It is He who has thought of the " wedding " for His Son, who has thought also of the dress of the guests (providing everything needful to fit the guests for their presence at it) ; and we have nothing to do but to have done with ourselves, and to think of the worthiness of Him who has invited us. "The Christian is directed to turn away from evil and turn to the Scriptures, and Christ (Rev. John Nelson Darby. When at the " marriage supper," the King desires that cares and sins and anxieties should be all forgotten ; He will have around His Son happy faces, hearts free from distrust and free from doubt. And further I would say, that where there is honesty and sincerity of heart, and the conscience is touched with the testimony to the love of God, seeing the infinite greatness of that love as manifested in the Son of God having come down from heaven to die upon the cross, in the way of claim the only effect is to make it say, Well, it is all over with me if there is no return! That is the principle God is acting on in the gospel. Most truly there is, in one sense, but claim does not produce fruit. We shall see just now that God has abandoned this ground. google_ad_client = "pub-6741619972424625"; The only question we have to ask ourselves is, whether or not our hearts have submitted to His righteousness. Where there is the appearance of an answer, it is but hypocrisy.