There's a second link to the Colombian superstar as she also released a song titled " Me Gusta" in 2020. Anitta (born Larissa de Macedo Machado; March 30, 1993) is a Brazilian recording artist, songwriter, and dancer.The stage name "Anitta" was inspired by the Rede Globo miniseries Presença de Anita.She thought the character Anita was "amazing" because she could "be sexy without being vulgar–a girl and woman at the same time. Hindi. Hope For The Underrated Youth. Anitta Lyrics "Me Gusta" (feat. Cold. French. Anitta, english translation. Learn English and improve your listening skills playing with the music videos and song lyrics of Anitta . Last week the singer returned with her new track ‘Me Gusta” Feat. Description:- Me Gusta Remix Letras Anitta ft. 24kGoldn & Cardi B are Provided in this article. Lyrics: English Translation: Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh Go! Me Gusta Anitta Song Lyrics Download. Explain your version of song meaning, find more of Anitta lyrics. [Anitta & Sean Paul:] Porque yo me pongo loca, loca Cada vez que le muerdo la boca, la boca Rapidito se le cae la ropa, ropa Y a mi me gusta (Sing, girl) Porque yo me pongo loca, loca Cada vez que le muerdo la boca, la boca Rapidito se le cae la ropa, ropa Eso me gusta Ooh, (Babygirl) encima mío, encima tuyo Ooh, on top of me, on top of you, yeh Description:- Me Gusta Letras Anitta ft. Cardi B & Myke Towers are Provided in this article.This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer Anitta.This song is from Girl from Rio album.This Song will release on 18 September 2020. Anitta Bang (english Version) lyrics & video : Come come baby I can see you wanna touch me, yeah I want it And you know that I like it my way Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah Ah, ah, ah, ah,... Browse; Submit Lyrics; New Lyrics; USA Chart; Top Albums; Top Lyrics; eLyrics A Anitta Lyrics Bang (english Version) Lyrics. View wiki Let Me Down Slowly. Korn. Me Gusta - Anitta & Cardi B 「Lyrics」 A mí me gusta Every time you look at me, that way A mí gusta All the dirty things you need, every day En cada detalle que te hago, y que me haces bien It’s what I like ya ya ya It’s just what I like A mí me gustan las mujeres when they shake their ya ya ya A mí gusta … J Balvin. Italian. YUNGBLUD. Anitta has a fun, new song out! Translation of 'Me gusta' by Natti Natasha from Spanish to English. Yah, yah, yah Tra Yah, yah, yah. Polish. Lady A. Cardi B looks hotter than ever in Anitta’s music video for her new track, “Me Gusta”. Clout. The Translation of Movimento Da Sanfoninha - Anitta in English and the original Lyrics of the Song. Cardi B & Myke Towers) [Official Music Video] Subscribe Follow Vote Report [Not music related] [Add Artist Related] [Report Fake Views] [Remove Linked Artist] [Add Lyrics] [Add Lyrics Translation] Vote for "Me Gusta" OK. Me Gusta (Remix) Song Lyrics. TKN. Cardi B is everywhere right now, but mostly on top of the charts. Lyrics "Me Gusta" hasn't added lyrics yet. Stream Anitta's "Me Gusta" featuring Myke Towers and Cardi B and let us know your thoughts. The Bronx rapper lends support to Anitta on the new single “Me Gusta,” which arrived at midnight and also features guest Myke Towers. Now the Bronx rapper is lending her support to Anitta on the song 'Me Gusta,' which features Myke Towers as … Required fields are marked * Comment. Me Gusta Lyrics Anitta English Download. Anitta "me Gusta" (Feat. Anitta revealed to NME that it was her manager who secured the Cardi B feature and it was a total surprise for her. Artist: Anitta Featuring: Cardi B & Myke Towers Song: Me Gusta Genre: pop Released Date: September 18, 2020. Me Gusta (Remix) lyrics. Russian. English. Contributions: 1911 translations, 9712 thanks received, 383 translation requests fulfilled for 147 members, 10 transcription requests fulfilled, added 245 idioms, explained 581 idioms, left 439 comments, added 6 annotations