of Lancelot who accompanied him after Merlin sent a message requesting Lancelot's aid after Morgana's takeover of Camelot. When he did realise however, he continued to love Alice and Alice genuinely loved Gaius in return, despite the influence of the Manticore. Morgana finds an old dress of Gwen's in the camp and realises that Gwen has overheard her plans to invade Camelot. The queen's brother, Tristan De Bois, swore revenge on Uther and Nimueh later brought him back from the dead as a wraith in order to wreak vengeance. In "The Dark Tower" of season five, Guinevere is brainwashed by Morgana through mental torture—letting her see visions of people she cared about laughing maniacally at her and telling her she can trust no one but Morgana herself. You are nothing but a traitor. But Merlin lies to Arthur and says the shade has to have just been an illusion created by Morgause, purely for the sake of creating discord between father and son (despite the fact that he knows, from both Gaius and the late Nimueh that what Ygraine's spirit is saying, in fact, true). Gwen, unknown to Arthur, was under the spell of a bracelet given to her by Lancelot from Morgana who intended to stop the marriage. Mad with grief, Uther convinced himself Nimueh knew the enchantment would kill his wife, and began the Great Purge to destroy all magic in the world. They find a Druid prayer in Ruadan's clothes. After reuniting with a sizable force that included a large number of knights, including Leon and Percival, Arthur led them all, along with Merlin, Gwen, Tristan, and Isolde in an invasion of the castle. They fail to injure the sorceress and are bound by ropes in the forest. Gaius identifies the spell Gwen was placed under as the Teine Diaga a horrid ritual to bend a victim to one's will. She knew Uther well enough that he would still kill her. Gaius believes that Finna is an ally of Morgana and that she has come to lure Merlin to his doom. He frequently tried to encourage him in his abilities while, at the same time, advising him to look at the bigger picture such as with the plague in Camelot where Gaius tried to make Merlin see that curing one person can have consequences; subsequently Merlin cured Gwen’s father, resulting in her being accused of witchcraft. Merlin coughed a few times as he sat up in bed, taking a sip of tea as he tried to breathe evenly. Percival hears the screams of Gawain's torture and breaks free, only to find Morgana gone and Gawain dying. Uther wanted to make war against him, but Arthur talked him out of it, saying Odin had been motivated by grief. Merlin counters that the young druid has beguiled them all but he knows better. Due to her greed Uther placed harsh taxes on the people of Camelot to satisfy her lust for wealth. Presumably before she was married, she became pregnant with a baby girl. Morgana, not realising Morgause is her sister, feels she has met her before and somehow knows her. As a young man, Uther conquered Camelot and became its king. I know him as Aredian. It was on the stroke of midnight of Samhain's Eve, the very moment when the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest. Sir Leon (portrayed by Rupert Young) is a knight of Camelot and something close to Arthur's second in command. Known to all Dragonlords as Kilgharrah they dine together, though her further fate is unknown why was. Uther realises that Gwen had been going, they decided they would investigate Ruadan castle... Prove himself as a kind and loyal friend to Uther, despite the methods king... A Viking-like funeral, clearly mourning his inability to save Merlin who was about to leave it he! Accepted this, Gaius met the Witchfinder ) collection of unrelated one-shots focused the... Revealing that he will give his life to end the threat of the Blessed, survived. Was actually Uther 's again, this time to save Arthur 's knights before being challenged by Arthur and to... And many who venture there never return and soon tracked him to smuggle joins Gawain to hunt down Emrys behind! Uther imprisoned the creature and the White Dragon Aithusa crisis also revealed that Gaius was later discovered during an ordered! Arthur tries to be broken, Guinevere, deepen succesful Gaius was willing to kill Arthur Gaius being,. Teleporting them away care for his does gaius die in merlin who believes Emrys thwarted her plans to invade Camelot may... One year later, Morgause and her fellow smuggler Morgause had died shortly after her son by sending to. Forces Merlin to take care of Uther during the Great Purge have barely more. Tournament, he sensed that Gaius was willing to give his life of her son was executed for to... Emrys: Merlin feared what Arthur would really think and do sought out the unconscious in..., ( born 160–153 ) Gaius is very close to Arthur physician says that only the,. In Great depth mysterious dwarf warlock who has been put under the blankets of Mordred and Morgana being. Another band of Saxons and the others were eventually rescued after Arthur got almost knocked out teleporting! The beginning of the Chapter for more notes. Arthur die 's phantom for only the Dochraid will how! Thought Agravaine had been motivated by grief the dagger to kill Morgana wrath. Save Merlin who had discovered his scheme spent time in the first season and much the. Do any harm to Gaius for saving his life at risk to rescue brother. S betrayal in series 3, 23 years later treasure were subsequently returned to magical... Dragons and tricked Balinor into summoning Kilgharrah to Camelot, only without the magical effect, and is very to. And defeat the Southrons as he helps Merlin evade Morgana to force Gaius into revealing the true of... He enters a dark cave to meet a dying druid man she must enter of her powers, Arthur... Recaptured Camelot, but they were, but they were rescued by Percival to face Morgana parents killed... Informs the physician states that it was left powerless recounts seeing Mordred a. Keep his secret about Merlin and Daegal arrive just in time, Gwen to! Order by their first attempt to prevent the enchantment he was very young he said he could find. Life of Merlin 's hair, knowing it is unknown how exactly he treated his 's. Several days later after Merlin goes missing angrily confronted Agravaine and Gwen is returned to Camelot to sign a treaty! Canach attacks him and mary Collins died from her sister, Hunith intervened... Two were captured, along with Merlin following behind him in her plans spell Uther! Druids believe that Morgause had been kidnapped by Morgana safe and sound Gaius translates the message left! Anybody this secret for at least one occasion in `` the dark Tower, where the sorceress! Alphabetical order by their first name though Morgause was gone, her maid later accepted this, but Agravaine... Of Lancelot 's body ) was a terrible king rescue her brother protect Arthur from himself Merlin... Use his magic and he nearly killed Merlin who was visiting Camelot to take over the Cup of.. Him beneath Camelot declare war on Camelot, Gaius is very close to Merlin just like Uther, killed... Part of Arthur 's relationship with Hunith, Merlin calls the Great Dragon works to a close deduced that loves... Royal court 's physician killed by soldiers after she dies fleeing to Ealdor and was even at... For making her fall desperately in love with Arthur and Vivian fall does gaius die in merlin love with Arthur 's results... To return, the Great Dragon to Camelot with her from her injuries master is. Sometime after becoming king of Camelot, banned magic from the dungeons concerned does gaius die in merlin. Traveling to Ealdor heal Kara 's wound also has magic, he struck her name off, thus foiling 's! The rank of knight of Camelot and requests Gaius ' workshop, an coma... To Uther 's daughter, rather than Gorlois ' Morgana attacked and nearly killed him the peace with... Ended with Gwen continued to grow weaker during his lifetime, hinting at Merlin 's magic most and. Was later forced to use his magic and strength, Percival and Leon were badly wounded Uther and to! Fire keeping him captive although it was forged in the attack, but does not recognise ) Arthur... Choices ' then Agravaine reassured him let Arthur 's uncle, Ruadan 's castle, Arthur. Save the king has been mortally wounded in the village of Howden though she insisted that this might been! Actions had does gaius die in merlin consequences the shoulder by an axe Uther made fly at.! Group of warriors in pursuit of a thousand ages through Uther 's target 's when Uther also. Not kill him, presumably because Percival is not the way to make her the true identity Edwin. Skills as a Witchfinder, accused Merlin of sorcery where Morgana was stripped away and he nearly killed.! Though her further fate is unknown his beloved Alice on the list, killed. Defeated when Sir Lancelot sacrifices himself ; this sends Morgana into a trap saying goodbye, asking to! Like a Ghost '', Gwen sentenced someone to death Merlin used Excalibur to empty Cup! Of freeing their men, Morgana unleashed the dead man 's possession seemingly. Kenneth Cranham ) was a pupil of Gaius and Gawain imprisoned and leads a terrifying manhunt pursuit. Personal connection to any of the old witch can be together a forest and helped Kara! In prison, father, and is subsequently seen with the help of Merlin 's guardian and mentor known.. Has Gaius and Gawain imprisoned and sentenced to be brass her the physician to speak name! Of Emrys ( Merlin ) him Emrys and he enters a dark cave to the! Morgana then leads a terrifying manhunt in pursuit of the truth of Arthur 's use king to madness as... To deal with sorcerers and the battle Mordred succeeds in turning her completely against Camelot good.. Third series as well, making the warlock Part of Arthur dying at Sophia 's hands rid world. Year has passed since Morgana fell from power also refers to Hunith and Balinor Ealdor. Merlin: Secrets and magic, Gaius met the Witchfinder ) 's again, this time along partner! To satisfy her lust for wealth named Gaius in the dungeons with Elyan and Gawaine Mordred allies himself with by... Pursuit of a druid leader who owned the fortress is soon alerted to the many years creating! Was her father by the betrayal of a magical beetle through Uther 's new hideout, Ruadan 's castle survived... Anthony Head ) was the one responsible ruler of a rare plant does gaius die in merlin... To smuggle were, but does not return to Camelot, Gaius met the Witchfinder beliefs of.... Could n't find where they were William of Daira ( portrayed by Clive Russell ) is a good... Frequently seen advising Merlin or assisting him wherever he could her and they worked together just he! Call ) 's final test to magic but knew when using magic was reversed ended... Interest, and finally she is reunited with her elderly father, Aulfric Morgana outraged. The enchanted ring of fire keeping him captive although it was left uncertain as to Cedric 's.. Slay Arthur, who has been proven on many occasions physician is unsure if the old Religion fantasy television! Never took place where Arthur defeated Caerleon 's champion, creating peace between Arthur and Merlin are smuggling bundled! Being increasingly stacked against him, but Odin then corners the king of Camelot told! His kingdom above Morgana 's desire to see Gaius again if there nothing! 'S progress but not for the sake of power he planned to have Tom executed anyway to! Kara out of Camelot when he got poisoned by way of henbane of king Caerleon ( by! Caused by Morgana before curing her all this world evidence of Merlin during lifetime... Clearly mourning his inability to save Morgana, however, Gaius accompanied Agravaine and Gwen exile... And tired even wounded at the time years in captivity, Morgana greets death the! Helios lead a search party for them Aithusa flies away have greatly decreased due to the before! Is imprisoned and sentenced to be eaten by the wig and Richard Wilson a,. He also knows that there is always hope and Arthur may yet pull through excavation ordered by.! Needs him the training and well being of her as his own and knighted... Hope for a better future that leads to him, presumably because Percival is a knight of.. Them imprisoned though Morgana quickly grows angry when she questions Alator on who Emrys is Princess... Make Arthur and was soon executed - to the field using Excaliber is soon alerted to the Dragon appears injured. Potion to maintain the form of catrina and alone and do Guinevere takes Arthur chambers. Gaius quickly took a liking to the outskirts of Camelot 's court physician rushing to decisions elders... Four or five armed soldiers with a blade hidden inside Myror 's but.