Created with ground Yeoju rice, this toner helps to get rid of impurities located deep I'm From Rice Toner ingredients (Explained) The I’m From Rice Toner is a toner to hydrate and brighten dull, irritated skin. This hydrating toner also brightens dull and irritated skin. Each product proudly lists all its ingredients, as well as the origin of its primary ingredient, and the name of the farm where it was harvested. [Review]: I’m From Rice Toner. As of now I’m about a month away from panning it. I’m From Rice Toner contains 77.78% of Yeoju Rice Extract that is an effective brightening ingredient and also improves skin elasticity. Haruharu Wonder Black Rice Hyaluronic Toner 10.1 fl oz (300ml), Panax Ginseng liposome with Saponin, Fermented Rice Extract, moisturizing, Nourishment to Skin Cell 4.7 out of 5 stars 82 $37.00 $ 37 . (the cosrx rice overnight mask and skinfood rice masks my skin looove too) niacinamide is also pretty high up in the list which is always nice! I’ve been an avid watcher of skincare youtube and have had a semi-regular routine for a year now. The immaculate rice called 'GOA RICE' delivers clean and clear skin and makes skin smooth so that skin is glowing from the inside of the skin. REVIEW. If you’re a Korean Beauty enthusiast, the brand I’m From is nothing new to you as there are many hit products from this brand that are hyped by K Beauty fans. 00 ($3.66/Fl Oz) It is a hydrating toner that forms a protective barrier over the skin to prevent water loss and provide a layer of moisture on to the skin. Rice is best known for its brightening and cleansing properties when used in skincare. From I'm From Fig Range to the I'm From Rice Toner for hyperpigmentation, you'll find skincare to tackle every concern. About the brand I'm From Skincare distinguishes itself from other K-beauty brands with its approach to transparency. If you’ve ever been interested in that old school way of softening and brightening your complexion, this toner is the easier way to go. The I’m From Rice Toner features Yeoju rice and 77.78% Gaomi Extract to reduce the amount of impurities deep within the skin and gently exfoliates for a smooth, hydrated complexion. The I’m From Rice Toner reminds me of a more well preserved, enjoyable version of the old school method of DIY Rice Water toner lol. As for this particular Rice Toner, I have always seen people comparing it with the famous Laneige Cream Skin Refiner, mostly because of the consistencies and milky textures that are quite similar. (: kind of just a simple toner to layer - nothing super WOW AMAZING about it though! I'm From Rice Toner contains the best rice grown in Yeoju where is the origin of the rice. One of my favorite reviewers, James Welsh, raves about this toner all the time, so I finally caved and purchased it. I’m From Rice Toner is an essence, this pre-care liquid treatment, which boosts the effectiveness of the products applied on top. Every I'm From product lists each ingredient as well as the name of the farm where they were harvested. What I find particularly interesting about this one is that it’s directly inspired by an ancient beauty ritual practiced for centuries by women concerned about the beauty of their skin in Asia. I’m not like a skincare expert. Skin care brand I'm from distinguishes itself from other beauty labels with its philosophy of transparency.