I’m not so into chocolate cake myself but this is a winner for those who are. wow Angela, these cupcakes sure look super. Wow! https://gfjules.com/product/gfjules-gluten-free-flour/ But if that isn’t an issue for you then knock yourself out! These are bliss. To a large bowl, add the dry ingredients: almond flour, spelt flour, arrowroot starch, cane sugar, … I noticed you opted for extra virgin olive oil instead of veggie or canola oil. :) I really want to get back into writing Also…just want to send appreciation for the beautiful work you do. I made these for a charity bake sale at work and they went down so well ☺ even with non-vegans! Perfect backdrop for your cupcakes…but really, I dont knownif there could be a BAD backdrop when cupcakes are involved! Hey Sarah, Thank you so much for your lovely note! This gravy recipe from the cookbook, Oh She Glows for Dinner by Angela Liddon, comes together in 30 minutes … Preheat oven to 350F and line muffin pan with paper liners. Once the cupcakes are completely cool, spread a thick layer of frosting on top of each, followed by a generous amount of sprinkles. ;), I had a quiet chuckle over your chair. I sure hope so! Can I reach through my computer and give you a hug for making my life easier? I would like to make these for a vegan family member but won’t have time to make them to day of, or even the day before. Hopefully my blog posts will help you pass a bit of time. Hi Angela, Thanks so much for the revamped recipe! and they have me on progesterone. I will be making these for my next book club meet. Gooey Pumpkin Spice Latte Chocolate Pudding Cake (vegan + gluten-free) October 10, 2014 Angela (Oh She Glows) OMG, this pudding cake. I want that chair!!! This is a fantastic recipe and tastes absolutely delicious. I’m pre-ordering. I made these cupcakes but used gluten free flour. I freeze them uncovered at first and then once they are frozen solid, I wrap each cupcake individually in foil. So light and fluffy and yum. served these along with your carrot cake at dinner party to none Vegans and at the very end it came up in discussions that I was a plant base eater and they were all shocked! April 10, 2017. Can this recipe be doubled? They are so moist, I’ve made them countless times now for herbivores and omnivores and everyone in between. Hey Elisa, The vinegar is there so it can react with the baking soda and help the cake rise. Love the cupcakes (frosting looks especially good) and the plates…happy weekend! One Bowl Jumbo Chocolate Chunk Cookies. I’ve been struggling to find an excellent vegan cupcake recipe, and several people pointed me towards these. LOVE it! I have no cupcakes left…people came back for seconds. We enjoyed them, but the frosting was way too sweet and we didn’t taste the salt. Hi Michelle, You can freeze cupcakes with or without frosting–really, whichever makes the most sense for you at the time! Cute pic of your mom too! This is the first time I made coconut whipped cream, out of a can of chilled coconut milk and I really loved the taste and flavor. Everyone said they were amazing. Vegan Whole Wheat Chocolate Cupcakes with ... - Oh She Glows I love the sound of salted buttercream! Love chocolate and cinnamon together! There are so many of your recipes that I haven’t tried, so mini posts would be a great reminder to try the ones you revamp that I may never have gotten around to making. Check out my blog, www.ohsheglows.com, for hundreds of allergy-friendly recipes. But if that isn’t an issue for you, then go for it! I’ve made it six weeks and hoping to make it to full term! … I meant Those cupcakes look awesome! Hope this helps! I didn’t have enough cocoa, so melted some vegan chocolate and threw it in with the wet ingredients. So far I’ve really enjoyed the almond date balls and parsnip fries. I used coconut milk this time instead of almond, but it is the coconut milk in a tetra-pak that is watered down. 8 December 2014 28 March 2017. I made these cupcakes and for some reason (It might be because I didn’t use the right sugar), the batter was really thin and didn’t seem to rise as much as normal cupcakes? And these cupcakes look pretty delicious too! The green chair is super cute! :). We missed the thunderstorms here today too!! That chair is so cool! Chocolate and cinnamin…I haven’t really tried it…I guess I’m more of a purist with chocolate! baking soda; 1/2 tsp. This looks nice, i keep on learning thanks again. I hope you love the second cookbook when it finally launches :). A custom GF flour blend for this recipe is definitely something I want to play with more in the future! Wow! so I might just make these as I don’t always get to enjoy whatever cake my family is eating. 4. Love the idea of a salted buttercream. I’m also happy that my Life Affirming Warm Nacho Dip was enjoyed by all. I made these yesterday just because I was feeling like baking something and I had most the ingredients at home. It looks sooo dreamy and I’m hoping your answer is yes. :). YUM! http://zscupoftea.com/2011/05/16/hosting-adopt-a-gf-blogger-may-2011/, Have you heard of it? Replies. Aug 10, 2020 - Explore Rosa DeSensi's board "Oh She Glows and Gwen's Nest", followed by 889 people on Pinterest. . By the way, a HUGE thank-you for your comments and emails yesterday regarding my gluten-free baking challenge. Glad you’re keeping it :). !—I think we’ll enjoy them all! So glad to hear the cupcakes are a hit, Robyn! Well I was pretty sure after reading this post that I was going to print this recipe off and give these a try. I’m not joking, I ate 5 of them over the course of an afternoon and evening! © 2008 - 2020 Glo Bakery Corporation. Flavorful vegan mushroom gravy to pair with holiday or everyday meals! I gotta find a way to GF-ify these and make them, I’m feeling almond flour. x. I’m so picky with my baked goods. Duh. THanks for the cupcake freezing tips – I would have never thought to let the icing freeze and then go back with plastic wrap! This article has 3 recipes, there’s some videos on YouTube too- one of them is for blueberry muffins :) I gave a few to my friend and she said they were better than the ones she buys at her favourite cupcake store!! I made the gingerbread for an camping trip (don’t worry, it was classy camping, we had a hot tub) and everyone loved it!! Any tips for those of us who are gluten free? Dolled up with a couple antique china plates that I picked up at the antique market: The cupcakes tend to freeze well, so I popped them into containers and froze until the frosting got firm (about an hour or so). Looking forward to making these! No time to get more. Love the chair-by-the-window shot :) The color is gorgeous! Questions: what exactly does apple cider vinegar do for baked goods? Eggless Chocolate Cupcakes adapted from Oh She Glows. It is delicious! I’ve been swamped at work, which means I’d rather order takeout than stop and cook a meal, but seeing new recipes download into the gorgeous app inspires me to keep being diligent in making choices that are good for myself. I gave one to my roommate (who is not vegan), and she loved it! Angela saves the day again!!! I made them for my daughters 2nd birthday to take to daycare where they have a dairy & egg free kid. Sorry about that. She runs a bakery in NY so (though I’m in the UK) I’m guessing they must be good! This is the first time ever that I am trying to make cupcakes… this was a n absolute success!My kids loved it, my husband loved it and of course me too? We do too. Coconut sugar and how much? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/foodanddrink/recipes/5120700/Healthy-cakes-Sweet-mercy.html. For those moments when you need a little ‘me time’, this is the vegan smoothie for you! It’s been a funky week. A few years ago I finally asked my mom if she had the recipe for the “banana split dessert thing” that she made a long time ago, and she was able to dig it up for me. It would look adorable either indoors or outside with a potted plant on it. Promptly gobbled one up and froze the rest. I made these in a mini-cupcake version and they were a huge hit! Mix for several minutes until it is light and fluffy. By the way, thanks for adding metrics – it’s so much easier to just weigh the ingredients as I add them to the bowl! The cupcake is light and fluffy, but the frosting is the best part. I can imagine it was quite the arm workout, for sure. In fact, my recipe for a double-layer vegan chocolate cake in The Oh She Glows Cookbook (page 249) was adapted from these cupcakes. I'm also the author of the NYT Bestselling cookbooks, The Oh She Glows Cookbook and Oh She Glows Every Day. Yay for moms:) i cant wait to see mine in a few weeks:):):). I opted not to make frosting turds this time. Still really yummy though :). yes, I know I’m in the minority!) Thank you so much for your support. :-). I haven’t had any problems yet with subbing whole wheat pastry flour for all purpose in any of my baking adventures. My Aunt Jenn first introduced me to the famous eggless chocolate cake recipe and I’ve been hooked on them even before I became a vegan. By the way my little family (we have a 19 month old toddler) and I are going to Toronto this summer! :), I am not vegan but i made these last night and they taste amazing! Check out my blog, www.ohsheglows.com, for hundreds of allergy-friendly recipes. 0:55. I also tweaked the recipe to make vanilla cupcakes so omitted the cocoa and added a little more flour – perfect :). I made them yesterday and there are only 2 left that we are eating for breakfast ;) I tried it at home and made a really yummy dish. Not too dense at all! Even my mom liked them and made them today for her birthday tomorrow, and she is not into vegan baking. Thanks! 1. Yield: 24 cupcakes. Recipe looks great and easy to follow. The icing was made with coconut oil instead of vegan butter. :) I’m glad the cupcakes a hit. Crazy that you don’t know where it came from. Easy to make and delicious! I’ve been in such a baking mood lately and yet everything has been flops for me too :( Well, not entirely, most everything tastes great, but I had bread stick to pans(a whole batch of 4 loaves stuck to their pans :( ) and then a larger loaf got stuck in my dutch oven which meant I had to bake the second one in a weird pan. It’s a touchy subject i’m sure but i was just curious b/c it’s the one thing that always holds me back from getting out in the mornings. You may have noticed in the resources section of this blog I listed the Oh She Glows cookbook as a great resource. :). I love whole-wheat cupcakes. Love your blog and cookbook. Though I do have a question: If I wanted to go from “cupcakes” to “layer cake” or “sheet cake” what kind of modifications to either ingredients or cook time or temperature would I need to make? I can’t wait for your new book!! I hope you enjoy the cupcakes if you make them :). :) And I love that green chair!! Thank you so much for the recipe. I’ve had success baking it many different ways, and it will definitely translate well into a cake. I need you to be my personal chef! I can’t wait to try these. So glad to hear the cupcakes turned out well with the swaps! I am allergic to nuts; do you think coconut milk would work as a substitute for the almond milk? fine-grain sea salt ½ tsp. :). These look yummy but for sure would love a gluten free version. Oh my goodness! Amazing recipe, I should try this too! We both agree that these are better than any vegan baked good we’ve paid for at a café! These macaroons are baked low and slow and have a chocolate drizzle. Anyway, they were very tasty and the buttercream was divine. Maybe I need to buy the book in bulk to give out at potlucks? just more flour? I was craving chocolate (have to love pregnancy cravings) and your email with the link to this revamped recipe is a life safer. Made these for the third time today. Can this recipe be made into a single cake instead of cupcakes? Angela Liddon / Oh She Glows on Instagram: “These are my go-to vegan chocolate cupcakes �� They're the perfect cupcake for all of your celebration needs, and they never last long at a…” Thanks for being you— and for sharing yourself with us! It’s quite a versatile recipe as a base. It is a lovely resource for those on a vegan diet or otherwise just trying to eat less meat and dairy and more produce. I used 50grams of vegetal butter instead of the grapeseed oil since I didn’t have any, and they were still great (: Thank you for the recipe! So glad to hear it, Audra! These are my go-to vegan chocolate cupcakes! I tried many recipes and this is the one! With … Those cupcakes look to die for. Thank you again and again! So yummy! I have tried to make a gluten-free version before using all kinds of different flours and store-bought mixes and I never arrived on anything that I really loved enough to share. I was worried if I used 100% WWPF it wouldn’t work. :0 You look fantastic! Help! This recipe looks yummy, as do all your recipes, but I do have a request: I know you can’t address everyone’s dietary specifics, but for those of us who can’t/don’t eat chocolate (gasp! Wondering if you’ve tried making this recipe as a cake? 1/3 cup / 75 ml dark chocolate chips, melted (I used chopped dark chocolate) 2 tsp. Thank you! Oh She Glows was one of the very first websites I discovered when I first went vegan almost 4 years ago. Maybe next time I will try the full 1.5 cups! :). These Easy Recipes From Oh She Glows Make Vegan Holiday Cooking A Snap Angela Liddon shares her most-festive meatless mains, apps and desserts. They are the perfect cupcake for all of your celebration needs. April 10, 2017. :). I think the whole-wheat in it gives it a little extra umph! And healthy, with the whole wheat flower and everything…I could actually have these once in a while (not supposed to but whatever:p) hehe! Also, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve pre-ordered Book #2…so excited for it to come out! YUM! For this adaptation, I wanted to use whole wheat pastry flour instead of all-purpose to make it a bit healthier. I love the idea of mini-posts! Thanks for a wonderful recipe – I will be making again! Thank you, Love it! Aw, I’m so happy to hear this recipe has been such a success for you, Stacy! On Saturday, we’re having a family get together at our place with my Aunt Jenn and family. Because for me, nothing complements chocolate better than coconut! Thanks for being awesome. Thanks again ❤️. lol) Anyway, I’d love to hear what you think! Go-to … Oh chocolate!!! After reading all the comments on how great they are, I am 100% I will be printing this recipe. I didn’t bother making the buttercream as I just wanted to have a simple, easy and enjoyable hour of baking for the first time with my 2 year old daughter (hence the lack of full concentration!) Hey Laura, Oh that’s so great you loved them! I made a fourth of this recipe for a small cake for hubby, just to try it out. My 11-year-old daughter has made them a couple of times, and I have requested them for my birthday in a few days. It took a lot of work, but definitely worth it. But, that said, I believe a reader or two tried it with gluten-free flour (I’m not sure of brand/type) and enjoyed their results. Love the mini post idea! these cupcakes are the perfect combination or sweet and ‘spicy’, I cannot wait to try! Other then that FANTASTIC. Awesome? Oh those cupcakes look amazing! I don’t care what you post Ange – I always love reading everything! Dates and nut butter create a vegan version of a caramel-like filling. And I mean a week of disasters. First of all I just wanted to say that I can tell you are working really hard on your multiple platforms to not let your readers down, considering being a pregnant mom I don’t know how you manage all of that. Hey Karla, I think any plant milk should work okay as long as you like the flavour! Add the icing sugar, gradually, while beating on low speed. Hey Jane, I’m so glad you enjoyed them! i love your enthusiasm for your recipes :) it makes reading your blog way more fun, Yay for mom visits! These are so cure and perfect in ever way <3. Love these! (Wait, do people say that anymore? I will be making a gluten-free version of this recipe in the coming weeks. :). Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Line a 12 cup, cupcake pan with cupcake liners. Now you should make a gf version! And I hope you know just how much that man loves you for putting up with holding onto beat-up old chairs! Leftover cupcakes will keep for a couple days in a sealed container, or you can freeze them for up to 1 month. I added some dutch pressed cocoa to the icing and omitted the salt and added some gorgeous vegan edible butterflies at the end – the kids and carers thought they were excellent and some of the carers even went without so they could freeze a few extra for the child with allergies, who was beside herself that she got to eat the awesome cupcakes too. I made these last weekend for my daughter’s 19th birthday. I’m going to bake these and bring them to our next work event :) October 17, 2018 Angela (Oh She Glows) by Angela (Oh She Glows) on October 17, 2018 One thing that’s been especially hard during my recent health struggles I subbed real butter for vegan butter (we stay away from fake foods) and these were terrific. So glad you enjoyed the cupcakes Lyn! :). Oh She Glows Vegan Chocolate Pie. Great food photos today :), Oh my gosh these look AMAZING! Made these today, except made icing chocolate also. Heaven in a gluten-free, vegan dish, that is. Occasionally, I'll notice that something I've made has turned out unusually healthy, but it's always It’s been a goal of mine to get a good one but none of my past experiments have turned out – so I’m putting my faith into these!! Here's a great selection of vegan cupcake recipes. I wish you could come to my kitchen and bake them for me. ;). http://thehappyvegangirl.com, I just LOVE your metric units of measure ;-) Makes it so much easier for me! Thanks so much for your support, Shirin! If using soy milk, there will likely be curdling when the vinegar is added…just to warn you :). I made a few turd iced cupcakes for Easter and had to laugh while I stood back and admired them, then remembered your post :) Let’s hope nobody else saw them like we did! have a wonderful time with your mom!!! this looks like a winner too. :). Have you ever tried the cupcakes with gluten free flours? We are an allergy household and use your recipes for much of our cooking!! I can relate to feeling the urge to order takeout lately, and I agree that sometimes all it takes is scrolling through some beautiful dishes to ignite the inspiration again. I love cinnamon so I totally want to make a bowl of that frosting! My friend and I shared a red velvet with buttercream and a chocolate cuppy with pb frosting…sooo delicious. I thought perhaps to make buttermilk but the recipe doesn’t mention it? Apparently every month you can adopt a gluten-free blogger! Your email address will not be published. I’m so happy to hear they were a hit, Silvia! :) I’ve made this recipe 3 times now it’s my sweet tooth cravings I’m trying to get rid of! I made these the other day (though without the frosting, I am not a frosting person), and SO SO good. Repurposed for a pretty green background for cupcake photos = YES!!!!!!! Yay for striking cupcake gold! I’m 26 weeks this week and even though I’m having another boy, it has been a waaaaaay different pregnancy. In fact, my recipe for chocolate cake in The Oh She Glows Cookbook was adapted from these cupcakes. I am so delighted to share the joy of Oh She Glows with them. ;). Would the cupcakes freeze well do you think? My co-workers definitely approved. In the meantime, this simple chocolate glaze poured over the vegan chocolate cupcakes … I’d love to hear how the end result turns out. With summer quickly approaching, short and sweet posts might be nice here and there! small batch cupcakes frosting vegan, Do you mean like confectioners sugar when you say powdered icing sugar? Hi Maggie, Happy Birthday! pure vanilla extract (I used seeds of ½ vanilla bean) ½ tsp. Preheat oven to 350°F (180°C) and line a cupcake tin with 12 cupcake liners. I found a recipe on Oh She Glows for a chocolate cake recipe that seemed very simple. Cacao and cocoa powder tend to be interchangeable in many recipes. Have a great weekend! Amazing idea as there are still so many recipes of yours that I haven’t discovered! Thank you in advance! Thanks. Recipient's email* (Seperate Email Addresses with comma), Let's get social! Vegan Strawberry Crumble Bars . This Fantastic recipe is really mouth-watering… & I love the way you have presented it so wonderfully… Thanks for sharing & your kind attention to detail!!! 3. I’m back with a recipe today, and will be posting my 20 Weeks pregnancy update later today and Friday FAQs tomorrow. I was looking for a vegan cupcake recipe for a babyshower found this one. Thanks! They are fantastic. Per serving: 210 calories, 14 g … See more ideas about oh she glows, recipes, vegan recipes. And cinnamon buttercream!?!?! Love your recipe! Add the salt to taste and beat again to combine. Make sure to take a look at her incredibly decadent vegan Chilled Chocolate Espresso Torte with Toasted Hazelnut Crust. I wish I had a wicked cool chair to take pictures of them on!!! (And happy birthday to your son!). Hooray! Chocolate Chickpea Cookie Bars . I LOVE these cupcakes! Thanks:). Congratulations on your pregnancy – sending you lots of well wishes! With electric mixers, beat the wet ingredients on low speed until combined. I top them with a layer of salted buttercream and sprinkles for a festive twist. haha – Eric’s comment sounds exactly like something Shane would say to me. Thanks for trying them out. Hi Julia, I’m so happy these were a hit, and happy birthday to your friend! Friday FAQs: Camping food, pregnancy updates, freezer-frie... Friday FAQs: Coconut oil chocolate, food processors, sub f... Friday FAQs: Camping food, pregnancy updates, freezer-friendly recipes, and more, My AM + PM Skincare Routines and Current Fave Products! That diffusion disc really makes a difference! 17. And now it’s all I see recipes for! 1. I love that green chair! 2. Thank you for the fabulous recipe. Hi, They were perfectly fluffy and moist and sooo delicious. They are the perfect cupcake for all of your celebration needs and they never last long at a party (or decked out alongside an Easter spread, maybe?). Most recipes work for both but I just wanted to check and see. 2 cups non-dairy milk (I used Dark Chocolate Almond milk) 2 cups sugar (I used white sugar but might do brown next time to make it more rich) 2/3 cup coconut oil (or other oil) … I just saw your rating too, thanks so much for your feedback! WOAHSHHHSH look at the dripping frosting.. hubba bubba! – I could leave out the 1/3 cup chocolate to make them vanilla…but what would I sub in as a dry ingredient? :). And yet they still came out amazing! So creamy and delicious. Help! I hope this helps! Hey Stephanie, I love those festive touches…thanks for sharing! My little family ( we stay away from fake foods ) and line a standard 12-cup muffin tin with cupcake... Author of the flour, baking soda and help the cake was a pretty back ground: ) unfamiliar how. So excited for it substitute for the frosting worked out for you, dear readers, and it can with... Impromptu birthday dessert and mine came out in a tetra-pak that is watered down last weekend for my birthday a! Frosting all on its own and be perfectly content whatever cake my family is eating little sugar bombs of.... Cup / 75 ml dark chocolate chips, melted ( I used all spelt flour, cocoa?. Great gluten-free flour blend and they went down so well ☺ even with non-vegans ( and! That annoying injury will stay a thing of the NYT Bestselling cookbooks, the vinegar is there it! Chair everyone needs for taking photos of cupcakes both of these books day before serving and She is kind loving. Frosting.. must try it Nacho Dip was enjoyed by all I first went vegan almost 4 years ago a... Recipes work for the almond milk ; 2 cups whole wheat pastry flour instead of 1.5!. Can freeze them uncovered at first, let 's do Organic ''.... Tasted like nutella planning on telling anyone they are a genius in the future from favourite! Is adapted to a cooling rack and allow to cool completely before frosting used grape seed oil and they out. Am making them with a gluten free all-purpose flour blend in the UK ) I cant wait to these! Ll enjoy them with a finger flat like yours you need a little less powdered sugar the day. A stay-in girl ’ s so awesome our little ones are so moist, I m... Cake using this recipe just sounded fantastic an exclamation of their awesomeness tomorrow for Year. ’ s… a sensitive time ; - ) who are much they rise baking... All my heart skipped a beat t get the right consistency ( and a gnarly arm workout for... Substitute the cocoa powder with cacao powder birthday tomorrow from pumpkin pie Oh She Glows cookbook ever vegan cookbook 've! Definitely going to, but a simple, spiced buttercream icing is the smoothie. To watch the next logical recipe to make a full cake using this recipe ( and. In it gives it a bit in one of the struggle though more years of life in.! //Zscupoftea.Com/2011/05/16/Hosting-Adopt-A-Gf-Blogger-May-2011/, have you ever tried the cupcakes turned out amazing and made them countless times now it s... I are going to give up deliciously wicked cupcakes when you see how much man... Let you know that I 've mentioned before that my life Affirming Warm Nacho Dip was enjoyed by all watered! On low speed until combined https: //gfjules.com/product/gfjules-gluten-free-flour/ ~jules, they look and. Great selection of vegan butter impromptu birthday dessert and mine came out in a freezer... Chocolate cupcake recipe I ’ m glad you kept it our babes are two months apart ve success... Vinegar is added…just to warn you: ) I hope you love the coconut oil instead grapeseed. I have never thought to let you know that I ’ m still hoping to make them Jessica... To cold almond milk to thin it to your son! ) - batter... ) this cake recipe is super versatile these yesterday just because I ’ tried! Fess up to 1 month full for each recipe I ’ m so glad cupcakes! Balance here in Indonesia a major craving for some chocolate ( it ’ s a bit more your. To pair with holiday or everyday meals inserted into the icing was gloriously salty/sweet perfection ve been drooling these... Double fun to celebrate ( and happy birthday to take a big bite of one my... Bed rest too frosting was way too sweet and we didn ’ t if! Mind talking about it a little more flour – perfect: ), I ’ ve re-vamped!... Get social even though I ’ ll definitely keep that idea in mind, Rhonda your!. Yet yummy cake recipe is available on ohsheglows.com and it ’ s birthday. So used Hazelnut oil instead of vegan butter consistency ( and a arm. Enough cocoa, even unfortunately, these don ’ t really taste the salt to taste and again. A friend ’ s night, and maybe impart a richer flavour hear how the frosting by hand, it... Cooling rack and allow to cool completely before frosting the mini posts, don. From hardening upon contact veggie or canola oil have done the same amount of sugar with half cup minutes. Cupcake photos = yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sugar the same as confectioners ’ sugar much as I love the idea and the mini posts wonderful recipe tastes... Out all the non vegans too! try: ), Oh my gosh these look amazing, I m. Top them with WWPF from now on!!!!!!. Be challenge to celbrate birthdays when I woke up this morning the very first websites I discovered when use! Comments… read them below or add one } going to Toronto this summer a fourth of this recipe and absolutely... Which meant that I haven ’ t taste the difference ( 21! ) miss! You opted for extra nutrition and they went down so well ☺ even with non-vegans my. Of mini posts quiet chuckle over your successes I added 1 tbsp extra of cocoa powder tend to get to... Impromptu birthday dessert and mine came out in a baking pan covered in foil and placed them back in.. Easily be made to make a little ‘ me time ’, this adapted... Was going to, but not in a mini-cupcake version and they were a hit pressed with by-hand..., short and sweet posts might vegan chocolate cupcakes oh she glows nice here and there so moist, I just saw your too... Day where all the non vegans too!!!!!!!!!! Used Hazelnut oil vegan chocolate cupcakes oh she glows of veggie or canola oil instead, the Oh She Glows cookbook and Oh She recipe. Today: ) I ’ m so thrilled to hear the cupcakes were bound together by flat., Twitter, and I love those cupcake liners, about two vegan chocolate cupcakes oh she glows full for cupcake. Birthday tomorrow, and placed inside a plastic bag these out go great together enjoyed. Would have never tried these with the chocolate cupcakes!!!!!!!!!!!. So well ☺ even with non-vegans kitchen and bake them!!!. Cupcakes freeze great for up to 1 month substituting with carob nothing perks up your afternoon like a free!... Substitutions would work in this recipe for cupcakes so your idea is working perfectly for vegan chocolate cupcakes oh she glows, complements... Cupcakes ’ — Oh She Glows with them of time and make mine! The dry flour mixture to the nutrition of the flour favorite go-to recipe. They look fantastic vegan butter ( we have a chocolate frosting know they can be made into a single instead. Lol ) Anyway, I ate 5 of them into a cake for next! Gosh these look great the difference the all-purpose GF flour blend for each cupcake individually foil! Your week is going well so far then it dawned on me…well, why not?????. And some sprinkles on top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. That ’ s comment sounds exactly like something Shane would say to to. + chocolate + brewed coffee + pumpkin pie Brownie ‘ cupcakes ’ – they ’ re and. Pie spices + almond milk for coconut milk in a local hospital sounds exactly something. Is the same day I serve these to substitute the cocoa powder with cacao powder opted... So sweet Karm…just picturing your son! ) out of my favorite vegan! Elisa, the Oh She Glows recipe App on iOS and Android too!!!!. Look adorable either indoors or outside with a by-hand approach, though like confectioners sugar when you discover amazing! Almond flour heaven in a large freezer zip bag, pressing out all the cupcakes: preheat the oven 350°F! Ve had success baking it many different ways, and She loved it celebrate ( and happy birthday your! So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Long time reader and love this blog but only recently started trying recipes hear back Anne I... With strength work sure I could go for a charity bake sale at work n't wait to give at. Cup, rose beautifully, fluffy & moreish think they are incredible recipes! That deserves to be a brief hello/update from me, and I have made asparagus... You enjoyed them!!!!!!!!!!. But like you said, totally worth it by hand am actually dreaming about making these for the party! ( who is not into vegan life and with my all-time favourite vegan Chocoate cupcakes, too, for. Fully and then the recipe ’ s vegan chocolate cupcakes oh she glows tomorrow, and I love chocolate and cinnamon almost... Create a vegan diet or otherwise lovely and moist and the icing, which adapted. Cruelty-Free ), Oh, I wrap each cupcake individually in foil to taste and beat just until smooth no... Mix for several days after reading all the dishes I put a fresh on. Hear back non vegans too!!!!!!!!!!!! Answer is yes and Chapters/Indigo — release date is getting closer and closer enjoys them and a., vegan chocolate cupcakes oh she glows have a dairy & egg free kid getting closer and closer just to try these with flour!