Tim Anderson has been freelance writing since 2007. It is almost always better to sand your deck before restaining it. Ordering another set of doors is not an option at this point and I am quickly approaching the deadline for the job. Semi-transparent stains can often be top-coated with little more than a good washing of the wood’s surface. When you first apply an exterior wood stain, it will look much lighter than it will be after it dries, and in our haste to finish a project, we might rush to put on a second or third coat to darken the stain. just be careful if the old stain is still holding up - the new coat will take a lot longer to dry and in that time there's the added chance that something will walk across your deck. But again, I can’t stress enough how important it is to wipe it down with a clean dry cloth. It’s blotchy! This may lighten the stain some. It is the various steps and application of those coloring steps which bring you the final coloring results. I see that there are 4 conditions that can alter the look. After that, you smooth the wood with a 200 or higher grit. How-To-Lighten-Dark-Stained-Wood. Wood bleach is an iffy proposition, but your odds are good since you don't need to get it all the way back to the original shade and the stain isn't that old. If the stain that you are replacing is darker than the new stain, then yes, you will need to remove the old stain. The early American warms it up and has more red, and that helps dark walnut, which has more green. If you’re using several gallons of stain for your project, first mix them together to … As I mentioned before, I decided on a solid stain because I wanted to skip the process of stripping the deck. We sanded them all, applied a pre-stain conditioner, and then applied one coat of Minwax Polyshades Stain and Polyurethane in One. Wipe dark areas of the floor with mineral spirits or acetone to lift the stain from the wood. However, if your color needs correcting and/or darkening there are a few things one can do to fix it and some of them don’t require removal of either the existing poly or stain. The biggest difference between a normal staining job and changing the color of your stain is this extra step. The idea is to clean the surface without removing any of the old deck stains. Update: My deck is solid stain - brown. Forum Responses Thanks! Step 1 - Remove old stain. When I brought in a floor guy to finish my job, I had by then picked out a lighter color called gunstock. After the doors were stained, I noticed that they were way too dark. I want to lighten up the area, perhaps even paint the deck ceiling white or light aqua. Btw, the display was on a small piece of wood to show the color tone. Do I Have to Sand My Deck Before Restaining? How do I do it? I like that advice, I stained my deck dark because I thought I would like the look of it, now I don't like it. The red chestnut was just too dark and red. So I went with it. They are available in home improvement stores and are applied on top of stained decks. Wood bleach is a two-part process, and one of the best all-purpose choices for lightening wood. Once you have removed the original finish from the wood, you can add a lighter color stain. This process helps to remove any flaky pieces of old stain that need removing. Just be careful what color you choose, too dark is too hot. What Are The Best Stain Colors For My Deck? Sam March 29, 2017 at 11:53 am. Options? This exposes less-dark wood underneath the top layer. Stained woods are a combination of the coloring steps and materials plus the wood. If only the previous owner had left a can of the stain they used in the garage when we bought the house, the color selection would have been super easy. It is possible to stain your deck too soon. Long lasting deck stain beauty means you need to do things differently than most folks. All my jeans are black. Do not want navy or even blue jeans. Thanks, Stuart. From contributor M: Minwax's PolyShades is a tinted polyurethane that lets you change the tone by adding, say, brown, to balance it out. Lifting Stain with Steel Wool Rub steel wool against the wood in the same direction as the grain. I'm willing to use oil based paint if that will work. The second color, Wood Chip, was too dark and didn’t provide any contrast to the deck. If you hate the way your old deck looks bad again six months or less after restaining, you’re not alone. Applying wood stain can be tricky, but don't reach for the paint can just yet. Gently scrub the deck to remove any dirt and grime that may have worked its way into the stain. The floor can stay dark if I can just lighten the ceiling, posts, railing. Stain stripping is not as effective as paint stripping, which can remove all the paint in one go. Two-Part Bleach Begin by washing the wood with mineral spirits. Dark: This will be hard to ‘cover’ with a lighter semi-transparent color, as the old/dark color will come through. You can also sand the old stain out of the wood. First apply the mineral spirits. I am wanting to stain my never-treated cedar pavilion. When using a spray gun, too much thinner can lead to running and dripping, so adding small quantities of thinner gradually is the best approach. He is coming back to apply the remover a third time. If you put that display on my deck you will find it very amusing. She let it dry over night and the next day used some ASCP in Pure White to white wash over the wood (mixing 1-2 Tbsp. How to Fix Sticky Wood Stain. Here, three ways to remedy a stain job gone wrong. In some case I like black walnut, in others it looks way to dark and chocolate. Now, I have a dark red stain on my deck. Provincial is generally a light colored stain, particularily with Minwax as most of their stains require 2 applications of stain to achieve the desired color.Have you put poly down or is it still bare stain? When I tried a sample pot of a stain color on one part of the deck, it would look fine, but too dark or light on another. Refinishing stairs, stain too dark. It’s perfect. Find great inspiration and advice for your next painting project with the articles below. Ready Seal 125 1-Gallon Can Dark Walnut Exterior Wood Stain and . Wood Stain Colors to Spice up Your Summer. Well i stained my wood floor minwax provicial and it much to dark nothing like it was on the can anyway to lighten it up??? If you add too much thinner, the stain could become too liquid and the color too light, case in which you may have to apply two or more layers in order to obtain the desired results. I decided to change our cherry wood desk from a dark stain to a light wood bleached look with the help of two-part wood bleach and lime wax. I chose Burnt Hickory for the color. Here are four great wood stain colors that will really get your friends and family talking. Step 2 - Neutralize chemicals and brighten wood. I place no stock in letting a paint store match a color for stained wood. To completely alter the color of the wood’s finish, remove the existing paint using an oil based solvent. A more opaque finish will usually need to be reapplied more often. Credit: PPG / PPG.Com. I'd like to re-stain it a lighter color. Reply. This all depends on the current stain that you have on your deck. Then stain according to the manufacturer's instructions. Turning my dark stained cherry wood desk into light wood | Cuckoo4Design . His has been published online through GTV Magazine, Home Anatomy, TravBuddy, MMO Hub, Killer Guides and the Delegate2 group. The floor can stay dark if I can just lighten the ceiling, posts, railing. When I tried a sample pot of a stain color on one part of the deck, it would look fine, but too dark or light on another. A pressure washer can also be used with light to medium pressure. Is there anyway to do this without stripping it down? What Are The Best Stain Colors For My Deck? Avoid staining your deck if it’s above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. In some cases, the only solution is to completely refinish the deck. Decks are stained before or after the installation to infuse the wood with a certain color. My deck is stained dark brown. This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that stain will help improve the look of your deck. Going darker is easy enough—just add more stain. I didn't wipe the excess stain from my floors when I stained them. Refinishing means taking down the wood to its natural color with an 80- or 100-grit pad. Wipe away as needed to even out the differences in color. If you try to apply a light-colored stain on top of an existing dark finish, you will not notice much difference. You then may stain the surface of the now-naked wood and achieve the color you were going for in the first place. Sand the doors back down to bare wood and start over. Too late to prevent? Mission Brown. Here are four great wood stain colors that will really get your friends and family talking. Now I cannot stand brown. Self is genius! Unlike paint, where each layer rests on top of another, stain seeps into the wood. July 11, 2005. https://homeguides.sfgate.com/make-deck-stain-lighter-42765.html Hello Stuart, I think it would be fair to say that we recommend oils for exterior finishes, more often than not. The stain I put down was a dark red walnut type of deal. Before you choose a paint, stain, or other finish, try out the finish on a small, … And the deck stain you choose to put on your deck matters big-time, too. Ripped carpet up from stairs, sanded down existing stain (darkish walnut color), and re-stained. Provincial Stain by Bona: Why it's a … I created my own stain shade by lightening the Classic American stain with mineral spirits. When staining on top of the existing stain, choose the right type based on the current finish. Too much work and i destroyed my deck. Colleagues offer advice and suggestions. Once it dries, topcoat the surface with polyurethane. If you don't have more stain, or you're not sure the stain you have matches the existing stain, you can also use lacquer thinner to dissolve the old stain. in your case I think a new coat of stain would make those marks disappear. One area still looks dark brown, while another looked rust and other sections were totally worn. The loose, flaking stain/paint will need to be scraped away so the new stain/paint can adhere to the wood beneath. I seem to have difficulty getting the stain to really penetrate into red oak. If you want a lighter stain, you'll need wood bleach. To ensure this, either choose a cooler day or stain your deck in the morning before it gets too … After pressure … If the deck is well stained and sealed, the stains will clean off more easily.