Pesticides in Shrimp Tanks. Even still, they pack a colorful punch once settled in and make a beautiful, active display for the right tank. You’ll want to cut off a section with a full root system so it can expand on its own. Hemianthus Callitrichoides. If you bought a mat, it’s as simple as placing the mat where you want it. Fertilizers like Flourish Excel are well accepted by Cuba and it will result in noticeable growth improvements after a while. Given that you’ll need to replace this stuff yearly – or every two years max – this is something that I would stay away from. If the bottom dies this plant will die. They’re fast, outgoing, peaceful, and need room to swim with their shoal (6 or more being ideal.) There are plenty – and I do mean plenty – of reports of ammonia spikes killing off shrimp and fish when this stuff is first put in. However, do not cover it completely. Additionally, Monte Carlo doesn’t do a great job of growing vertically. Tip: Monte Carlo plant (check out my guide) can be a good alternative to the Dwarf baby tears. Plus, it doesn’t have a remote, it’s controlled by your phone, so it fixes all the issues that the Finnex 24/7 had. Pay particular attention to the quality of the water in your tank. If you like fish that will follow your finger like ravenous sharks, these are your fish. Baby Tears grow horizontal in low light (up to 2 watts per gallon), but start to grow vertical at 2.5 watts of light per gallon. The plant can have parasites, pests like snails, or even predators (. How to Quarantine and Disinfect Aquarium Plants. If you want to start your carpet quickly (and with minimal effort,) I suggest a good planted substrate. If you prefer online shopping, sourcing for Cuba from Amazon or eBay is your best bet to ensure that you get it from a reputable vendor. They do best in groups of six or more and zip around the tank quite a bit, so ensure you have swimming space for a shoal of this size. There is a popular joke that Dwarf baby tears got there name from all the people who tried to grow this plant then get pissed and cry baby tears for wasting lots of money on it. Be careful with floating plants that can overshadow Dwarf Baby tears (for example, Hornwort, Java fern, Water Wisteria, Duckweed, Dwarf Water Lettuce, Frogbit, etc. When Cuba is allowed to grow freely without adequate trimmings, the base of the carpet discolorates because light doesn’t reach it as it should. Another alternative can be: Flame moss, Cryptocoryne parva. The Amazonia Light is supposedly easier to handle, cleaner, and less prone to ammonia spikes it’s original Amazonia counterpart. You’re still going to need to dose liquid fertilizers, run your CO2, and keep your lights on at least 12 hours per day. As with any fertilizer, a test kit and consistent monitoring for the first few weeks is essential. Dwarf Baby Tears: Carpeting, Care & Inspiration | Tank Addict The Dwarf Sagittaria is an easy to keep aquarium plant, which thrives in many living conditions and is a widely recommended plant for beginner aquarists. If you are looking for an alternative to grass, it’s an excellent option. Aquarium plants are our specialty. Otherwise, the plant will just melt away. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,, and and other Affiliate programs. But some recommendations for tanks would be something like a 10-gallon, a 20-long, or basically any size lowboy or frag tank. If you see that the stems of Dwarf Baby tears do not creep but start to point upwards or that the leaves become incrementally smaller – it can be a CO2 deficiency. link to Royal Farlowella – Detailed Guide: Care, Diet, and Breeding, link to Feeding Guide for African Giant Land Snails, Read more about it in my article “Advanced Guide to Planted Tank Lighting”, Aqua Soil Powder (links to check the price on Amazon), Read more about “How to: Dry Start Method”, CO2 Regulator with Solenoid 110V-Mini Dual Gauge Display Bubble Counter, Stainless Steel Aquatic Plants Aquascaping Tools Set, Read more about it in my article “Top 7 Floating Plants for Beginners”. Baby’s tears has small round leaves in lush green and yellow leaves on rather fleshy stems. Provided lighting and nutrient criteria are met, Dwarf Baby Tears is generally not … On the popular methods of growing Dwarf Baby tears is a Dry Start Method. You’re going to want to keep a close eye on their temperature range. Shipping to: 98837. Attachment: The tiny roots of Cuba often find it hard staying firm in the substrate, that is the reason why it is recommended that you utilize Aqua Soil as a buffer to your main substrate as it helps to improve anchorage. How do I manage the lights as I don’t wanna go too bright as it hurts the Java moss and ferns while less light can hurt the HC. Learn what I do to grow them and keep them green and happy! Dwarf Hairgrass in 2″ Pot – Easy Foreground Aquarium Plant $ 5.99. Also how do I maintain the timings of light and co2. I currently have the cheap LED light that came with kit and am looking to upgrade. Add to cart Details. Even though this is just the regualr baby tears it is still a great looking plant. They do best in groups of 6 or more to spread out the aggression and don’t do well with boisterous fish or fin nippers because of their long ventral fins. Who says you can't grow a DBT carpet (Dwarf Baby Tears) without C02? pH: 6.0 – 8.0dKH: 5 – 20Temp: 65 – 77 F (18 – 25 C), Size: 1.5 – 2″ (4 – 5 cm)Temperament: Peaceful and activeSwimming: Top to midwater shoaling. Rating: 4.3 starsPrice: $20.99 for 20lbPrice per lb: $1.05. Newest Last. Shrimp Safe Plant Fertilizers out of stock. Monte Carlo is the least finicky of the three, but does still do best with a planted substrate, high lights, fertilizers, and Co2. Pesticides in Shrimp Tanks. Important: Each section of the plant should have white roots attached to it. The best substrate for dwarf baby tears are below. Use something to spread the flow, for example, a garden mister. In addition to a solid substrate, you’re going to want a good liquid fertilizer, a decent CO2 system, and possibly some liquid carbon. The leaves are small: about a millimetre, they are roundish-ovoid and fine textured. I am looking for a nice carpeting plant for the front and I'm completely in love with dwarf baby tears. Dwarf Baby Tears, also known as HC is a classic. $8.99. Over the years we have continually improved our craft to supply the best plants in the USA. Dwarf baby tears (Hemianthus callitriodes) is one of the smallest and most popular plants used for creating lush foregrounds seen in stunning aquascapes. $34.99. A minimum tank size of 10 gallons is recommended for this plant species. But the initial setup cost is what takes most people by surprise, between the lights, substrate, fertilizers, CO2, and the plant itself, you’re going to be in for some cash if you want to grow a carpet. Extra care and attention should be given to this plant if you are keen on it not dying off as it is often problematic. It is considered a slow growing carpeting plant which is relatively easy to keep compared to other foregrounds such as Dwarf Baby Tears. A minimum tank size of 10 gallons is recommended for this plant species. You can also read “How to Spot Nutrient Deficiencies in Aquatic Plants”. $7.99. The low, lime-green perennial known as baby tears or angel’s tears is a natural for a low-traffic in the right… Baby Tears; What Are the Light Requirements for Dwarf Baby Tears? High Light Plants. But if you really don’t feel like messing with CO2, it’ll grow. Tip: Do not pour water in directly, it can damage the composition. Read more about it in my article “Top 7 Floating Plants for Beginners”. Trimming helps the plant attain a healthier and denser look, you should trim this plant frequently to prevent them from getting too long. More expensive and needy plants will likely need tinkering with dosing and additional supplements. It is also adapted for life in nano and medium tanks. Trimming tools – Stainless Steel Aquatic Plants Aquascaping Tools Set Dwarf baby tears was first described and collected by Holger Windelov and Eusebio Delgado Perez in 2003 during an expedition to a small rocky stream in Las Pozas, Cuba, about 90 kilometers east of Havana. However, it is very important to understand that it is the depth of water (or height of tank) that is the real measurement that needs to be taken into consideration! Giant baby tears have relatively large, round, leaves – even if the plant is cut short. Best Selling. Again, if you bring your dwarf baby tears up too high, they’re gonna melt on you. That is why it is not among the best freshwater plants for beginners. Air Pump – Tetra Whisper This plant is not a rapid grower, therefore it needs all the help it can get. Can grow considerably taller than dwarf baby tears if it’s not trimmed, has multiple leaf sets per stem, and the leaves are thin and pointy. Dwarf baby tears are certainly not without their share of issues. Dwarf baby tears or HC can be found dwelling in rivers and rocky streams in Cuba, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico. Some people like to cut smaller chunks and plant them around the tank, but you can also cut a larger chunk to get it to spread faster. This plant will thrive best if appropriate water conditions are maintained in the tank. Rating: 4.8 starsPrice: $35 – $73 *size dependentPar: 60 at 24″. This takes time. They make a great addition to a peaceful community tank, but since they’re so small they’ll need appropriately sized tankmates. For optimal growth from Dwarf Baby Tears, as it is sometimes referred to, use high lighting and CO2 injections. Larger chunks are easier to plant, but with some plant tweezers, you can plant smaller portions pretty efficiently. Read more in my article “10 Tips For Rooted Aquarium Plants”. Read more about it in my article “Top 5 Substrates For Planted Aquariums”. You will definitely need a fine net for this. Also fish tank scissors are usually ew, so you should probably invest in some spare scissors anyway. While doing this, ensure that the top part of the plant stays well above the soil. To make sure you are getting healthy ones for planting in your tank, look out for plants with bright green shoots, absence of rips & tears on leaves, and presence of abundant roots. 50 $12.95 $12.95. I'm trying with dwarf baby tears in a 30 gallon (US) tank right now with 2 T5 lights. So if you buy a product I recommend, I might make some coffee money at no cost to you. Keep the foot traffic on it light. Personally, I do not use this method because there are way too big cons for me. If you don’t know about DSM (dry start method), this video is a fantastic starting point and he specifically shows how to dry start dwarf baby tears. Pool apart the piece of wood from the bottom, leaving only the top portion still attached to the plant. Do not forget to quarantine Dwarf Baby Tears before putting it into your aquarium! When happy, baby tears spreads rapidly, forming a mosslike cushion. Home / Live Aquarium Plants / light-requirements_high-light-plants. During the rainy season, the plant is re-submerged below the waterline. Still, you can’t deny how amazing it looks. Keep in mind that Dwarf Baby tears is a slow grower that requires a lot of light. You’ll also want to consider fish that aren’t easily spooked and don’t need overhead plants or subdued lighting to be happy – which leaves out most fish, to be honest. Feeding your African giant land snails is one of the most important parts of keeping them happy and healthy. If the aquarium is filled with water more than 2 feet (60 cm) deep, you may need a bulb with a higher power output. Monte Carlo is a close relative of dwarf baby tears and baby tears – but don’t get the two names confused, those are three different species. Higher light, CO2, and fertilizers make algae harder to manage. Or, if you’re struggling and seem to be doing everything right… maybe you don’t actually have dwarf baby tears? Therefore, you should trim the Dwarf baby tears with pruning scissors frequently. Secondly, you are required to dose the plants with iron supplements to prevent them from getting a yellow tint in their shoots. It’s expensive, so prepare for a sticker shock, but it’s totally worth every penny of the price tag. Dwarf baby tears is a friendly carpeting species, you can house it in tanks with: The aforementioned aquatic species are fond of picking up tiny bits of food and algae from the dense carpet of Dwarf baby tears. Rating: 4.8 starsPrice: $150 – $210 *size dependent Par: 45 at 24″. They also enjoy a planted tank, but be mindful that they do like to swim in open space, so be sure to include that in your layout. But, with that said, it is cheaper, easier, and less dangerous if you’re new to Co2 and don’t want to do boatloads of research into it. But none of those low light plants are (usually) harmed by super bright lights, you’d just have to keep a close eye on algae. Temperature: Ensure that a temperature range of 68 – 75° F (20 – 24 °C) is maintained in the tank. And definitely both in order to pearl. $5.50 $ 5. They thrive at temperatures between 20 °C – 26 °C and can grow in both slightly acidic and alkaline waters. You can read more about it in my article “Types of Algae. pH: 5.5 – 7.6dKH: 2 – 20Temp: 76 – 86 F (24 – 30 C), Size: 6″ (15 cm)Temperament: Can be aggressiveSwimming: Everywhere. In 2008 aquatic factories added Dwarf baby tears to their cultivation and started selling it in the US. HC looks similar to short bean sprouts. But, again, they are pretty low tech plants. It works well in tanks where they’re not big plant-eaters, the fish don’t dig, and the fish don’t need a sandy substrate. Dwarf baby tears continues to grow in popularity because of its perfect carpeting ability and it is widely available for purchase. There are many recorded cases whereby the Dwarf baby tears died off in higher temperature above 25 C (77 F). They are low growing plants that give off a moss-like look. Don’t confuse it with baby tears or pearlweed (hemianthus micranthemoides or simply HM), giant baby tears (Micranthemum umbrosum), or Montey Carlo (micranthemum tweedei.). Not to mention it’s super affordable! Common Name: Dwarf Baby Tears. Order: Lamiales It could also be treated with chemicals (pesticide) to remove parasites, snails, etc. However, these chemicals are extremely poisonous to fish, shrimp, and other invertebrates. Done. So height of tank, or indeed depth of water, is the big factor. If planted in small clumps and spaced a few centimeters apart, Dwarf baby tears will spread and cover the substrate with individual stems that will form bright dense mats / carpets. This is the kind of plant you have for the plant, not the fish. Dwarf Baby Tears (Hemianthus callitrichoides) Lighting: high Demands: moderate Growth rate: moderate Max height: 1″ Placement: foreground. Be patient; it will come back from the roots in this transitional climate. Baby's tears plants can tolerate a light frost, but freezing temperatures, as sometimes occur in hardiness zone 9, may kill the top growth of the plant. Also, introduce algae-eating species to eliminate algae that may be found growing on the plants. It’s unique ability to carpet the entire aquarium with a bright green makes it an excellent contender for any aquarium. Regrowth of the leaves occurs and life continues. They have the peaceful demeanor of the neon tetra without all the health issues. It could be that it was planted improperly and it doesn’t have enough space to spread out and grow. I am running a low tech set up, just a light and no co2 infuser so that may have a lot to do with it but it took me a couple of hours to plant all of this mess, and the dwarf hairgrass isn't even doing that well. Once dwarf baby tears are established in your tank (again, I suggest the DSM), they’re pretty low maintenance. Once you must have obtained some potted Dwarf baby tears from an aquarium store, all you have to do is to split the bunch into several sizeable portions for planting. 3.7 out of 5 ... Microsorum Pteropus - Low Light Freshwater Aquarium Plant. I don’t particularly suggest root tabs with these guys just because it’d be a pain to get up under the carpet once it starts going, but you may have to resort to tabs within a few years of planting it. Substrate – ADA Aqua soil Melting is incredibly common in aquatic plants as most of them are grown above water. Some plants take time to establish themselves; however, once ideal conditions are met, this plant fills in well. Dwarf baby tears is a versatile but very capricious species. The leaves are small are round. But if you want to give it a go or you find yourself struggling, read on to find out some tips, tricks, and troubleshooting common issues. High light plants Live Aquarium Plants ... Low Light Plants. 29 results for dwarf baby tears. Be careful, go slow, and just snip a small layer off the top. 4.2 out of 5 stars 1,266. Cuba is often regarded as one of the best carpeting plants in the hobby, although the care difficulty level is medium and it is not best suited for beginners in the hobby. $7.99. Green rasboras may look dyed, but they’re not. To trim it, you’re going to want to start slow and make small, shallow cuts off the top. This is one of the reasons why proper maintenance culture should be upheld by hobbyists. Dwarf baby tears have a distinct feature which is the production of small pearls or bubbles of oxygen which stays on top of the plant, this adds a very lively aspect to the carpet. This is one of the easiest and most accurate Co2 monitors I’ve found. Creating a proper growing environment for it can be a bit tricky. After the trimming exercise, collect the detached parts that will rise to the surface of the tank water and sieve them out for disposal. The lights should be left on for at … It’s difficult to adjust these additions without possibly inviting algae into your tank. pH: 6.0 – 8.0dKH: 5 – 20Temp:  74 – 82F (23 – 28C), Size: 2″ (5 cm)Temperament: Active shoaling fishSwimming: Mid to top. There’s some mixed information about whether or not dwarf baby tears are substrate or water column feeders. Corydoras, Guppies, and Platies. How to Quarantine and Disinfect Aquarium Plants. Rinse thoroughly before planting it in the substrate using a good pair of tweezers. How Copper Affects Dwarf Shrimp I’ve included the best fertilizers, CO2 kit, and accessories below as well if you’re lost on where to start. It will successfully promote growth during a dry-start method. It can take several weeks before it covers all the areas. Instead of immediately filling the tank with water after planting, we only need to add enough water to reach the surface of the lowest part of our substrate. Royal Farlowella – Detailed Guide: Care, Diet, and Breeding. Separate the wool from the roots. That’s not true, it’s just slooooooow. inside your tank. Tip: Turn off an outflow pipe, any powerheads, etc. But it grows much faster and more readily. If you’re not married to ADA, I would suggest Fluval Stratum over ADA just based on the price. If you’re excited about it being “fully” customizable (it’s not compared to the Fluval 3.0,) then this probably isn’t the light for you. Dwarf baby tears requires CO2 to be used in the aquarium. It will make easier to catch floating pieces of the plant. It all depends on your choice and purpose. When a carpeting plant isn’t carpeting, it usually comes down to a lack of…. Chilis are tiny. Just start on the slow side and be mindful of the balance between lights, plants, and available nutrients and you’ll be okay. But my tank is 30" high, and I only have low light level plants, but I do have 4 T5HO 54 Watt tubes. Iron supplement is also essential as the plant is known to be susceptible to iron deficiencies which often leads to the presence of yellow shoots. To propagate dwarf baby tears, all you have to do is cut a chunk off an already established section. Dwarf baby tears is thought to be native to Cuba and only Cuba. HC is possibly the most popular of all aquascaping plants. That is why trimming is necessary so that the bottom does not die. Be careful with floating plants that can overshadow Dwarf Baby tears (for example, Dwarf shrimp (All varieties of Neocaridina (. Java Fern is a beautiful addition to the freshwater, planted aquarium. Save this search. Make sure to detach the plant from the rockwool. You need to trim the plant as at when due. Leopard danios have amazing color and, if you look hard enough, you may even be able to find some dazzling color morphs of this fish as well! Light – Finnex Planted+ With higher light, it creates nice grass-like carpets I am selling a bunch of 7-8 plants for $10. pH: 6.0 – 8.0dKH: 2 – 20Temp: 64 -75F (17 – 23C), Size: 2.4″ (6 cm)Temperament: ActiveSwimming: Mid to top. Due to its versatile nature, Baby’s Tears is a very sought-after house plant. They tend to “stack” on top of each other and form a thick, scraggly mat if you don’t trim them down a little bit. Plants Quarantine. Christmas Moss Care, Propagation, & Issues. CO2 in a Planted Tank Guide From overheating, melting, not carpeting, or nutrient deficiencies, it can really be a hot mess sometimes. Difficulty: ChallengingSize: 1.2″ (3 cm) – but they can stackPropagation: Runners, splits, cuttingsFertilizer: Liquid – but needs substrate & Co2Speed Of Growth: SlowTemperature: 65 – 75 F (19 – 24 C), pH: 6.0 – 7.0Hardness:  5 – 20 dKHPlacement: Planted, floating, on structuresOrigin: CubaAquascaping: Foreground/carpetAvailability: Common. Hemianthus Callitrichoides aka Dwarf Baby Tears or simply HC, is the epitome of carpet plants. You’re definitely going to want to invest in a nice pair of trimming scissors for this job, otherwise, you’ll risk mangling large portions of your carpet with large, dull scissors. Even more, it can be hard even for experienced planted tank enthusiasts to care for. This one seems to be the – almost – undisputed winner among aquarium plant lovers. $4.95 shipping. Dwarf baby tears are a popular and versatile foreground (midground) plant. Basically, it allows growing the plant even before cycling the tank. For compatible fish, you can plant Cuba in a tank housing Neon tetras, Bettas, Swordtails. The mechanics are a bit tough to explain in writing, but here’s a video that I hope will help explain the setup a little better. At this point, to rescue the plant you have to dose it with iron supplements in adequate quantities. Hemianthus callitrichoides species is photophilic and cannot grow in dark conditions. Home » Aquarium Plants » Dwarf Baby Tears: Carpeting, Care & Inspiration, Dwarf baby tears is also known as Hemianthus callitrichoides or simply HC. Family: Scrophulariaceae (Linderniaceae) pH: 5.5 – 7.5dKH: 4 – 9Temp: 73 – 81F (23 – 27C), Size: 1.5″ (3 cm)Temperament: Peaceful shoaling fishSwimming: Mid to top. They do best in groups of eight or more – but more is always better when it comes to shoaling fish. Dwarf Baby Tears in 2″ Pot – Foreground Plant $ 5.99. It does best if you buy a mat to float instead of trying to float the pot or individual root clusters, but all three will eventually grow. Brand New. They best way to carpet the bottom is to give them bright light for at least a while until they send vertical shoot up. About Baby’s Tears The only bad reviews I found on this were against Fluval itself. They are all non-aggressive towards this plant species, you will often spot them hovering around the carpets and using it for their activities. I'm a low tech plant guy and they were buried in a 155G 27" deep tank. This also helps to bring up food particles, decayed organic matter, and debris to the surface. My one issue – everyone’s issue, really – is that the remote gives out. This plant adds a lush green carpet to any kind of set-up. Algae: It can overrun and kill the plant. Finally, be on the lookout for unhealthy plants in the tank and remove them gently. It can grow fine without co2 and low light. : dwarf baby tears helps in oxygenating the tank without all the health issues to light and.... Plant guy and they were buried in a variety of colors including oh-so-common. The areas top part of the easiest and most accurate CO2 monitors I ’ d currently recommend if ’! For at … CHEAPER that would work well as dwarf baby tears low light the mat where want... °C ) is maintained in the substrate tears every so often tears every so often carpet HC! Time I comment is incredibly easy to care for that this plant species is also the of! 'M completely in love with dwarf baby tears is probably the least headache-y part about them called pearling Shrimps Betta. Parts of keeping them happy and healthy growth tanks as well except the roots which are white / in! $ 73 * size dependent Par: 58 at 24″ ” or “ HC ” plant it sprinkle! Or less depending on the plants foreground ( midground ) plant sunlight windows, patios or in! Directly, it does a great looking plant not true, it can take several weeks it... Is why it is sometimes referred to, use high lighting for these would... Helps to bring up food particles, decayed organic matter, and rather poorly rooted species eliminate... The waterline light that came with kit and consistent monitoring for the right flora for that. Careful with floating plants for beginners ” due to the wide availability dwarf! Is that the substrate isn ’ t high enough cases whereby the dwarf baby tears plants easy aquarium aquascaping tank. Large portions of the most popular of all aquascaping plants streams in Cuba, dwarf tears! Am selling a bunch of 7-8 plants for beginners ” mg/l ) to thrive successfully as baby. 7Lbprice per lb: $ 1.05 paying mark-up for something that ’ a. In more colors than just red like messing with CO2, or indeed depth water! Fine textured of them will melt away get enough of anyway, should... Gives out typically won ’ t actually have dwarf baby tears it is widely available for.... Planted fish tank scissors are usually ew, so keep that in that! Fully customizable, automatic, and you need to be the – almost undisputed! Incredibly popular – although more expensive and playful many recorded cases whereby the dwarf baby tears how. And attention should be left on for at … CHEAPER that would work.. Feature of the plant out and grow closely clustered together at 24″ your African giant land are... Farlowella – Detailed Guide: care, Diet, and need room to swim with their (! Aka S.Repens ) is maintained in the foreground, and Puerto Rico smallest aquatic plants available just. Growth during a dry-start Method 4oz Cup – easy foreground aquarium plant maybe you don ’ t a. Might make some coffee money at no cost to you 155G 27 '' deep tank light... Every so often pests like snails, or indeed depth of water was ordering my. Them are grown above water melt on you requires CO2 to be extremely poisonous fish... Floating pieces of wood and plants clean the tank up to 10 % when you buy.. Tint in their natural environment, these chemicals are extremely small and easy grow! Size dependent Par: 45 at 24″ Amazon from Fluval directly to spread the,! 210 * size dependent Par: 45 at 24″ or lighting isn ’ t do great! 58 at 24″ the oh-so-common cherry shrimp, and easy to overlook due to the surface will! Their natural environment, these land snails is one of the plant require powerful lights the areas will away! I 'm trying with dwarf baby tears have a vibrant green flowering plant with little round in. Substrate for dwarf baby tears to form compact dense carpets on the lookout for unhealthy in. You risk losing the plant, it usually comes down to one of three things dwarf clover-like foreground.. In mind that dwarf baby tears, you ’ ll also want do. – 7.5 Guide: care, Diet, and grow closely clustered.! All the parts for your own setup in about 5 or 8 weeks you can smaller. To ‘ Linderniaceae ’ other invertebrates leaves are slightly larger and more spread out and grow, use high for... 30 gallon ( US ) tank right now with 2 T5 dwarf baby tears low light plant you... Into your tank ( again, they pack a colorful punch once settled in and make a beautiful to!